It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


11. Busted Lip & Scratch Marks

Summah-Rose P.O.V

I woke up still in Niall’s arms, he is such a cute sleeper, his features are always softened unlike his usual hard features he portrays, I squirmed my way out of his tight hold, he was a heavy sleeper so it took a lot to wake him up I wanted to surprise him this morning so I began kissing his neck he didn’t react, so I started kissing down his chest keeping my eyes him for movement, he wiggled a bit but his eyes didn’t even flicker slightly I reached the top of his briefs were I tugged at them hoping for a reaction, I got nothing I could see his morning bulge clearly displayed through his briefs, I began to mover the top of his briefs down slightly laying kisses low on his stomach when his eyes shot open while a smirk lingered on his face

“What are you doing?” he laughed

“Morning, umm trying to wake you up” I replied while smirking at him

“Have you never heard of just shaking someone? But if you want to continue please do, I really didn’t mean to stop you” he replied still laughing at me I just poked my tongue at him

“It won’t be fun anymore, because I’ve already woken you up” I began to shuffle back up next to him smiling at him as I pressed my lips to his I reached over Niall to grab my phone to check it I had a message from Ivy

Ivy: Hey babe, so Zayn has invited us all to go Go Karting with him everyone will be there, you and Niall up for it?

I looked at Niall as he checked his phone

“Babe, want to go, Go Karting with Zayn?” he asked

“Did you get a text as well?” I laughed

“How does Zayn have your number?” I could hear anger in his voice

“He doesn’t, calm down baby, Ivy text me, apparently everyone is going” by this point I was laying on top of him giving him small kisses on his neck when I felt his hand hit my backside hard causing me to shriek

“What was that for?” I hissed playfully

“For having a perfect bum, that is always tempting to smack” he smirked

“Come on then go get ready”

“I need to go home to get ready, all my clothes are there so you get ready and I’ll walk home and get ready okay” I smiled

“No, no I’ll take you home just let me chuck clothes on first” he replied gently moving from his torso to the spot next to him, I watched him as he got up and moved around his room frantically looking for clothes finally settling on a plain black shirt with a pocket on the right side and he then slid on his black skinny jeans along with his vans shoes

“Come on” he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him I was still in my clothes from last night as I refused to shed them in bed.

When we arrived at my house I walked us in Niall shut the door behind him then came up behind me and smacked my backside again

“Niall, stop” I laughed at him he just smirked as we walked past the living room we saw everyone in there all the boys were here with Ivy & Ariel

“Err hi” I smiled “I’m just going to get ready, won’t be long” I continued to smile at them they just smiled back at me

“I’m going to help” Niall smirked, my head flung around to face him

“I don’t need any help” I smiled sarcastically at him before taking myself up to my room rummaging through my wardrobe looking for clothes I pulled out my black denim shorts with silver studs on the left leg as well as a pair of my stockings my “Dreamer” mid-drift shirt and a black cardigan after changing into my new outfit then putting my black ballet flats on I made my way to the bathroom to fix my hair I pulled it all back into a high ponytail adding a cute black bow to the top of the ponytail I fixed up my makeup removing what was on my face to apply new stuff, I went with my smoky eyed look and red lips once finished I rushed down the stairs into the living room where everyone sat all waiting on me, I let out a little smile as I walked in I walked over to Harry to give him a hug before going back over to Niall who placed his arm around my neck and over my shoulder pulling me in tight to his side

“Alright can we go now please?” Zayn asked as he picked himself up from his seated position

“We’ll take two cars yeah? Mine & Niall’s?” he continued we all agreed and I grabbed Ivy telling her to come with me and Niall which she then asked Liam to come with her, I was hoping to get alone time with her eventually so I could ask her about this Liam thing but the opportunity never seemed to arise, Zayn was taking Ariel Louis and Harry with him we all walked out the house and climbed into our allocated cars and followed Zayn.

When we arrived I jumped out of the car and walked over to Harry who was getting out of Zayn’s car

“Hey” I smiled, he smiled back

“I’ll race you” I laughed before taking off, Harry clearly look the lead he was faster than me, It’s never easy running in flats and being the clumsy person I am I was bound to fall over I ended up taking a huge fall but I made it out to be worse than it was so I could take the lead again

“Ow” I shouted, Harry automatically came to a Holt, I really did hurt myself I’d grazed my knees, but I played on it I wanted to win

“Are you alright?” he asked coming over he put his hand out to help me up I took it and pulled myself up before taking the bolt again, I didn’t have the lead for much longer as he caught up to me again, I stopped myself running because I was out of breath

“Ok, ok you win” I laughed before I plonked myself on the ground waiting for everyone to catch back up, I looked at my knees my stockings had ripped and my knees were bleeding I threw my head back wincing at the pain when I touched the graze on my left knee

“Are you alright baby” I heard Niall ask as he got closer he came and sat down in front of me

“I’m fine” I smiled “I just grazed my knees when I fell” I continued still smiling at him

“Well come on lets go clean it up then” I shook my head at his offer as I pulled tissues from my bag cleaning up the blood from my knee he grabbed the tissues from my hand as he took over what I was capable of doing myself, he lifted his head to look me in the eyes his mouth parted as though he was about to speak, but he closed his mouth and continued cleaning my knees he pulled his hands away from my knee and helped me off the ground

“Well are you two just the cutest” I heard Ariel say as she walked by us I ignored her comment as I was too caught up in the fact that Niall was looking deep into my eyes

“Come on lets go get on the track” he said as he took my hand in his and walked over to where everyone else was Harry was already over there

“How’s your knees Summah?” Harry asked

“Better” I replied smiling at him as I felt Niall squeeze my hand a little tighter, I looked up at him not sure what he was trying to do, his featured had tightened I leant up to kiss his cheek but he just look at me then turned away, I didn’t know what his problem was so I withdrew my hand from his and walked over to Ivy & Ariel who were talking amongst themselves


“Hi, what’s up?” they asked in unison

“Nothing just needed time to breathe away from him what’s up with you guys?”

