It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


16. One Special Night

Summah-Roses P.O.V

The day came to an end fast, but all four of us were still running around at the park as though we’d never seen such a place before we were frowned upon by several older women for Niall and I’s constant PDA, there were a couple of boys playing a game of football when Niall noticed the game he grabbed my hand and pulled me over to were the small game was being held he stood there in amazement as he watched the ball being kicked between the boys

“You like football?”

“I love football” was all he said not even taking his eyes off the game I slipped my hand from his as I walked over to Ivy and Liam who were happily sat at a park bench

“Summah, hey”

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Nothing just talking, where’s Niall?”

“Over there watching some kids kick a ball around” I laughed pointing over to were Niall still stood at that Liam jumped up and rushed over there not saying another word Ivy looked at me and started laughing, I took the place where Liam was sat at the park bench

“So, are you having a good day?”

“Yes” she almost shouted “Liam asked me out on a date tonight” my eyes widened at her statement I was so excited for her

“Oh my god what that is fantastic” I said wrapping my arms around her we talked for a while longer about what she should wear and where she thinks he’ll take her before the boys came back over to us Niall leaning down and kissing me as soon as he was close enough

“You guys are so disgusting, you are always touching or kissing in public” Liam joked Niall just glared at him before turning back to me and pressing his lips back to mine this time forcing his tongue between my lips in a joking attempt to piss Liam off, I played along because well let’s face it I liked kissing Niall, our lips began to move in sync before Liam spoke again

“C’mon guys, really?” he laughed “Well we are going being we have to get ready to go out tonight so if you guys decided to separate anytime soon then feel free to come back with us”

Niall pulled away and I groaned at the loss of contact he just laughed at me offering me his hand, I happily took it in mine and we began walking towards Liam and Ivy, I observed them as they walked in front of me Liam hesitated before he put his hand anywhere near Ivy he started by placing his arm around her shoulder and she willing placed her arm around his waist as they walked side by side, I was somewhat protective over Ivy she was older but shorter and tinier than me he hair long and dark brown always loosely plaited to the side of her head she always wore flannelette shirts and jeans or shorts she was hardly ever caught dead in a dress she was the sweetest girl I’d ever met, eventually Liam removed his arm and grabbed her hand instead I was in awe about it but I didn’t realize I’d actually said it out aloud until Niall asked “What was that?” I looked up at him

“Nothing just Ivy and Liam” I replied Niall looked over that them and then turned straight back to me shaking his head

“Girls” he laughed “Baby is it alright if we hang out at your place until 7?” he asked I looked at him confused

“Yeah, of course” I replied smiling at him

“Good because everything should be perfect by then” he stated knowing it would spike my curiosity as to what this surprise is, I looked at him dying for answers

“I’m not telling you” he smiled

“Baby please, you are seriously killing me right now can I at least have a hint please”

“One hint” he smiled “It’s going to be special and something to remember”

“What sort of hint is that?”

“A hint that’s not getting any better than that” he smirked at me.

We reached my house and the door was left open as Ivy and Liam had arrived before us as we walked through the door I turned to Niall

“Do I need to get changed for this surprise?” I asked

“Nope, what you are wearing is perfect, if you were in sweats and a shirt it’d still be perfect, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing baby” he laughed as he grabbed my hips pulling me in closer to him before pressing his lips to mine.

He walked off upstairs and I walked into the living room Ivy came running in wearing a really cute outfit consisting of shorts one of my shirts and her little yellow cardigan

“Turn it up Summah” she shouted at me causing me to realize what was playing on the on the TV Taylor Swift – 22 I turned it up instantly Ivy and I absolutely went crazy over this song we started twirling and spinning jumping and shouting the lyrics at the tops of our lungs

“It feels like one of those nights we won’t be sleeping, if feels like one of those nights you look like bad news” we shouted, we turned around still carrying on as we saw Liam and Niall both standing at the living room door looking at us smirks plastered over their faces

“You guys seriously listen to that” Niall asked we both just laughed and nodded our heads turning the TV up even louder, when the song came to an end Still into you started playing by Paramore which made us go a little nutty again shouting the lyrics

“I should be over all the butterflies, I’m into you and baby on our worst nights I’m into you” Niall came over to me throwing me over his shoulder my hate falling to the ground and walking out of the room which I still insisted shouted the lyrics in sync with Ivy while laughing loudly he walked me upstairs and placed me on my feet in my bedroom

