Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


2. Strange Reaction

"Happy birthday Charlieee!!" The other boys said all running over and jumping on top of me. 

"Haha, thanks guys!" I laughed struggling out of their reach. "Ooh chocolate cakes!" Louis said, they all got distracted by the cake and ran off. 

Lots of my old school friends wished me happy birthday and some of Harry's mates did too, which was really sweet. I tried to find Sufia, but it was really hard as there were so many people there. Some of them I didn't even have a clue who they were and I don't think they even knew who I was.

"Thanks for coming!" I said to one group of people.

"We're just here to wish that Charlie girl a happy birthday!" A girl said back to me. I just walked off though not even bothering to argue with them. I eventually found Sufia beside the table full of food and drink. "Woah!" I said in astonishment when I saw the amount of food and drink there was. There were crisps, bottles of Coca Cola and alcohol of course. Chocolate, jellies and popcorn. 

"Oh yeah I know right!" Sufia said obviously seeing my expression towards the food and drink. "Wow, you did this?" I asked.

"Yup all me, try the brownies I made them myself!" She ordered. I picked up one of the chocolate brownies and popped it in my mouth. "Nice!" I complimented as soon as I finished it. "Thank you, why thank you!" Sufia joked. 

About an hour later Liam had made pizza. I was going to have some when my stomach began to act up. It was really paining me. 

"Hey Charlie, want some!" Liam asked. "Erm..Liam I woul its j-!" I was saying when I cried out in pain because of my stomach.

"Woah Charlie whats wrong, some one turn off the music!" Harry shouted running over to me. I screamed in pain holding onto my stomach on the edge of a chair. "Oh God, LOUIS CALL AN AMBULANCE!" Harry shouted across the room. "No, I'm okay-" I forced out before falling to my knees on the ground. "You need to see a doctor!" Harry told me. I was finding it hard to breath properly as my chest and lungs began to pain and give in.  I was too weak to pull myself up so Harry lifted me up stairs onto our bed. He squeezed my left hand and Sufia held my other. 

"What happened to her!?!" Harry's lips mimed. Sufia just shrugged. Minutes later Louis made his way up to our bedroom. "Ambulance is her!" He told us. Harry gave me a weak smile and helped me down the stairs alongside Sufia. I was slowly lied on the stretcher and brought into the ambulance. 

"Please please, let me go with her!" Harry shouted desperately. "Do you know him?" The guy driving the ambulance asked.

"Yes he's my-" I was saying when I let out yet another cry. "Please she's in pain, I'm her boyfriend!" Harry begged literally on his knees.He looked the driver guy in the eyes. He sighed.

"Right get in, but quick, I'm not sure if we can wait any longer with her, she's in bits!"He said. Harry climbed in beside me and held both of my hands. "Your gonna be okay I promise!" He whispered in my ear. I gave him a little smile in between my screams and cries. I was very very nervous. What if it was serious, what even was this. 

"Harry, I-I-I'm worried!" I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. "Don't be I won't let anything happen to you babes!" Harry said smiling.But I could see a little bit of fear in his eyes...

*Sufia's P.O.V*

I strapped myself in the passenger seat of Zayn's car. Zayn quickly jumped in and sat down but before he put his seat belt on he took his IPhone out of his back pocket. 

"ZAYN! What could be more important than Charlie dying, step on it!" I ordered him. "Wait babe, I'm checking the football scores!" He told me not even bothering to look up at me. I grabbed his phone and threw it into the back seats of the car. 

"What you do that for!?" Zayn asked looking surprised. "DRIVE!" I shouted losing my fuse with him. When we reached the hospital Harry rang Zayn. 

*Phone call*

"Hey Harry, whats up?"

"Hi we already told the front desk yous were on your way, tell them your here for Charlie Faires and meet me in the waiting area down the hall!"

"Okay bye!"

So we rushed up to the front desk. "Hi we're here for Charlie Faires!" I told the lady at the desk. "Erm, name please?" She asked me and Zayn. "I'm Sufia, Sufia Khan!" I told her. "Alright go on through then!" She said in a moody voice. 

"Some one woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!" Zayn laughed. I hit him across the chest.

"Show some respect!"


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