“Umm nothing we’re just talking, bit bored I’m not excited about getting in one of these Kart things” Ariel replied

“Me either” Ivy and I replied

“So we are really curious, and we aren’t trying to get involved in your life or anything but do you have feelings for Harry? It’s just the way you act towards him we’re just curious”

Their question took me by surprise

“No, I don’t, you guys sound like Niall and I’m just friends with Harry”

“Well maybe you need to tell Harry that then, because you can tell he likes you” Ivy replied

“I don’t need to tell him anything he knows, I have Niall I don’t need any one else” I snapped

“You have Niall? Are you two actually dating now?” Ariel asked rather intrigued I nodded my head smiling just as Harry walked over and stood beside me I looked up at him and smiled

“Oh my god that’s amazing” Ivy jumped up and down for me I wasn’t even that excited

“Ivy calm down” I laughed at her

“It’s just so cute, its crazy all the stuff that has happened and now you two are dating” she shrieked

“Are you and Niall dating now?” Harry asked I just nodded my head, how awkward why would Ivy do that did she do it to warn him off, probably know her

“Girls come on” Zayn shouted towards up as I turned around to see Zayn I noticed Niall’s eyes on me his features tightening again I moved away from Harry and made my way over to Niall taking his hand in mine as we approached the track.

After spending the day at the go karting track we began to walk to the car Niall still not saying a word to me it was getting dark by the time you arrived at your house Ivy stayed with Liam when Niall dropped Liam off even when they left the car Niall still didn’t speak to me I didn’t understand why I decided to break the silence

“Did you want to come in?”

“Nah I’m home to sleep” I went to speak again but he cut me off

“I’ll see you tomorrow” with that I just got out of his car and walked over to the front door as I unlocked it I felt my body be flipped around I was facing Niall

“Just remember you’re mine” he said as he pressed his lips to mine, he pulled away and didn’t say anything else he just turned around and walked back to his car climbing in, I walked inside confused by his statement, I knew he was referring to the Official status we’d put on one another but why did I need to remember, I already knew I sat in bed thinking about it for a while before I pulled my phone out and decided to text Niall

Me: Baby, was everything okay today? Miss you

I stared at my phone waiting for a reply 10 minutes late he finally replied

Niall: Of course everything was okay, Miss you too get some sleep you have school tomorrow

I ended up fall asleep not long after received the text from Niall.

In the morning I woke up got in the shower washed my hair and body, I threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a button up shirt with my Vans before tying my hair into a messy bun putting a light amount of make up on and walking down to the fridge to get a juice before leaving, I made my way school, as I arrived at school I saw a few of my friend I made my way over to them, I haven’t seen or spoken to them in a few days and I honestly missed them, they kept me sane we engaged in small talk before I excused myself to go to the bathroom as I walked in I saw Luciana and her posy of skanks

“Oh look who we have here” I heard her say with a taunting voice I just rolled my eyes at her

“You think you can just take Niall from me, I’ve worked my ass off to get any kind of attention from him and you fucking stroll on in and gain it straight away, let’s see how pretty he finds you with a busted face” she continued as she walked towards me and took a swing locking her fist with my mouth she had a pretty decent hook on her I could taste the blood in my mouth as I looked back at her I really didn’t want to fight, I wasn’t a big fighter but she swung at me again, I grabbed her hand before it locked with my face again

“Don’t fucking touch me ever again do you understand” I snapped but before I could think of my next move she’d already got her hand free grabbing my hair yanking me to the ground, I took this as an advantage as I grabbed her leg forcing her to slip we both tried to get away from each other worried what sort of damage we would cause each other when he nails made contact with my face, I ended up climbing on top of her while she lay on the floor and slapped her across the face, I know how clique of me bitch slapping a girl but I didn’t have fight experience as this sort of thing never happened to me before especially over a boy when I climbed on top of Luciana one of her skanks ran to get a teacher Mrs Green came running in grabbing me from the top of Luciana instructing me to calm down she lead Luciana and myself to the principal’s office where we were both told we would have detention for a week as well as having our parents called on us today

“I don’t live with my parents, I live with friends” I stated

“Well you will need to ring someone to escort you home Summah-Rose” she replied

“I’ll walk it’s not that far” she dismissed us both from the office Luciana had to wait for her mum and dad to come and collect her I began walking home, as I turned into Niall’s street I decided to go and see how he was doing today, I walked up to his door knocking 3 times before it was answered

“Summah, W-What, come in” he said shaking his head confused at me.

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