It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


8. Leave it alone

Summah-Rose P.O.V

As I began to walk into work my phone buzzed I reached into my back pocket of my jeans to see who it was from, it was probably the girls from school asking me where I was, when I checked the screen it was an number I didn’t have coded into my phone

“Hey it’s Harry, come and have lunch with me, we could catch a movie after if you’d like? My treat lol It might clear your head as well” I saved his number in my phone then replied

Me: Sure sounds good, what time?

Harry: I can pick you up in an hour

Me: Ok see you then x

I walked into work and went straight out to the back room to hang out for a bit

“Summah why aren’t you at school” I heard Lex ask abruptly

“I couldn’t take it, the fact everyone knew about Niall and I, oh and Luciana, I wanted to punch her, even my fucking guidance councillor knew about it” I snapped

“Sweetie that’s something that you brought on yourself when you decided to part take in anything Niall Horan related, I’m sorry but that’s the truth”

“Whatever, can you just leave me alone please I’ll only be here for an hour”

“Is Niall picking you up?”

“No he isn’t, I’m not speaking to Niall at the moment Jesus Lex give me a break will you” I snapped as I lay my head down on the table I closed my eyes for what seemed like 5 minutes until I was woke up by being shaken

“Harry, Really Summah?”

“Out of all the other boys in this place you chose to go spend time with one if Niall’s troubled best friends”

“You know what Lex, you might know the old Niall, but you don’t know this one nor do you know Harry, so the sooner you stop fucking judging them the better”

“wow sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you Summah I’m just looking out for you, I mean how well do you know Harry?”

“Lex, I know him better than I know Niall, Harry used to be Lachlan’s best friend”

“Oh ok well he is out the front”

“Thanks” I replied and walked out of the back room only to see a smile grow on Harry’s beautiful face

“Hi, you ready?” he asked all I managed was a nod, he took my hand and lead me out to his car were he began to drive to a little café, the car ride was not the slightest bit awkward, we talked and laughed and the fact I could talk to him so freely about Lachlan’s death was nice, because I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about it

“Do you still talk to your parents?” Harry asked as we pulled up in front of this cute little old style Café the question took me by surprise as everyone around me never asked about it

“No, I don’t, I haven’t spoke to them in over two years, I left home after Lachlan passed away” I said turning my head to look at him and half smiling he said nothing he just climbed out of the car and walked around to open my door

“Shall we then?” he asked and he took my hand in his as he lead me into the café, talking to Harry was so easy, and he never give you a tone or a look to say oh hey I’m judging you for that, he was so open minded and so carefree every time he would speak all I could do was look into him beautiful green eyes, I’d never acknowledged his beautiful features until today

“You have beautiful eyes Harry” I spoke before my brain could stop me, it seemed to have caught him off guard, his eyebrows furrowed and his head tilted to the right a little at my statement

“Sorry, it’s just I only just noticed how bright they were” I said shaking my head at myself, he let out a smile laugh

“Thank you, Summah” he said gracefully as he continued to look at me, we ordered our food and continued to talk with one another for what seemed like forever after we had ate he announced that we should probably get going to catch a decent movie, we left the café and made our way back to Harry’s car and headed for the movie theatre we had to park quite a while away because it was packed today, but after climbing out of the car and Harry locking it we started walking towards the movie theatre I was walking quite a distance in front of him I didn’t even realize

“Summah, hold up” Harry shouted as I turned around to him behind me, as he got closer he snaked his arm over my shoulders leant down and kissed my forehead I didn’t bother making eye contact I just started walking again I was looking around at the people and the stores along to road and a girl caught my attention she had he back turned to me but I’d recognize her anywhere, it was Luciana and within seconds of seeing her I noticed who she was with, Niall, She was with Niall, my heart sank in my chest, I pulled Harry’s arm away from me

“You saw them I’m guessing?” he asked I just nodded and continued walking

“You know you can do better Summah, someone who won’t just use you for sex” I turned around instantly to face him anger building up inside me I opened my mouth to speak but I was cut off when I heard my name being called

“Summah” I heard his voice travel through my body I rolled my eyes to turn to face where his voice had travelled from but as I turned he was standing right beside me

“What the fuck mate, you think it’s ok to just go straight after her, you know I fucking knew you liked her, I knew from the second I introduced you to her that you’d taken a liking to her, but this, this is fucked”

“Niall shut the fuck up, you didn’t introduce him to me I’ve known him for a while I just didn’t recognize him, and so what if he did what does it even matter it’s not like you and i…” I cut myself off not knowing how to finish my sentence

“you and I, what? Not like we dated, not like you were ever mine, but you know what…”

“Niall don’t, just leave me alone please!” I said as I grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him along with me not saying a word, when we finally reached the movie theatre Harry paid for two tickets to the film and I began to walk in when he grabbed my hand and pulled him into his chest

“Summah I’m sorry” he whispered as he just held me in a tight hug to comfort me I eventually pulled away and walked into the theatre.


