Hope | Sequel To Torn

Charlie has had tough choices to make in the past but now she is 22 and getting serious with her 4 year boyfriend Harry.But on her 22nd birthday all seems to go downhill for Charlie when she is diagnosed with a life threatning illness. Sequel to Torn


1. 22nd Birthday

*Charlie's P.O.V.*

It was my 22nd birthday and my 4th birthday with my boyfriend Harry. We had been through so much when we first got together and we weren't going to well but we're doing alright for ourselves now. We share an apartment together just down the road from where I work full time now at my mums hotel. It's also just down the road from my best friend Sufia's house so I can see her whenever I want. She lives with her fiancee Zayn. He proposed last year and they'll be married this December. At the moment I was in her house. She asked me if I wanted to come over just to have a chat but I secretly knew that Harry put her up to this just to get me out of the house for 2 hours so him and the boys could plan my suprise party. Me and Niall also have a past. I was with Niall before Harry thats how me and Harry met, well sort of you could say thats how me and Harry got interested into each other. Me and Harry have had a few bumps in the road but that was when we were young teenagers. I'm 22 now ,Harry's 24 and we both have steady jobs and money. 

"Sooo, you ready for the big 22nd tommorow?" Sufia asked taking up my empty mug and bringing it into her and Zayns kitchen. 

"Yeah, it'll be great...where's Zayn Sufia?" I asked beginning to play with her as I knew very well where Zayn was. 

"Erm..he's out golfing again!" She told me whilst tidying up. 

"Then why are his golf clubs here?" I asked holding up the clubs. 

"Oh Charlie cut the crap you know their planning a surprise party for you right?" She told me, not being bothered to keep this going for much longer. 

"Yeah, I know. " Seconds later Sufia got a text. 

"Well, now I'm supposed to tell you Harry needs an ambulance and you need to rush home!" Sufia read out to me. We both burst out laughing at how stupid the plan was and at how bad they were at making up reasons. Me and Sufia grabbed our bags, pulled our jackets on and headed out the door. We walked down the street and past the hotel. 

"Remember when we first met?" Sufia said. 

"Ugh remember Maya!"

"Remember you and Niall!"

"Sufia, I remember how te cheese on toast I had that morning tasted, don't insult me!" I joked. We eventually made our way down the street to me and Harry's recently bought apartment block. Sufia and me looked at each other and smiled. 

"Here we go!" I said pushing the button for the elevator. We walked along the 6th floor where me and Harry live. Once we reached the door I took my keys out of my bag. Just as I was about to unlock the door Sufia stopped me. 

"Babe, look surprised! For my sake!" She told me. I started to laugh. 

"I'll try!!" I slid the key into the keyhole and twisted it around. Slowly I pushed open the door and to no surpsrise it was pitch dark. I nearly let a giggle slip out but I didn't want to ruin it. Me and Sufia slowly stepped inside and as I shut the door quietly loads of people jumped up and yelled. "SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!" 

"Oh my gosh, woah I don't now what to say!" I said putting on my best surprised face but I guess I wasn't very convincing as Harry walked straight over to me. 

"You told her!" He said taking my hands and lecturing Sufia.

"Blehhh!!" Sufia said sticking her tongue out.

"Meehh!!!" He said to her and she walked off. 

"Now it wasn't a surprise babe, well happy birthday!" Harry said gently placing his lips on mine. 

"Awh you still did all of this for me and thank you!" I reminded him.  

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