Sweetie- sequel to candy

Blurb: After Candy has been left disabled, Lily looks after her. Then Lily finds out some news that will shock both of them and then there is more shocking news!


2. welcome home

I looked at candy as she heard the news. She seemed a bit worried after finding out what had happened to her. I was sad about the news just like her. The nurse came up to my foster dad to talk to him about what would happen to her. I could tell by her face that it was maybe bad news.

“She just needs to have a few stiches on her face and then she can come home tomorrow. I will give you some wood to build a ramp. It will only be a few months till she is better again. Don’t worry, she will be fine. We will have our best nurses here and they will take the best care for her. She will have lots of good nurses here that will look after her,” said the nurse.

In my heart I felt sorry for candy. I knew in a way this was kind of my fault. If I didn’t lie to her she wouldn’t have got run over. I needed to talk to her after the stiches. If I talked to her before, she would be all worried. Then she would be worried about her and I would as well and then it will be hard for her to get better. No Lily you need to forget about Candy for a minute as you will just be sad and you have been sad a lot of the time. Maybe to forget about her I should be with friends or family so I decided I would sit with my dad in the waiting area.

“Hey dad, I think you should get me an appointment for a different day. At the moment I need to look after candy. Well just until she is feeling a bit better,” I said to my dad.

“I have already cancelled it and re booked it for next week. If she is still not getting any better by next Monday then I will let book you another date. Look Lily I know you are worried for candy. You only just saw her again and she is ill. Look all I am saying is that I know she is your sister and that she is ill but… just don’t worry about how ill your sister is and that she will be fine soon and I will help you help her,” said my foster dad to me.

“I know… It is just… what will happen if she ends up disabled forever. She has had a terrible life before. She lived at a care home where she was violently abused. She deserves better than this don’t you think so?” I cried.

She was my sister. Had a hard life. Not like me. I was fostered straight away by a nice and kind person who actually acted like a father for me. Not like my real father who killed my mother. I wondered where he was. I think in a jail cell but there you can pay them to give you everything nice and even get a pet. Though he might

“I know darling she does deserve better. Look pet don’t worry. I will let Candy live with us under the name of sweetie so that orphanage that abused her don’t find her. I know she is your real sister and you love her. I will look after her with you. Ok. I love you darling,” said my foster dad.

He was so kind and supportive. I loved him so much. He always knew how to make me feel better. He was the best dad a daughter could have. He looked after me took care of me and acted like a real father. He was really supportive. He has even helped me since I found out I was ill but he didn’t know what. I didn’t even know what it is yet. Soon I would find out the life changing news. It could head my life in any direction.

“Now darling how about we get some ice cream from the café?” my foster dad asked.

I had some ice cream which took my mind of Candy. It made me remember the day candy was born. A day that changed my life forever .well till now when I saw my sister again which changed it even more.

I was in the hospital waiting to see my new baby sister. I was in the waiting area all on my own. I was supposed to be at my dad’s house but he didn’t want me there.  I was only 4 years old. I asked the nurse where my mum was and then shocked me with the news that she had died. They would not tell me how she died saying I was two young and that I could learn when I was older. I only learnt last year the truth of how she died or as I learnt… murdered. Before, I was told it was when my sister was born it killed her. I believed it when I heard it. I was only 5. Then last year my foster dad said that I should know the truth of how my mum died. It turned out my dad had killed her. We still don’t know how mine and Candy’s dad got into the hospital room. The most likely way was that he asked to see her and then found a knife to kill her. He stabbed her got out then was arrested. There was some nurses in my mum’s room and they took my little sister away and named her. That was how she ended up in that horrible orphanage. I tried running after them but they put me in a different room.


This nice man came up to me, who later turned out to be my foster dad.  I told him what I had just heard before he came to me. He asked one of the nurses if he could take me to get some ice cream and we did. After that, he went to one of the nurse that instead of taking me to An orphanage, or “home” as people say that live there or work there, that I could live with him and he would look after me. That made me smile knowing that someone wanted me. My own dad didn’t even let me stay at his house. The said yes and he filled out some forms so that he could foster me. They would get someone to visit me every week for a bit to see how I was doing. That was how my great life really started. It was like a new life had started.

