Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


10. Trouble

When we reached Asda Sufia was in a bad mood.

"Should I go grab anything?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, the toilet paper, it should be easy to find because it looks like you!" Sufia told Ruby. Ruby looked hurt.

"Sufia!" I gasped. She just shrugged. "You can go get  some sandwiches made up, just get whatever is on special offer!" I told Ruby smiling. She half smiled at me as she said okay and walked off down the isle.

"SUFIA! Do you realise how mean that just was!?" I asked her. I knew she didn't really mean it to be in a mean way, Ruby never done anything on her, sher was just supposed to be getting 'revenge' or something for what she did to me.

"She deserves it!" Sufia snarled turning away. She pretended she didn't care but I could secretly see she was going red with embarrasment and shame!

"Okay first, she doesn't but second of all if you want to say mean things to someone don't do it in the middles of...A BLOOMIN' SHOPPING CENTER!" I screamed. People started to stare so I quieted down.

"Fine!" Sufia simply stated and stormed off. I sighed and followed her. We soon met up with Ruby who was holding all the sandwiches.

"Hey Ruby, so what kind of sandwiches were on special offer?" I asked her.

"Oh, tuna and sweetcorn!" She said smiling. Sufia sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Is something wrong Sufia?" Ruby asked.

"Me and Louis hate tuna and sweetcorn and so do Niall and Liam dumbass!" Sufia shouted.

"Okay I'm sorry, I'll ch-"

"NO! Your always sorry but then what do you do? You just go and do more things wrong and apologise again!" Sufia screamed backing away. I thought this all might have been over because we'd drawn a crowd but eventually Ruby blew her top.

"Okay what is your problem!?!?" Ruby shouted at Sufia. "Whats my problem?"

"YES! I did nothing to you but still YOUR the only one holding a grudge!! Okay I did wrong that time cheating with Niall on Charlie, but I've apologised..AND IT WAS 3 FRICKIN' YEARS AGO!!" Ruby shouted. I went red as I noticed the crowds of people staring right at us. I was just about to leave when to my horror I realised there were gangs and gangs of paparazzi outside. I gasped and grabbed Sufia by the arm but she shook me off and continued shouting insults at Ruby.

"Oh look, little miss innocent finally showed her true colours, like the time you CHEATED WITH HER BOYFRIEND!" Sufia snapped sticking out her tongue childishly. I knew she was being stupid and I couldn't convince her to leave so I tried grabbing Ruby's arm. But as I thought she shook me off too.

"You dirty little bitch!" She screamed in the middle of the whole shop. Sufia looked shocked as she realised the paparazzi were videoing the whole thing and taking pictures. Plus when I thought it couldn't get any worse the police pulled up to arrest them as some woman had called and complained about us! They put handcuffs on Sufia and Ruby and shoved them roughly in the back of the car. Ruby went as white as a ghost and tears started welling up in her eyes with fear. But on the other hand Sufia was tutting and sighing whilst making faces at Ruby. I hit her hard and she stopped though. Two policemen got into the car and drove off leaving me there on my own to get hasseled by a bunch of papparazzi.

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