After the movie we wandered in silence over to his car, I climbed into car and he drove off in the direction of my house as we turned on to my street I began to freak out because I could see Niall’s car sitting out the front of my house

“Can we please hang out longer?” I blurted out; he looked over to me in shock

“Of course we can what would you like to do now?” he asked sweetly

“I really don’t care what we do I just don’t want to go home while he is there”

“You can hang out at him for a while and I can bring you back later to see if he is gone?”

“Yep that sounds good to me” and with that he turned his car around and headed towards his house.

As we pulled up out the front, I remember what had happen just last night in the hallway of Harry’s house, I remembered what he wanted to prove to me and my stomach started turning, I started freaking out but I took deep breaths in and out to calm down as I got out of the car I followed closely behind Harry as we walked into the house we both walked straight into his living room only to see Zayn & Louis playing FIFA

“Harry, should she be here?” Zayn asked

“Just relax, she’s here because Niall was at her house and she didn’t want to see him” Harry stated, relief washed over me knowing he didn’t have any intentions while I was here, Louis gestured me over and patted the spot next to him, I sat down in the seat

“Would you like a turn? And don’t worry about losing Zayn usually always has that covered” he laughed

“Err no thanks, I’d rather watch” I smiled, I sat there for an hour watching these boys muck around with each other before Harry tapped me on the shoulder moving his head in a motion that gestured me to follow him, I got up form my seated position and moved towards Harry, he was in the Kitchen, he’d been in there for a while

“What’re you doing in here” I asked

“Cooking, what else would I be doing? Here taste this” he said holding his finger up to my mouth with some creamy paste on his finger, I opened my mouth and placed his finger in my mouth closing my mouth around his finger and pulling away from it

“Mmmm that’s good what is that?” I asked curiously

“That’s a secret, now taste this” he said as he came closer to my face pressing his lips to mine, I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself closer to him his lips felt so soft, he lifted me up and placed me on the counter next to everything he had out to cook with, he pulled away from the kiss

“And taste this” he said pulling his finger up to my mouth again with what looked to be chocolate melted down, I took his finger in my mouth again and closed around it pulling away

“Mmm, yummy, but the one I tasted before this was better” I said as my hand cupped the back of his neck and pulled him back towards my face I felt him smile into the kiss I was so caught up in the moment I’d completely forgotten there was people in the house with us just as I was about to ask Harry to go upstairs we heard a clearing of a throat from the doorway we both turned to see Louis and Zayn looking at us

“Niall won’t be happy man” Zayn said

“Yeah, that’s his lose mate”

“Umm, maybe I should go” I piped up

“No, you don’t have to go, you can stay longer if you’d like too” Harry replied

“No I really think I should go” I smiled “Could I please get a lift home? I’d walk but you don’t exactly live close by” I laughed trying to clear the tension, I knew what I’d done was stupid but I’d got so caught up in the moment of being around someone who genuinely cared about me, that I didn’t even think about anyone else, not that I needed to think about him, did I? No I really didn’t I’m not Niall’s, I’ll do what I want, but what if it effected Harry, my thoughts always got the better of me, it was driving me crazy

“Summah are you ready?” I heard Harry say

“Yeah, coming” I jumped down the from the counter top and made my over to Harry which we then walked outside to his car.


Once we arrived at my house I noticed that Niall’s car was still there, clearly he wasn’t going anywhere until the air was cleared between us so I knew it was something I had to face, both Ivy and Ariel’s cars were gone I was a little worried about what might happen

“Are you sure you want to go in? he is still here” Harry asked

“I need too, I guess he’s waiting to face me and I guess I need to get it over and done with” I stated

“Well thanks for today, I had fun, and you can come and taste my cooking whenever you’d like too” he laughed, I smiled at him leant over kissed the corner of his mouth before exiting the car.

As I made my was inside I saw no body at all I walked straight up to my bedroom, I was a little nervous because I knew Niall was in the house somewhere and it was more than likely I’d find him in my bedroom I pushed my door open slightly and while it took me by surprise  I knew he’d be there, he was sitting at the end of my bed slouching while his head was buried in his hands

“Niall?” I asked as I walked over to him

“Summah, oh my god, thank god, I’ve been worried about you” he said wrapping his arms around me

“Niall how long have you been here”

“I’ve been here since we spoke earlier, I just want to clarify something with you”

“Ok? What is it?”

“Summah do you have feeling for me, like do you feel like you…”

“I know what you are asking when you say feelings Niall, you don’t need to clarify it to me”

“Ok well do you?”

“I… Err Niall, I’ve umm, I’ve had feelings for you for a long time” I managed to finally spit it out

“Good” was all he said before he stood up and headed for my bedroom door

“What do you mean good? What sort of game are you fucking playing at Niall” I started yelling at him, getting so worked up I started to walk towards him, before I realized he wasn’t leaving he was shutting the door, he turned on his heels and look me dead in the eyes

“Summah-Rose, those feelings have been returned for a long time also, that’s why losing you is not an option for me and why I’d chase you anywhere if you walked away from me” he stated as he pulled me into a tight hug

“Will you stay with me tonight?” I asked shocking myself for even asking

“As long as there is no sex and just cuddles”

“sounds good to me” I replied and he took my hand and lead me over to my bed then climbed in next to me.

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