“You are the strangest girl I’ve ever met Summah” he said to me smiling

“Yeah, but people either learn to like that about me or leave” I stated

“I really don’t need to learn to like it, it’s the main thing about you that caught my attention to begin with” he smiled grabbing my hand pulling me over to my bed to lay down with him he rolled straight on top of me resting most of his body weight on me before kissing me, swiping his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance, our mouths began to move in sync as his tongue played with mine, we stayed like this for a while before I heard Niall’s phone begin to ring he pulled it out answering immediately

“So everything’s good?” he asked the person on the other end

“Alright thanks mate, yeah just lock up, thanks again mate” he continued while he still lay on top of me I couldn’t make out the words of the person on the other end of the phone, when I felt Niall lean in forcing his lips to mine as he pulled away he mouthed are you ready for your surprise then smiled at me

“Yup, thank mate catch ya later” he said before hanging up and rolling off me and out of the bed entirely

“Get up, c’mon” he encouraged

“I want another hint first” he rolled his eyes at my request

“For fucks sake Summah, umm, it’s something that you want plus other stuff first” at that I crawled at out bed fixing my outfit up Niall offered me his hand to walk downstairs  I took it in mine and followed him down the stairs I dropped his hand racing into the living room to grab my hat and running back over to Niall grabbing his hand and walking out of the house pulling the door shut behind me.

As we pulled up out the front of Niall’s house he climbed out of the car and around to my side offering me his hand for help to get out of his car climbing out I fixed my dress up and walked with Niall to his door he locked his car then unlocked the front door as I walked in there were no lights on in the house, but one room was well lit we were about to walk when he pulled me into his arms as my feet shuffled closer to Niall I felt something flick up and touch my foot but I ignored it Niall leant in and forced his lips to mine “Are you ready?” he asked with a smile I nodded and he grabbed my hand and lead me into the room with what I thought was a light on but as I walked in I realized the only lighting in the room were candles there were candles everywhere the dinner table was set there was a whole meal set out at the table for both of us I looked down at the ground and realized what had flicked up and touched my foot were rose petals they were scattered everywhere my eyes widened at the sight, I had no idea Niall had a romantic bone in his body I turned to him immediately

“You did all of this?”

“With help, yeah” he smiled “Shall we” he gestured for us to sit down, I was still so shocked at what was happening around me, I took a seat in one of the chairs and he sat in the other chair at the table, I couldn’t bring myself to even start a conversation even though I was completely comfortable around Niall right now I had no idea what to expect from him now

“You’re so beautiful” I looked up at him a shy smile growing on my face “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so quiet” he laughed

“I’m just… I’m honestly speechless” I confessed, he continued to try and force a conversation with me it took a while, but eventually I came back to normal and actually started talking to Niall properly, he managed to get secrets out of me embarrassing moments but one thing he managed to get out of me was something I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about and talking about it with Niall surprised me, my brother’s death, we’d finished eating by now and he’d moved his chair from where it was to right next to me

“my brother was killed in a car accident, my mum was driving the car and she’d be drinking, they said that the alcohol in my mum’s body caused her body to relax at the impact of the crash but my brother was actually killed on impact, it wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t drive through a red light” I confessed no tears fell from my eyes, I never allowed myself to cry, my brother would never have wanted us to cry every time he was spoken about, Niall pulled me into a tight embrace

“I’m so sorry baby”

“Don’t be, I remember my brother as the happy person he was, that way I have no reason to cry, just laugh and smile at his memory” I gushed

“You’re so strong, I don’t think I’d be able to cope like that losing my brother” I just smiled we continued to talk for a while longer he kept teasing me by leaving lingering kisses on my lips cheeks and neck I was almost certain he was trying to turn me with the way his hand was sliding up and down my thigh

“Niall” his eyes locked with mine “Are you trying to turn me on?”

“Maybe” he winked as he came in closer placing his lips to mine licking my bottom lips as soon as I parted my lips he pulled away

“C’mon baby” he grabbed my hand “I’ve got one more thing” he pulled me towards his room opening it, once again this boy managed to leave me speechless and it’s all in one night I looked at his for an explanation

“I was kind of hoping for no awkwardness this time, like before” he joked

“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure out how I got so lucky to be honest with you” I turned to him wrapping my arms around his neck reaching up to press my lips to his, his hands wandered down my sides he rested them on my backside before they wandered a little more below my backside he gripped the backs of my thighs picking me up forcing my legs to wrap around his waist as he walked into his room further kicking the door clothed with his foot he’d had candles laid out all over his room and like before rose petals scattered everywhere even over bed, which for the first time ever it was a made bed he gently placed me down on his bed climbing on top of me “I told you I wanted the next time with you to be special” he whispered into my ear before placing his lips to my neck his words sent tingles all through my whole body

