It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


24. You Love Me?

Summah P.O.V

“I’m serious, I mean she’s such a big part of my life you know, she actually is my world now, my day never runs smoothly unless I’ve spoken to her the second I wake up, it’s also killing me, I with her school and he work I only ever get to see her first thing in the morning or late at night after she finishes work” I overheard Niall on the phone to someone, I’d just woken up so nothing seemed to be registering, I kept my eyes closed I didn’t want him to know I was listening I was always told growing up eavesdropping is bad but what are you going to do, I pretended to just wake up yawning as I opened my eyes.

“She’s awake I’ll talk to you later, Yes I’ll make sure she goes today” he said as he hung up the phone jumping onto his bed by me.

“Where do I have to go today?” I asked a little concerned.

“School baby, that’s where you need to go” he replied as he leant down pressing his lips to my forehead, I groaned at his words.

“I’m sorry princess but my mum can be a little scary when I don’t listen to her and she’s telling me I have to make sure you go today”

“Can’t you just tell her I went, I’m really not interested in going” I groaned again flipping over and burying my head into Niall’s pillows, I felt his presences get closer towards me one leg flicking up over my legs and his arm being thrown over my upper body his lips meeting my cheek leaving several little kissing over my face.

“Baby stop” I insisted but he didn’t bother listen, I could feel his leg move up and down against the backs of my thighs.

“But. I. Don’t. Wanna. Princess” he spoke every word in between his kisses being left on my cheek, I managed to roll my body below his arm and leg that were still firmly in place.

“What are you up to Mr Niall James Horan?”

“Not a single things my beautiful princess” he whispered to me and he shuffled his leg over pulling his entire body over me resting his whole weight on me.

“Why don’t I beli-” He pressed his lips to mine mid sentence, the beauty of the boy above me was just, I couldn’t begin to describe this whole situation right now, I always had this theory in my head that love was only for the lucky people, I’m far from lucky but at this point in time, I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world it’s and unexplainable feeling, something you need to experience firsthand in order to understand it even slightly, maybe love for some people is different, maybe someone might say what Niall and I have isn’t love, but for me all I feel is love towards him, this warm feeling that creeps up whenever he is close by, this jittery feeling in my stomach as he presses his lips to mine, maybe he doesn’t feel this way about me, but I sure feel it towards him, I love him, every single little tiny microscopic thing about this boys slowly and gradually made itself apart of my life and there is not a single thing I would do to change that at all.

I pushed him away from my face he used all his force to push back down in order for our lips to meet once again, but I wouldn’t allow it.

“School remember” I announced and instantly he released his force and climbed off of me.

“I hate this school business to be quite honest with you Summah, I miss you way too much when you aren’t with me, please don’t tell me you have work tonight as well?” he questioned.

“No baby, no work tonight just school sadly”

“I’ll pick you up from school then, and tonight I’ll invited everyone over and have a little get together, it might help lift every ones spirits as well” he smiled, I crawled out of bed agreeing to what he’d just suggested but turned to him.

“Can you take me home to get ready please baby all I have here is what I wore yesterday” I asked politely as I walked back over to his bed where he still sat.

“Personally I think you look fantastic in just my shirt baby” he announced “But of course I’ll take you home to get ready, I think we need to get you some draws here because you are always here anyways” he said both of us laughing at his statement, he hopped off his bed and grabbed his keys and phone from his bedside table.

“Good, because I think I’ll wear it today, maybe pair it with some little shorts” I said winking at him, I watched as a smile grew on his face at my statement “Oh and baby, pants, you might need some” I announced looking him up and down he laughed at me placing his phone and keys down on his bed and walking over to his dresser pulled a shirt and some jeans out.

“I’ll shower after I’ve dropped you at school” he stated before pulling the fresh clothing on, walking back to his bed to grab his phone and keys and walking towards the door, I’d pulled my shorts back on and grabbed my other clothing from the floor following him outside to his car, I jumped into the passenger side of the car as Niall started his car reversing out his driveway on his way to my house.

“Baby I’m ready” I shouted from my bedroom, as I finished drying my hair and applying my makeup I decided against wearing Niall’s shirt to school today instead I paired my American flag baggy tank top with my American flag short shorts and a pair of navy blue toms I was content with my look today it was very fresh, I turned around to leave my bedroom but I was pushed against my basin in my bathroom.

“Niall what are you doing?” I asked in shock, I had no idea what he was doing he was acting strange when he finally released me from where he’d pushed me against and smiled cheekily at me.

“Nothing I just like the look you give me when I surprise you” he laughed at me before pressing his lips to my forehead he grabbed my hand in his and lead me out of the bathroom before I could said anything further.

We arrived out the front of my school I still got confused looks from the students that attended school with me every time I turned up with the likes of Niall, nobody in this town trusted him it drove me bloody crazy, because I knew what he was really like, yeah I get he had a bad past, everyone has a past, and some learn from it and some just never learn, people assume Niall to be one of those people who will never learn from his past, but he’s nothing like anyone ever described him to be, he’s supposed to be violent and dangerous but he’s actually sweet and caring and gentle and charming he’s actually perfect, I leant over giving him a kiss goodbye then jumping out of his car, I didn’t look back to see him drive off, I just walked towards my friends that I saw standing by the entrance to our home room class.

