It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


3. In the arms of the Devil

Summah-Roses P.O.V

As soon as school was over I went straight to the local bus stop to catch the bus that took me right to the front door of the place I worked, I saw my bus coming so I began to gather my things but as I looked up it drove straight past me “fuck” I cursed through gritted teeth, today was just not my day, I began walking to work, I rang my boss to inform them I’d be late and explained why they were fine with it and told me not to hurry as soon as I hung up the phone a black range rover pulled up beside me I turned my head a little frightened only to see Niall

“What do you want?” I asked in a harsh tone

“For you to come for a drive with me”

“No, can you please just leave me alone, I really don’t need anyone else knowing I’ve been screwing you, of all people” I snapped

“Ouch, but I’ll take it, Summah can you please just get in”

“No, I have to go to work, just go away please” I pleaded

“I’ll take you to work then”

I began to hear sniggering and laughing behind me only to realize two of my worst nightmares had been there the whole time, but I also knew that both of them had been trying to get Niall to acknowledge them for months now

“Thanks but definitely not happening” as soon as I’d replied to him I heard his car door shut before I could turn to see what he was doing he whisked me up over his shoulder gently placing me on his bonnet positioning himself between my thighs so I couldn’t slid off or no doubt get away from him he placed both hands on my face and just looked at me

“Niall seriously if you don’t let me down, I’ll scream”

“What like last night” he replied winking at me

“You’re not funny, I mean it, I have to go to work leave me alone” I shoved him out from between my thighs and slid off the bonnet of his car and began walking

“And you call me fucking impossible, I think you were mistaken there” he knew a dig at me would get my attention and it certainly did

“You know what Niall, if you thought you could even remotely change my anger towards you by insulting me then you must be fucking brain dead” I snapped at him while I continued walking flipping him off.

I only had to walk for 20 minutes before I’d reach my destination, my eyes all puffy from crying  I was hoping I could just so small job for a while because I didn’t want to have to face any customers before I even walked through the door my boss ran out, “go home, go home, something has happened at your house they didn’t want to disclose the information to us, so just go home ok” she blurted out at me I started to worry, but it soon came to realization that it was a lie as I turned a corner to go home, I saw Niall’s car he was leaning against the front of it

“It was you wasn’t it?” I asked as I approached him

“You know it was”

“Well why?” I snapped

“Because this was the only way I could get you to come and talk to me, is if you had no work”

“Work wasn’t the reason I’m not speaking to you Niall” I was getting so worked up that I’d failed to realized Niall had came closer to me it wasn’t until his arms locked around me that I realized

“I regret the day I ever met you Niall” I said shoving him away from me

“No you don’t” he said as he came back towards me picking me up forcing me to lock my legs around his waist as he sat me on the hood of his car he raised one hand and placed one on my face

“I swear that I will never be rough with you again, and if I am then you have every right to ignore me for the rest of our existence” he said with a smirk plastered across his face

“Niall what the fuck are you doing” I said laughing at his stupidity

“I’m taking an oath never to hurt you again”

“But why, you don’t need me, you could have had both of those girls from earlier that were behind me, they’ve actually been trying to get at you for a while now, why do you need me” I questioned

“I don’t know, I just do”

“Maybe when you figure that out, then we will see were to go fr-” I was cut off when I heard my name called out from a close distance almost sounding like my grandmother my head flung to were the voice was coming from only to actually see the women, I wish I hadn’t seen

“Gran, hi” I said pushing Niall away from me to slid from the hood of his car

“What on earth are you doing with this” she paused to look Niall up and down “this child” she shrieked at me

“Umm, we’re just… Err...”

“Hi, I’m Niall, I’m Summah’s boyfriend”

My head flung around to look at him, this cannot have just happened did he really just do that, clearly my grandmother didn’t like him he only made this situation worse for me

“Ha, excuse me Gran, I just need to talk to my BOYFRIEND” I said emphasizing on boyfriend I turned around and shoved Niall quite a distance away from her so she hopefully couldn’t hear us

“What the fuck is wrong with you, she doesn’t like you why would you do that?”

“Would you have rather I told her Hi I’m Niall I have casual sex with your 17 year old granddaughter almost every night” he said with a smug smirk plastered on his face

“Well no, but you didn’t need to say anything Niall”

“Well I thought a lot quicker on my feet than you did, I… err... umm…” he began mocking me

“She is going to kill me, and then probably you”

“Summah-Rose” I heard her call out to me before I could turn around Niall pressed his lips against mine I was so caught up in the fact the boy I’d had casual sex with for so long was showing me so much affection today, I wasn’t complaining, he was the most beautiful boy I’d laid eyes on

“Summah-Rose” I heard her call out to me again, but I was to wrapped up in what was happening between Niall and myself for her to pay attention to her

“Come out with me tonight?” Niall whispered against my mouth

“Where?” I asked curiously

“This place I go with a few mates, you can bring those girls you live with if you want”

“I’ll think about it”

