Sweetie- sequel to candy

Blurb: After Candy has been left disabled, Lily looks after her. Then Lily finds out some news that will shock both of them and then there is more shocking news!


3. Helping

"Dad , can I push Candy around the room and show her the changes we've made so its easier for her?" I asked, knowing he'd say yes.

"Course you can Lily , just be careful." Dad replied handing me the handles. I grabbed hold of them tightly. "Ok , we're going to bring my mattress downstairs and you'll sleep on that, but don't worry I'm sleeping on the sofa so you won't be alone." I comforted.

 "You don't have to do that for me!" Candy said. 

I chuckled and showed her the other things we've made arrangements to. "Lily." Weeped Candy." I'm scared, my legs are hurting and what if the care home finds me!"

" Don't worry, they won't. Your safe with me, dad and Jodie. Plus, we could find out more about our REAL family, that will take your mind off things." I said, worried myself but hiding it in my fake smile.

 I wheeled her out the flat, into the lift and into the market . "You wouldn't mind working would you, Sweetie?" I questioned, biting my lip, " After all, yours just your legs that aren't working and we need the extra money badly!" It was true. Me and dad had spent a fortune to change the house, like adding ramps and buying trays to eat on. So,e nights , dad went without a meal, just to feed me, Jodie and Sweetie. I knew this was hard for him, welcoming Candy into our family. Wait! If someone comes round and sees Candy, they'll tell everyone and ad could go to prison for having a child here full-time without fostering her. Lets hope no one comes around , but if they do we'll have to hide her. Yeah , like that's gonna be easy! Someone in a wheelchair, how on earth are we going to hide someone in a wheelchair! No, that sounds mean. Stop thinking things like that, Candy is you're sister. Anyway, continuing with the story...

" Sure, it'd help take away the pain. You know , stop thinking about it!" Candy smiled.

" Great, lets go!" I chanted.

" Wait. Do you mean RIGHT NOW? This very minute? " Candy said anxious.

" Yes , why not?" I replied cheerfully.

" We'll, it's it's a bit early , isn't it? I mean , I've only just got home" Candy worried.

" Please Candy, look me and dad, we haven't been going to work lately because of your disabledness and were skint . I'm begging you on my knees here. We need the money to buy food." I begged

"Fine, you've twisted my arm . I'm sorry that I've caused so much problems and seeing as I've lost you  that money , it'll kind if being like repaying you" Candy whispered.

I stomped over to the stall, grunting in effort of pushing Candy in her wheelchair. I wrote out the menu on the mini blackboard , hung it up and started cooking. "You serve customers and I'll do the cooking!" I called to Candy.

"Ok!" She bellowed back to me. And we got to work. 


When we had finished work . I trudged back home wheeling Candy in her wheelchair . We went into our flat , me and dad dragged the mattress downstairs , tucked Candy up in it  and went to bed ourselves. I later in bed all night worrying about the money, the fostering , the care home but worst of all, the burning pain all over my body. I decided it was nothing, I was probably just hot and went to sleep


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