“Hailey, hey how’re you?” I shouted as I walked closer to her.

“Oh my god, you are alive Summah, where the fuck have you been”

“Language Hailey Reeds” Mrs Martinuzzi said as she walked by Hailey hearing her swear.

“Sorry, Miss” Hailey apologized as our teacher walked into our classroom, Mrs Martinuzzi was a sweet person she hardly ever got cranky at anyone she was also a lot of fun, I know a teacher that is fun who would have thought.

“I’ve just been keeping to myself, I haven’t really wanted to come back to school, but Niall kind of forced me into it today” I said half smiling at her.

“So you’re still with him then?” she asked a little pissed off it seemed, I just nodded not exactly sure as to how to respond to it.

“Oh so Niall is having a few people over his house tonight, you should come over as well, Ivy will be there and maybe you can meet Niall officially please” I almost begged for Hailey to come over, if she did it would actually be some kind of break through with her she never goes out she generally always keeps to herself at home doing study or preparing for college she was beautiful she had natural long blonde hair her hair reached her backside she almost always had it loosely plated over one side of her shoulder she wore limited make up she was a natural beauty, I heard the bell ring and without saying a single word Hailey took that as he opportunity to take off without answering my plead for her to come to Niall’s tonight I followed her closely entering the classroom taking a seat available next to her in the room Mrs Martinuzzi was already in the room as she entered not long ago, Hailey and I being the first two out of the class to actually be here already, as I sat in my seat I leaned over to Hailey.

“Please Hailey I promise it won’t be bad or anything and if it is and you aren’t comfortable I’ll walk you home ok, just please make an effort to get to know him, I really like him and I want my friends to know the real him, not the people everyone assumes he is” I continued to plead with her to come tonight.

“Fine, but I’ll only stay for an hour, I’ll have my mum pick me up, would it be ok if I just tell her I’ll be at your house and I meet her there when she comes to get me? Because she’d never ever allow me to step foot in your boyfriends house, trust me I know my mum she’s dead against him” I nodded in agreement because I knew exactly what Hailey’s mum was like, if Hailey got a B in any of her classes she wasn’t actually allowed to go out of the house for a week and her parents would make her redo everything she had already done, sadly Hailey had an intense upbringing it was strict she was never allowed to go out with friends or party for that matter, she’d never had a boyfriend she’d never done anything she hadn’t actually lived and she was seventeen, but it was her upbringing so she didn’t know any different so it all came naturally to her.

School flew by well the morning flew by, however the afternoon did not, it dragged but when the bell rang to announce school was finished I think I was the first to shoot up out of my seat grabbing Hailey on my way out as I ran out the door I stopped searching the car park for Niall’s range rover.

“Aha, found it” I shot Niall a cheeky smile as I saw him leaning against the driver side door, I looked back to Hailey.

“Are you coming straight to Niall’s with us or are you getting dropped at mine by your mum?” I asked I knew if Hailey told her mum she was with me it’d be ok considering her mum liked me and still hopefully had no idea about me and Niall.

“Umm maybe I’ll just come with your guys, only if that’s ok though”

“Of course it’s ok loser, come on” I replied to her grabbing her arm and pulling her with me over to Niall, I hadn’t even told Niall I’d invited her, I dropped Hailey’s arm as I got closer to Niall springing up at him wrapping my legs around his waist, his face was amusing it was as though fear and shock had washed over him.

“Wow settle down baby” he said as his hands wrapped around me.

“I missed you” I announced before pressing my lips to his.

“Well I missed you too baby, I missed you a lot”

“Oh I invited Hailey over, she’s just going to come with us now, otherwise I’m pretty sure her mum wouldn’t let her come out at all” I melted my lips back into his as I unwrapped my legs from around him and slipped down my feet meeting the ground, I gestured for Hailey to come over so I could introduce her to him finally, she hesitated walking over closer to us.

“Hailey this is Niall, Niall Hailey” I said smiling

“Nice to finally meet you Niall” Hailey said in her usual polite manor.

“You too Hailey” Niall said before we all climbed into his range rover and headed back to his house, the car ride was loud and weird, I was mucking around with Hailey while I sat in the front seat, I had a packet of gummy bears in my bag and I was throwing them over my head at her.

“Hailey it’s a fucking drop bear” I shouted at her as I threw a gummy bear at her.

“Fuck off Summah” she said laughing at my clearly hyper mood.

“But Hailey it’s a fucking drop bear those things are hectic as bro” I shouted again throwing yet another gummy bear at her, I’d spun around in my seat looking at her, catching Niall looking at me occasionally.

“Oi Hailey, has Luciana been at school lately? I haven’t seen her in a while, well actually I haven’t seen her since we had that fight in the bathroom at school” Hailey laughed at my question I looked at her confused.

