It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


4. I can't go a day without you

Summah-Roses P.O.V

“Ariel & Ivy, did you two want to come out with me and…” I paused as I realized Ivy had no idea about me and Niall and before I could speak again Ivy but in “you and your mysterious man?” she spoke excitedly

“Ivy he isn’t a mysterious man, he’s just a guy, Niall” I said as a smile grew on my face again

“Yeah a guy, that can get you to smile like th…” she cut herself off as the smile fell from her face “did you just say Niall? As in Dublin’s bad boy, do you have any idea how weird that is, you are fucking kidding me right? No way on earth am I going to be see with the likes of someone like him what is wrong with you Summah?” she spat

“Ivy you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and same goes with Niall, you have no idea of what he is like, you just can’t sit there and judge him because you heard his story form others” I snapped at her “and it’s not just Niall and myself, his friends are there as well” I continued on offering them out with us

“His friends?” Ivy’s mood changed instantly “As in the boys he hangs out with? Like Liam?” she said as the smile grew back on her face “I guess so, Liam is one of his friends” I replied

“Give me 20 minutes to get ready, Ariel go and get ready now” she demanded

“Well I guess I’m going as well” Ariels spoke to herself but I heard her, what was her deal she doesn’t know Niall she can’t be angry at me over this, maybe she is, I walked up to my room to find and outfit for tonight, I first walked into the bathroom to turn my straightener on then arranged my makeup on the bathroom counter I first applied my liquid foundation followed by a light touch of pink blush then toning the colour down with my translucent powder, I applied liquid eyeliner to the top of my eye and mascara to my eyelashes I ran my straightener threw all of my long black hair and styled it to the way I always did, I had it separated over both my shoulders and my fringe sitting correctly to the side of my forehead I turned my hair straightener off and proceeded to my bedroom to find an outfit, I pulled out my old rolling stones t shirt I had cut the sleeves off of, I’d also cut it around the neck and sides, so it was quite revealing, I matched it with my black lace bra because the bra was visible threw the sides of my shirt, I then put on my the matching underwear followed but my waist high light denim shorts with a pair ripped stockings and my black DM’s I grabbed my phone and some money and slipped it in my bra proceeding back to the living room to wait for the other two girls to get ready, when I reached the living room they were both in there waiting for me, along with Niall

“Oh hey, when did you get here?”

“Ha, about 5 minutes ago, you look hot by the way” he replied winking at me I just smiled at his compliment

“I need a drink, does anyone else want one” I asked as I turned on my heels and headed for the kitchen, I heard Ariel & Ivy kindly decline my offer but I didn’t hear anything from Niall, I kept walking until I felt arms wrap around my waist “I meant what I said, you look really hot in what you are wearing, if only you didn’t have these pesky stockings on, they are never easy to get off, I always rip them on you” he whispered into my ear and he guided me into the kitchen “Maybe I’m not letting you get them off tonight”

“Really, Why?” he asked rather confused as he spun me around and pushed me against the kitchen counter, he placed his hand between my thighs and slowing ran it up my leg until he reached my denim shorts his finger traces up the inside of them wrapping his finger around the crotch of the shorts tugging at them

“God you look so sexy, when you’re uncomfortable, you get these little crinkles by your eyes. It’s cute” he said as he pressed a kiss to my neck he held his kiss until we heard a clearing of a throat behind Niall he removed his finger from the crotch of my shorts and turned his head to see who had disturb his attempt to turn me on and change my mind about having sex with him tonight

“Umm any chance you guys can separate for a while, it’s making us uncomfortable seeing this from the living room” Ariel said in quite a harsh tone with raised eyebrows

“Yeah, we should get going anyway, c’mon babe” Niall said as he grabbed my hand and towed me behind him out of the kitchen, we followed Niall out of the house and over to his range rover I could hear the girls whispering behind me, and it was clearly about the show Niall had just put on in the kitchen, he never let go of my hand as he opened the back door for the girls to climb in than opening the front passenger door for me to climb in, he pulled me from behind him, leant down to kiss my neck he made his way up to my ear “to be continued hey? Please think about tonight, I promise it’ll be worth it. Hop in” he whispered into my ear before laying a kiss on the corner of my mouth, he always managed to leave me in a daze, he was good at that, I climbed into his Range Rover by the time I’d pulled my door shut he’d climbed into the driver’s seat.


We pulled up out the front of a house about 20 minutes away from my house, there were a few lights on

“Whose house is this?” Ivy piped up from the silence in the backseat

“This is Harry’s place all the boys are already here”

“Who are all the boys” she began to question him

“Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to them” he replied sarcastically causing me to glare at him

“What Sum?” he asked in question to the glare I’d just shot him

“Nothing” is all I managed to say before he placed his hand on my leg shuffling it up and down my thigh I batted him away before I helped myself out of the car as I shut the door, the girls shuffled out, they hadn’t said a word to me and I was beginning to worry I looked over at them and they both shot me a “are you sure about this” look I managed to roll my eyes at them before Niall made his way around the car to me placing his hand around my waist guiding me inside Ariel and Ivy following closely behind us Niall didn’t bother knocking on the door he just helped himself in, clearly this was something that these boys did, the amount of times, I’d been at Niall’s and one or all of the boys just barged in no matter what we were doing

“Hey man, who’re they?” Zayn asked but before Niall could answer Liam spoke up

“Ivy? What are you doing here?” Liam asked my eyes flung to Ivy, she knew Liam, but how? Ariel seemed shocked by this as well

