Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


12. Home

We were planning on just heading by now. After all that no one fancied going back to the beach. There was an awkward silence in the car the whole way home. Sufia sat on the back, left seat and Ruby sat on the front, right one! Zayn realised nobody was going to talk so to break the awkward silence he switched on Capital FM. The boys Best Song Ever came on and they started singing the words quietly. Sufia and Ruby were both texting on their phones and I was just sitting there. 

"I'm really sorry babe!" Harry whispered putting his arm around me. 

"It's not your fault Harry..it's Sufia and Ruby's!" I whispered.

"We'll either way, I'll make it up to you!" He said kissing me gently. I smiled and nuzzled my head into his neck. Zayn dropped everybody home until it was just him, Sufia me and Harry. He pulled up outside he and Sufia's house and me and Harry went inside with them for a while. Me and Sufia sat down and Zayn and Harry went into the kitchen to make us tea. 

"So do you feel sorry yet for what you did to Ruby?" I asked Sufia trying not to smirk. She turned her head away from me and to the television.

"C'mon Sufia what's the girl done wrong since...well..you know..."

"She was the reason you and Niall broke up!"

"No! She actually wasn't! Niall came back and told me he'd forgiven me but I rejected him! Remember!" 

"He only forgave you because he made the same mistake with Ruby!" She screamed. She must've realised I was hurt because she came over and pulled me into a hug. 

"Charlie! My point is if it wasn't for her you might still be with Niall!"

"But can't you see I'm happy with Harry?" 

"Yeah! I'm sorry!" She said smiling. 

"It's okay...and next time you see Ruby will you apologise to her too?" I asked. She stalled for a second. 

"Yes!" She said. "Yay!!" I said childishly hugging her. "Love you weirdo!" I joked. 

"Love you too gurlll!!" 

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