Beauty and the Beast *Harry Styles FanFiction*

A new twist on the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast"


1. Prologue

Harry's POV:

 I used to be somebody. But now, I'm nobody. The only people I have right now are my four band mates who hate me. I don't blame them though, I'd hate me too. We used to be international superstars but because of me, now nobody knows who we are. And there's only one person in the entire universe who can change that but I don't even know who she is! The only thing I do know is that when she comes, I won't scare her off like I have with everyone else. I won't be the man that I was before this curse. I wont be a beast.    (A/N) so this is a Harry styles fanfic with a bit of a twist! Enjoy! 


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