“Hi, umm Summah invited us” she stated quietly and shyly smiling

“Oh sweet, come and sit down with us, we are just playing some FIFA, thank god Niall hasn’t started playing yet, or we’d be all fucked, he owns us at this all the time” he replied Ivy grabbed Ariels hand and pulled Ariel with her over to the lounges with Liam, Zayn had a cigarette in hand while he watched Louis and Harry play FIFA Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me over to empty sofa across from Liam Ivy & Ariel, I sat down beside him, he pulled my legs from beside him and pulled them over his lap he leaned in laying a small sweet kiss on my cheek

“I like having you close to me” he whispered while kissing my cheek again all I could manage to do was smile at him I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer “you’re still not getting these stockings off tonight handsome” I teased while kissing his jaw line

“So, Summah” I heard Harry pipe up from his game forcing me to pull away from Niall to look over at him

“So, Harry” I mocked, slightly laughing at him

“How are things, we haven’t seen you in a while, last time I saw you, I walked in on you and Niall, you have a nice arse though” he said smirking at me I heard Ivy gasp at his remark about my arse but I ignored it, I’ll deal with her judgement later

“Things are good, how are things for you Harry” I replied giving him a sarcastic smile at his smart remark

“Yeah things are good for me also, haven’t been in too much trouble lately how’s school going for you?” he replied

“Haz, if you don’t mind we’re kind of busy” Niall snapped at him, Harry just laughed at Niall and went back to the game

“I need a smoke, come outside with me?” Niall asked me quietly as he kissed my cheek I shook my head in disagreement “I’ll wait in here, it’s alright” I stated

“Come outside” he demanded in a small whisper, while still laying kisses on my cheek, I don’t know what it was about his boy, but when he demanded I do something, it was such a turn on, he knew exactly what to do to turn me on his small affectionate kisses and his dominance over me made me what to just throw myself at him in the middle of the room we were in, I just nodded as he stood up in front of me with his hand out waiting me to take it in mine then proceeding to pull me behind him outside with him I saw in the corner of my eye my friends watching me get pulled out of their view, as we reached the front door I caused myself to stop dead in my tracks

“What are you doing?” Niall asked me quietly laughing at me

“Well hopefully you, later” I replied winking at him with a smile on my face

“We could make later on now if you’d like, my car is only outside, you know how much I’d love to get you out of those stockings” he said winking back at me as he drew himself closer to me pulling me into his embrace my arms naturally wrapping around his neck while his hands travelled down below my backside as he picked me up forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist he pressed his lips to mine biting at my bottom lip as he begged for entrance which I allowed, our tongues fighting for dominance after a while of making out with him he pulled away taking my bottom lip in-between his teeth then releasing it

“He likes you, you know?” Niall abruptly spoke

“Who?” I asked not understanding where this conversation was going

“Haz, he likes you”

“I’ve never spoke to him, what would he even like about me” I asked concerned

“Does it matter why?”

“Yes it does, it matters to me, because you can’t like someone you don’t know anything about” I replied quietly

“I don’t know anything about you, but yet I can’t go a day without wanting to see you” his statement took me by surprise

“You probably only feel like that because every time you see me you get something out of it” I sharply replied as I kissed his cheek

“You know what, tonight not sex, to prove to you I really do genuinely just want to be within your comfort” he said smiling at me what on earth was he doing, there was no way that after this long he’s finally developed feelings for me, maybe he only had these feelings out of jealousy because he knew someone liked me, it sounds stupid I know, but what else could it be

“What, really?” I asked stunned at this proposal


The night went a long smoothly by the time Niall and I had come in after our conversation in the hallway and he’d had his smoke outside Louis and Harry still sat eyes glued to the TV playing FIFA, Ariel was talking to Zayn and Liam and Ivy were taking as though they’d known each other for years, I knew they knew each other with the way Liam spoke to her earlier but I couldn’t help but wonder how long they’d know each other for, Niall and I sat in the same position on the sofa all night, he’d cuddled up to me, my head resting on his chest consistently kissing the top of my head and occasionally raising my chin so my face was facing him just so he could kiss me genteelly on the lips, as the night came to an end Niall offered the girls a ride home and they kindly accepted, I stood up and began to walk over to the girls but Niall pulled me back “I meant what I said, you know that right?” he whispered to me

“Yeah, no sex, I’m ok with that Niall” I kindly replied smiling at him and how cute he’d been towards me all night

“Yeah that too, but I’m talking about not wanting to go a day without seeing you” he smiled and leaned in to kiss the corner of my mouth the rest of the boys began wolf whistling at Niall’s attempt to be sweet towards a girl right in front of them, he grabbed my hand in his and lead me out to the car with the girls opening their door first them opening mine.

As we arrived at my house he pulled the car up the girls let themselves out and I told them I’d be in, in a second before turning to Niall “did you want to come in?” I asked hoping he’d say yes

“I said no sex Sum, and I’m being serious, I really meant it” he said smiling at me cheekily

“I wasn’t asking you in to go and have sex, I was just asking you in, to maybe watch a movie with me” I replied smiling back at him, he turned the ignition off in his Range Rover and jumped out of the car without saying a word to me he opened my door offering his hand to help me out

“So long as I get to cuddle up to you as well” he asked

“I was hoping cuddling would be involved” I smiled as he took my hand and walked with me to the front door

“Awe man do we have to hear you screaming again tonight” Ariel asked quite rudely

“Nope, no sex tonight” Niall said in replied as he kissed the side of my forehead.




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