Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


6. The Day

Later that night I cuddled up in Harry's arms as I fell asleep in my soft duvet. Finally I was out of that cold hard hospital bed, I hope I never have to be in one again.It had been a mad couple of days but tomorrow was my birthday and I was going to forget about everything that had happened and relax, have fun with my friends.

The next morning I woke up to Harry kissing my cheek. "Harry!" I laughed pushing him back to his side of the bed. "What?" He said moving back over. "Happy birthday bebs!" He joked kissing my lips. "Umm, thank you sir!" I smiled hugging him close. He pulled away moments later though and reached down by the side of his side of the bed and picked up a small envelope.

"Here!" He said handing me a card. I looked at him. "What'd you do eh?" I asked playfully. He sighed. "Just open it!" He ordered. I opened the card and inside I found two vouchers for a dinner in a restaurant. "Oooh, where are we going??" I asked curiously.

"Erm..the hotel!" He said, acting like it was way more exciting than it actually was. "The hotel..that I work in?" He nodded slowly. "Your so cheap Harry Styles!" I squealed pushing him onto the ground. I was about to stand up when he grabbed my hand and pulled me down with him. He rolled on top of me and pinned my wrists to the ground. I couldn't help laugh but he refused to although I could literally see him biting his cheeks. I shut my eyes and rubbed my nose off of his.

"I love you!" "I love you too!" 

We cuddled on the ground staring at nothing for about 30 minutes when I noticed something. "Harry..why are you dressed?" I asked noticing he had his shirt, jeans and shoes on already while I was still in my pyjamas. "Oh, it's 12 o'clock you know!" Harry told me. I quickly sprung up. "What?? Why didn't you wake me!!!" I shouted opening my wardrobe to look.

"It's your birthday, don't stress..by the way Zayn dropped this in earlier!" Harry told me taking a bag from outside. "Oooh!" I said taking it and sitting on the edge of our bed. Harry sat down beside me and I opened the bag. Inside I found a photo frame which inside held a picture of me and Sufia when we were around 18. A smile grew upon my face but soon turned to a frown when I wondered why didn't she just come herself..did she hate me now? Harry sighed.

"So whats wrong with widdle Chawie nooww!!" Harry joked. I gave him a friendly punch in the stomach. 

"Why didn't Sufia come see me..it's my birthday..wow I must of really messed up!" I said covering my eyes with my hands.

"Hey, I really don't see how this could possibly be your fault though!" He told me. I hugged him, he really was the best.

"Thanks Haz, now leave and let me change so we can drive to Zayn and Sufia's kay?" I asked him, literally shoving him out of the door. "Awh okay, I'll do some breakfast b-bye!" He laughed and left the room.

I picked out a long cartoon design dress, purple dr. martens and curled my long hair. Once I did my makeup I made my way downstairs to find Harry and Louis watching football on the couch. 

"Erm, excuse me..what happened to breakfast!?" I asked. They both glanced at me for a moment and looked back at their 'precious' match. 

"Oh Hey!" Louis said.

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