It's in His DNA

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  • Published: 31 Mar 2013
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WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story!
I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my bed in which I still lay completely naked under the sheets, he kneels up onto it and leans over kissing my cheek and wishing me good night before proceeding to sneak out of my house, I hated how low I thought of myself to allow a boy to just treat me as he pleases and then leave, this thought played out through my mind almost every night until I eventually drifted into unconsciousness.
Hi I’m Summah-Rose, I’m Seventeen years old and for the past year, I've been the item of sex for my town’s local “bad boy”.

Sequel: "I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing"


23. Battle Of Feelings

Summah P.O.V

I stood at the front door of Niall’s house waiting from him to unlock the door, he finally waved goodbye to Harry and Taylor and walked over to me wrapping his arms around my waist placing a kiss on my cheek, he must have felt that my cheek was wet from crying because he pulled away instantly looking at me, realizing my eyes were all red and puffy.

“Baby, are you alright?” he asked pulling me into him closer.

“No, how can I be alright, I don’t actually think it’s possible to be alright, look what happened last time I lost someone I cared about, I moved out of home and I actually turned to sleeping with someone to clear my mind, I can’t do this, I can’t do any of this, none of this is fucking fair, I keep losing those who matter so much to me, it’s not fucking fair” I shouted through my tears.

“Come on baby, come inside ok, talk to me inside” he said as he walked me backwards towards the door, not letting me go from his embrace, one hand still firming gripping me while the other one fiddled with the keys to unlock the door.

Once inside he lead me over to the lounge room placing me on the sofa and sitting down next to me pulling me back into him, my emotions slowly decreasing and the sadness I felt sinking back down, his warm and his comfort managing to burry any kind of sadness I hid within myself, I was completely in love with this boy, I’d be so cautious not to fall for him but it was becoming the most impossible task, and a battle with myself to fight these feelings I felt off, I knew and he knew we both felt something towards one another but I’m positive he felt nothing like I felt towards him and this ate at my every thought of him causing the battle in my head to pick up and turn in a massacre a massacre of my own feeling, a battle between love and lust I guess you could say.

“Do you want to talk?” his voice bellowing through my entirety breaking me from my thoughts, I shook my head before lifting it my eyes locking with his, I wanted to say it to him, I wanted to declare my love for him but I backed down instead I forced a smile on my face not saying anything further.

“Should we go to bed then?” he asked as he stood up offering me his hand, I raised my hand and placed it in his, he pulled me up off the lounge and I began walking towards his bedroom, I felt his hand wrap around my waist not removing them even slightly as we walked down the hall to his bedroom, he released me from his grasp as we walked into his bedroom.

“Did you want a shirt to wear to bed babe?” I didn’t expect to hear this question so I was a little taken aback by it.

“Yes please” I replied as I removed my shorts and stockings, then removing my cardigan and top, I had my back to him but I could feel his warmth close by, suddenly a shirt was pulled over my head.

“Put your arms through baby” he whispered to me as he guided the shirt on my entirely, I did as I was told pulling my left arm through followed by my right arm, she spun me around observing me.

“You look better in my clothes than I do” he joked causing me to giggle at his sweetness, the things this boy could do to me was unexplainable, he could melt my existence with just a touch.

“C’mon princess” he continued as he lead me over to his bed allowing me to climb in, on my usual side before he walked over to his side of his bed and climbed in next to me, he scooted closer to me once he was in and under the blankets planting a kiss on the top of my head.

“Goodnight baby” he whispered to me as he buried his head into the crook of my neck.

“Night Niall” I replied before I closed my eyes drifting into unconsciousness.

Taylor P.O.V

“She hated me, Harry” I broke the silence in the car as I turned to face him, he laughed at my statement shaking his head.

“No she didn’t trust me if she hated you, you’d know it and I’d know it, she’d have been a complete and utter bitch to you and she wouldn’t have even bothered trying to make a conversation with you nor would she have bothered trying to hold a conversation with her, trust me the fact that you showed any kind of interest in her life by asking about her and Niall was a good thing” he reassured me, I wasn’t completely convinced that she liked me but I went with it I trusted Harry he’s never done anything to me in order for me not to trust him, he was such a sweet friend, I liked him a lot I’m glad Ariel introduced me to him, I’ve been so happy since I met him, we arrived at my house and he had jumped out of the car to open my door for me which was really sweet, I was loving the way he was with me, I climbed out of the car and he walked we up to my front door.

“Thank you for today” I said as I turned on my heels to face him.

“No, thank you beautiful” he replied as he leant down kissing my cheek, I turned around pulling my keys from my bag.

“Can I see you tomorrow? Please” I smiled to myself before I turned around to face him still wearing the smile.

“That’d be amazing” I asked before giving him a hug.

“Goodnight Harry” I said walking into my flat closing my door behind me, I heard his footsteps make their way away from my house, I had the biggest goofiest smile on my face, he was so cute how can someone be so perfect I couldn’t figure it out.

“Mom, I’m home” I shouted walking down the hall to see if she was even home, I walked into the living room, she’d fallen asleep on the lounge watching TV I suppose, I walked down the hall a little more grabbing a blanket out of the linen cupboard and taking it back to her covering her with it before I leant down kissing her forehead, I turned the TV off and the living room light as I walked out on my way to my room, I heard my phone buzz in my bag, fiddling with the items inside my bag as I walked to my room trying to find my phone, I finally found it as I entered my room dropping my bag where I stood and throwing myself on my bed opening the message that appeared on my phone screen several seconds ago.

Harry: Hey beautiful, have a good night’s sleep, I’ll see you in the morning love x.

Me: Good night harry drive home safe and get some sleep, yes I’ll see you in the morning sleep well xox.

I put my phone on charge by my bed and walked to my dresser brushing my hair and tying it up on top of my head and changed into my pyjamas, I walked back to my bed and crawled under the blankets closing my eyes remembering today the funeral and the moments after with Harry, Niall and Summah before I drifted off to sleep.


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I know you guys have waited for an updated and i get that this is short
i'm super sorry about that, but i guess this chapter is a filler for what i want to happen
in the next chapter YAY
i hope you guys enjoy it though, not that it's that exciting haha.

Much Love Jay-Jay xx

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