“Summah-Rose” I heard my Gran say once again as she placed her hand on my shoulder

“Oh my god, what?” I snapped at her, my eyes widened at what I’d just done

“I’m so sorry, I just…”

“I think you need to move back in with me, to get you away from all of this trouble” she said

“Err... I don’t think so” I said as I grabbed Niall’s hand pulling him away from her

“Can you take me home please?” I asked Niall as I walked over to his car he gladly agreed, we got into his Range Rover and drove back to mine


“This is the first time I haven’t had to hide myself to drop you home” he said laughing

“Shut up, I’ll text you about tonight ok” I replied and smiled as I went to get out of his car he grabbed my hand pulling me back

“What?” I asked as I let out a small laugh, he leaned over giving me a small kiss on the cheek

“Don’t forget” he stated as he gave me his beautiful smile, I smiled back at him as I headed out of his car and over to my house, today was the most Niall and I had ever spoken I’ve known him for over a year and this today marks the day he officially had some sort of conversation with me that didn’t involve us having sex, I pulled out my keys, a huge smile on my face as I entered the house, I set my keys on the shelf by the door glancing into the living room “Oh hey Ivy” I stated as I saw her sitting on the sofa

“Hey you’re home early, did you not have work today”

“Long story Ivy” I said, letting out a little laugh “Where is Ariel?”

“Oh she’s waiting for you in your room” Ivy announced

“Shit” I mumbled to myself realizing she saw everything this morning and she is going to want to know everything, I mean if she isn’t angry with me, because she used to have a thing for Niall a few months back, I raced upstairs to see her sitting on my bed “Ariel, hi” I said as I slowly approached my bed to sit beside her

“So you and Niall hey, well used to be now?”

“Umm, I don’t know how to answer that to be honest, because it’s all a very long and complicated story”

“We both seem to have time”

“Oh umm… you want to know…” I said forcing a smile at her, she remained silent

“Ok well my 16th birthday party you threw for me, well Niall and a few of his friends rocked up and I never told you because you wanted everything to be perfect for me and party crashers don’t exactly fit in with perfect party”.


“You can’t be here”

“Why not, because I think it’s pretty fair for us to be here” Zayn stated

“Step back mate, let the pretty little lady explain herself, oh by the way I’m Niall this here is Zayn, he has a bit of an attitude problem and this, this is Haz, a few more of my mates are just out the front, mind if we join your party” Niall sarcastically replied

“Well that sounds more like no matter what I say you’re going to join, am I right?” I sarcastically snapped at him, they all started laughing at my smart ass remark

“Boys wait outside for a second, Tell Liam and Lou to wait as well”

“Niall, what the fuck we came to party mate” Zayn Whined

“Just fucking wait outside dickhead” Niall snapped at them

“Do you speak to your mother like that” I butted in raising my eyebrows as Zayn and Haz walked outside to wait with the other two boys by the car Niall grabbed me by the waist forcing me against the wall

“Go on a date with me and we will leave” he said as he kissed my neck, my eyes widened as his forceful moves frightened me

“W-what” I stuttered

“I think you heard what I said” he barked

“Will you really leave” I whispered

“You could come with us?” he replied winking at me

“Err… no thanks”

“I only live down the road we could have this date now if you’d like”

“I will honestly do anything right now to get you out of this house” I abruptly stated

“I’ll bring you straight back, I promise” he said kissing my neck and yanking me out the front door

“Boys I’m walking home, catch ya boys later” he told everyone with a huge smirk on his face he took me back to his house in which I never knew was actually just around the corner from my house, when we reached his door, my legs got shaky and I was nervous as to what he might do to me, he managed to unlock his door, before I grabbed his hand

“w-what are you going to do to me?” I asked nervously

“you’re so innocent, I’ve never been attracted to girls as innocent as you, but something about you, really gets me going, I’ve seen you get around town, you’re beautiful” he words managed to force my cheeks to warm up and sprinkle with a small pink tinge

“What’s your opinion on sex? Do you enjoy it or?” he suddenly asked my eyes widened as I tried to reply, but I couldn’t force myself to do so

“You’re more innocent than I thought, are you” his voice lower than before as he stated the obvious, I’d wanted to give up my V card for a long time, everyone around me was so much older, so I always got that little smirk because I was still the “child” still the virgin and I hated it

“Y- Yes I am a virgin, but I don’t need to be consistently reminded of it” I snapped slightly

“Wow beautiful, you can be a bit feisty can’t you, do you not like that you’re still a virgin? Is that why you are getting worked up?”

“I’d rather not talk about it with you thank you” I replied politely

“What if I relieved you of this built up sexual frustration” he asked as he lowered his voice again and lifted my chin with his with his left hand

~Flashback Over~

Summah-Roses P.O.V

“that’s kind of where it all started, and I found myself hooked on him, he was so gentle with me, even though he had this rough exterior, but with a girl at his mercy he was a whole different person” I said as a smile grew on my face.

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