Wide Awake

When Bailey Denver is secretly entered into a a preforming arts college she doesn't know what to think! The only person she knows is her best friend, Gwen, and she introduces Bailey to five guys. Five singing guys.


1. Behind My Back

This year is going to be a difficult one, I can already feel it.  Maybe I should introduce myself before I get into that.  My name is Bailey Denver and I am just your ordinary eighteen-year-old.  I have a best friend named, Gwen and a younger sister called Maeve.  Then there are my parents, Rick and Cheryl.  Now, let me tell you my horrid story.


*3 months earlier*

Bailey's POV

It is the first day of summer vacation and my iPhone blares my school alarm.  I guess I forgot to turn it off.  My hand clumsily grabs it off the nightstand and I forcefully turn the alarm off.  Taking my time laying in bed, I finally decide to get out of bed.  My feet fell asleep and when I move them it feels like thousands of needles are being embedded in my skin.  I make myself get up any ways and I walk to the bathroom.   I put on a coral and grey striped short sleeve sweater over a floral tank top along with jeans and vans.  After I brush through my shoulder-length brown/auburn hair with my fingers and a comb, I quickly brush my teeth and go down stairs.  As I was watching the Today show on the TV, I hear a faint knock on the door.

    Jumping off the couch, I get on my tippy-toes and peek through the peephole.  I see dark almost black hair that is wrapped in a messy bun in the back.  This tells me who the person is immediately.  I grab the door knob and yank it open.  It's my best friend and honorary sister, Gwen.  She walks right in as if it were her house.  "Hey Bai," she says with a grin.  "Hey," I reply, "what brings you here?"  "Well I kinda need to talk to your parents," she says messing with her grey hoodie.   "My parents?" I ask almost scared.  I almost wish I didn't look through that peephole.

    My mom and dad then come down the stairs.  "Bailey," my mom says, "can you go wake up Maeve and help her pick out an outfit?"  "Okay," I say hesitantly, but I walk up the stairs anyways and head to Maeve's room.


Gwen's POV


"Did you hear back from the institute?" asks Mr. Denver.  "Sure did!" I say with an ear to ear grin, "They want her this coming semester and they accepted me as well!"  "That's wonderful," said Mrs. Denver.  "Well, I must be going, tell Bailey I said bye," I speak while I walk out, little did I know what was about to happen.  


Bailey's POV


I over heard every word, it turned out that Maeve was already up and dressed.  When I walked in she was playing with her Barbies.  As I bound down the stairs I work up a plan to find out what they are doing behind my back


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