“The first things to go with be these pesky stockings you insist on wearing” he whispered into my ear again I let out a little laugh at his hatred toward the items of clothing I chose to wear, be pulled his shirt off over his head before sliding his hands up my dress looking for the hem of my stockings a smile grew on his face as I felt him grab the top of them yanking them down he slowly pulled them off completely his hands slid back up my legs his head dipped

“Now this dress” he growled grabbing my dress between his teeth pulling it down my legs I arched my back to make it easier for him my dress had no straps so it slipped off easily he flashed his smile at me crawling back up the bed with my body positioned between him he leant down pressing his lips to mine my hands found the button on his jeans, I managed to unbutton them and pull the zipper down, I pulled away from his kiss forcing him to move up onto his knees, I pulled his jeans down as far as I could while he sat on his knees with me between them he’d dipped his head into the crook of my neck and started bitting at my skin, I let out a little moan, he pulled his head from my neck pushing me back down removing his jeans completely kicking them to the end of the bed, he used one of my hands to arch my back up towards him while he moved his other hand around to my back using both hand to unclasp my bra and gently placing me back down on the bed removing the bra from my body entirely tossing it to the side he leant down kissing my jaw line moving to my neck and his kiss travelling down my chest over to my right breast taking my nipple in his mouth while he caressed my left nipple in between two of his fingers, small moans leaving my mouth his left hand let go of my left breast as he moved both hands down to his briefs pulling them off and discarding them to the side of the bed his mouth began to lay kisses across my stomach

“Lift your bum” he growled almost and I did as I was told, I arched my back lifting my backside from the bed as he pulled my underwear down doing with them what he’d just done with his discarded them to the side of the bed, he’d never treated me like this before so everything he was doing was setting me off including his touch he reached under his pillow that my head lay on pulling out a condom he tore the packet open with his teeth while his left hand rubbed my thigh he slid it on his length before positioning himself at my entrance he didn’t move though his eyes met mine

“I never thought I’d meet someone as perfect as you” he smiled pressing his lips to mine as his lips remained in contact with mine I felt a light thrust from him as his length entered me a small gasp escaped my lips he didn’t move inside me he allowed my body to adjust, our lips still hadn’t parted they continued to move in sync with one another

“Niall baby, move” I whispered pulling away from his kiss he smiled at me again before sliding his length in and out, he was going at an agonizingly slow pace I don’t know if he was trying to keep it as romantic as possible, but as my lips parted to speak his pace picked up moving at an alarmingly fast pace now, my breath hitched in my throat and my moans began to fill the room he kept up the fast pace for quite a while before he slowed back down not as slow as before but at a nice pace he was never one to stick to a slow pace so I wasn’t surprised when his pace picked up again this time he was to fast my breathing was getting heavier I was struggling to gasp for air he slowed down again almost coming to a complete stop

“I’m sorry baby” I shook my head

“Don’t be sorry, but move just not that fast please” I encouraged, he kissed my lips before he began to move again this time at really amazing pace, I felt his every move and I was able to enjoy everything he was doing I was coming close to my climax my walls began to tighten around his length

“Little bit longer baby, come on” he encouraged me as he dipped his head into the crook of my neck laying kisses on my neck while still moving his length

“Baby, I can’t” my breathing hitched in my throat I was trying to hold on

“It’s alright baby let go” he whispered as he pulled away from my neck and began to move a little faster encouraging me to let go, my walls tightening around him once again causing me to reach my climax, Niall reaching his as his thrusts turned sloppy, he threw himself down on me both of us completely out of breath, he lifted his head pressing his lips to mine once again, he removed himself from me pulling the condom off and walking into his bathroom to dispose of it while he left I wrapped myself in his not so freshly made anymore bed I had the goofiest smile plastered across my face he walked out of the bathroom and saw me his face seemed to have lit up seeing me in his bed snuggled up

“Are you getting comfy without me baby” he pouted

“You are always welcome to come and make it even more comfy for me” I smiled and he came straight over to me in bed crawling in under the blankets with me snuggling up next to me, I could felt every bit of his skin against mine, I turned to face him my lips parted to speak but his lips made contact with mine

“Goodnight baby” I finally got to say what I wanted to say

“Goodnight princess, sleep well” he whispered back as I rested my head on his chest closing my eyes.

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