It was about three years ago, Maybe it was about two and nine months but I rounded it up to three years,   he was told this women was pregnant and that she was looking for someone to keep her baby as she didn’t want to be a young single parent. They had a look through these files of foster parents and people who wanted to be a foster parent so she could find someone she and then the lady said that she most approved my foster dad because of all he did for me. Fostering me when he wasn’t even looking into anything like that. So he went to some meetings with a fostering agency, who would not say who this mother wanting me to give her baby was as she didn’t want anyone to know at the moment, who then told him all the information he needed about the baby.  It was going to be a girl and the mum wanted my foster dad to name her Jodie after her mother. The baby was going to be born in June and would be given to my dad straight after her birth. On May 28th my little foster sister Jodie was born. Her mum didn’t even hold her I was the first one to. I thought about my sister as well every day. My real sister but I still loved Jodie. Sometimes I looked after her. It made me think more about Candy but I never saw her until now.

By the time I had finished my ice cream, I thought that it would be time that Candy’s stitches were done. I went out of the café with my dad while he went home to collect Jodie because he knew I would be fine going home on the own. I went up to one of the nurses to see if Candy’s stitches were done.

“Hello. I am Lily Sweeties sister. I wanted to see if her stitches were done so I could talk to her? I just thought it would be nice to have her older sisters support her through this rough time she is having at the moment,” I asked one of the nurses.

“Yes, they were finished not that long ago. She needs time to rest but it has been 15 minutes so I will let you see her. Just remember that visiting time ends in one hour and a half,” the nurse told me.

I went into her room to see Candy. She looked like how she was when I met her today.

“Hey candy please can I come in your room?”  I asked candy politely.

“Ok. Just sit next to my bed. There is no chairs in this room so sit on the draw. I wish there was a chair in here,” replied Candy.

“So candy are you excited that you are going home tomorrow? You finally get to go home,” I asked.

“Not really. I am going to have to go back to my care home and I don’t want to. You know I hated that place. I never ever ever ever want to go back. Ever!” replied Candy.

“You’re not. My foster dad said he would let you live at my house with me and Jodie,” I said

“That is really nice of him,” said Candy.

“Any way. I am really sorry I lied to you earlier,” I said.

“I just want to ask you one question. Why?” asked Candy.

“Well there was a reason. When you told me that you had a really bad life I didn’t think I should tell you about how great my life was so I lied. You deserve to know the truth. I was fostered straight after you were born by a lovely man took me in. I am sorry,” I said.

“Ok sis. Could you just promise me you will go and see Cassie today and tell her that I am not working there for now,” said Candy.

 I said, “Ok. I am going to go now. See you tomorrow candy.”

“See you tomorrow,” replied candy, “I love you.”

I walked out of the hospital to go to the market. For me it was a long time no see. I worked there two months ago. I remember those days and how it all started:

I was walking down the market trying to find a job. I saw this meat stall and went up to the girl. That was Cassie. I had an interview with her and then we became best friends.

I got to the market and it was empty. There was only people cleaning up the stalls. I saw Cassie at the meat stall.

“Sorry we are closed… Lily why are you here?” asked Cassie.

“I came to tell you something. Candy can’t work here for a while. It will only be a few months. Basically what happened was she was hurt on the road,” I said.

“Ok. Do you want to stay here for a bit?” asked Cassie.

“I can’t. I need to get home. You can come to my house tomorrow,” I said.

Then I walked home. It was quite dark and cold at the moment. I could barely see my house. I managed to get home at 8:30. I knocked at the door and waited for my foster dad.

“There you are. You are a bit late. There is diner on the table for you. Then you need to go to bed because we have to go quite early tomorrow,” said my foster dad.

I went in the kitchen to get my diner. My foster dad made me a burger, chips and sweet corn. My dad had got the burger from his farm at the back. He raised chickens there. The potatoes were what made the chips. My foster dad was a great cook. He worked as a village chef. He had food to die for.

After finishing my food, I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep for a bit. I was too busy thinking about “sweetie”. I managed to stop after a while. I had a weird dream about Candy.

The next morning I woke up bright and early. I waited for the hospital to bring my little sister home. I made a banner for her in our front room. My dad was in the garden putting up the ramp. My sister came home at 8:00 in the morning. The hospital wheeled her to the door, then my dad took her in and she went into the front room were the welcome home Sweetie sign was.

“Welcome home Candy,” I said.

Then I saw her smile for the first time I saw her since she was born.

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