“She moved to London with her family and I’m pretty sure your sister went with them as well, it’s so weird that your sister was friends with such a bitch, your sister was so nice”

“My sister was a fucking slut Hailey she thinks she can have anything she fucking wants” I snapped as I fixed myself back in my seat, I shouldn’t have snapped like that at her I felt awful after I realized what I’d done to her, I felt Niall’s hand grip my knee to comfort me.

“Sorry Hailey, I just can’t stand when people think she’s so perfect and innocent she’s the worst person you could ever meet” she accepted my apology and we both dropped the topic not speaking any further about it, as we arrived at Niall’s I could already hear music playing, clearly the boys were all here already, I walked inside and straight out the back door to see everyone sitting around talking and laughing while the music continued to play, Ivy, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry and Taylor all sat outside it was weird seeing everyone together like this without Ariel sat next to Zayn, Harry jumped up as soon as he saw me pulling me into a tight hug.

“How was school?” he asked being polite which wasn’t normal, usually he was extremely sarcastic with me.

“Good, it dragged a bit but it was good” I smiled I went and sat down next to Ivy, Hailey followed out the door along with Niall, Ivy jumping from her seat to go and see her, Hailey hadn’t been around to mine in a while so it’d been a long time since she’d seen Ivy or even Ariel for that matter, I hadn’t even got around to telling her about Ariel actually, I just didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t want to remember that she was gone while I was at school so I shut it out, thankfully she didn’t actually ask about where Ariel was, which meant I could tell her later on or tomorrow, Niall came and sat down beside me, he must have grabbed a beer from the fridge on his way out because he now had one in his hand, the conversations were flowing between everyone and Taylor was sitting in nicely with everyone, she was really sweet maybe a little too sweet, what was such a sweet girl doing with such a wild boy like Harry, this bothered me, I’d spoken to her a little bit as the day turned to night but I didn’t engage in too much of a conversation with anyone, I was getting tired and I was getting cranky.

“Baby I’m going to walk Hailey to mine so her mum can pick her up then I might go to bed, I’ll talk to you tomorrow ok” I said as I kissed his cheek, I stood up from my chair and said my goodbyes Niall didn’t actually say anything to me not even goodbye, I walked out the front with Hailey pulling Niall’s front door shut behind me we began walking down the road when I heard Niall shout something from behind us.

“Why aren’t you staying with me tonight?” I turned around at his words confused he looked angry I could see the anger written all over his face.

“I just thought it’d be easier if I stayed at home because I’m going that way anyway baby”

“What if I want you to fucking stay with me Summah” I was taken aback by his tone, it was harsh and I wasn’t sure what to do.

“I think it might be better if I actually did stay home tonight baby, I think you need some sleep”

“No I don’t need sleep I need you to just stay with me”

“Niall can we please just talk about this tomorrow”

“No” he snapped at me again, I couldn’t do this, I turned away from him and began walking home he was actually scaring me.

“What about two girls walking the streets by themselves is fucking safe Summah, are you serious right now” I knew Niall had been drinking and I actually hadn’t experienced Niall under the influence of this much alcohol ever so I had no idea how to handle this situation.

“Niall I’m fine, I do this walk a lot”

“You’re not fine, let me drive you guys please” he tone was calmer but I know I was about to anger him again.

“There is not a chance in hell I’d ever get in the car with you while you’ve been drinking nor would I endanger the life of my friend by allowing her to get in the car with you” I snapped at him this time, but he didn’t get angry he stepped back a little bit.

“Summah my mum’s going to get me from here, maybe just take him inside so she doesn’t see him, I just told her we went for a walk” I acknowledged what she had said to me and I walked back over to Niall grabbing his arm and pulling him inside.

“Can you do me at least one favour please Niall” I asked, I didn’t even bother trying to be nice him he nodded in agreement.

“Can you please just wait here until Hailey has been picked up, her mum would kill me is she saw I brought her anywhere near you” I said as I turned away from him and walked back outside, no words were exchanged between Hailey and I, I didn’t even want to speak I was far too embarrassed by the show Niall had just put on in front of Hailey, I was trying to prove Hailey’s mum wrong about him to her and he went and proved her right, when Hailey’s mum arrived I hugged Hailey goodbye and refused a lift home from her I waited for her car to disappear around a corner before I walked back in finding Niall had actually passed out on the lounge, everyone walked in to say goodbye seeing Niall where he was laughing slightly as they walked out the door, I shook Niall a little to wake him up his eyes fluttered open.

“Oh god you’re still here baby I thought you’d have left, I’m sorry baby” he said in a low croaky voice.

“I guess you are just lucky I love you enough to stay” my eyes widened when I realized what I’d said to him, he sat up as soon as the words rolled off my tongue.

“You love me?” he asked he seemed a little taken aback I didn’t respond to his question instead I turned my head away from him.

“Baby did you just say you loved me?” he asked again, I turned back to face him, I looked him dead in the eyes and nodded my head.

“Yes” I was nervous now, I’d actually said it to him, what was he going to say back, oh my god, this was going to kill me if he didn’t say anything back, I hated myself right now, he grabbed my face leaning in melting his lips to mine within seconds he pulled away slightly his lips still hovering over mine I could feel his hot breath on my lips.

“I love you too Summah” he said before pressing his lips to mine once again this time with force.


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