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the Story tells of a girl of 19 years old who meets Harry Styles in a New Year's Eve.
They play each other because sexual attraction is created between them, and rolling big problems ,and the biggest problem, feelungs.

Are they fell in love and eventually stop playing games? will understand that it is not possible?

Hope you like the story


1. happy new year

I looked among all the people examining one by one, they were all in couples, well what I expect in New Year's Eve, I sighed in frustration and turns counter
"He told me give you that," the bartender said, handing me a glass of good whiskey and moved his head toward the man who gave me, I chuckled at the sight of curls falling on his face and winning smile that was 'Harry Styles' sacred idol coveted bachelor girls one
"New Year's Eve alone," whispered a pretty sexy sitting on the stool next to me
"Like every year," I said with a smile
"And it's not pissed?" Asked smiling at me and asks the bartender for another whiskey
"I do not need relationship to be with someone on New Year" I said winking
"Just right," I mumbled
"Harry," he said holding out his hand
"You will know then what do you call me baby" I throw my hand into my drink sipping it and is in response folded his hand and smiled broadly
"You're really cute," said stroking his white life
"You're not bad," said music his hair green priority countdown has started
"Happy new years eve" said Spiro over and kissed me
He unzipped my dress and shedding it away from me, he examined the body. Opened his buttoned shirt of his and took it straight I started playing with his belt after a few moments his clothes were down and we were left with lingerie, he took the lace panties me and started to play with Opener my bra, now I took off his shorts, and then I opened the bra and threw it. rolled over in bed so he was off and he started to kiss every place of my body I scratched his back and took the command also'm off, he put his penis inside me I moaned hard enjoying every moment, I got a little And he took out his penis and sleep then put it back started to suck the skin leaving a huge bruise on his neck that he chuckled and put his penis deeper. fell beside the bed panting and smiling, pleased.
"Where were you yesterday?" Melissa said I went to
"Bar" I said smiling
"And after that the apartment is not known," said winking
"Maybe Yes Maybe No" I said smiling goes into the kitchen \
"Another half hour you start the work," shouted
"Make me clothes I make myself a drink," I shouted at her, her work is a successful stylist models, she designs clothes and is very fashionable.
"Good morning Lexy arrived during the day for a change" Ossetians said opening the door of the cafe
"I decided to get up early today," said
"Or crawl out of bed by any person," said Kurtz
"You and Melissa immediately know me more better" I said frowning face and then laugh
"Go serve the table 4 George was sick today," said pushing me to the table
"Hello, what would you like to order?" I look up pauses I meet yesterday's green eyes
"We know who our waitress" Harry said winking at me
"What you order?" Repeated my smiles at him
"Coffee and croissant please" Louis said, and the rest nodded
"Coming" I said rotating
"And Harry, the name is Lexi," I continued to put a big smile like last night
"Your" I said, presenting the five cups Freeze and Hkorasonim
"Theda Rose" Nail said a small smile
"Where did you go this morning," Harry said, feel a twinge of embarrassment, but cries He told me they whispered that he got someone hot yesterday
"Course work" I chuckle

"And can I get your number ma'am?" Ask underscores his British accent
"Do not you think, sir," I said, turning
"Or you do not take the numbers of clients" chuckles softly Marr
"Damn you," I hissed angrily goes to another table where I was waiting tables

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