Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


42. Torn Up

I couldn't believe what I saw. It was unbelievable. I stared at the sign on the device with wide eyes in disbelief, my eyes blinked repeatedly but the sign didn't disappear. It was real.

It was negative.

I wasn't pregnant.

I squealed again in joy and Harry hugged me in happiness and relief. It felt like all the heavy burden in my shoulder was being lifted and I felt so light I could fly and die in happiness.

"Thank God," I cried. Tears of gratefulness streamed down my face, fell freely like a waterfall. Harry held my body tightly, he was also crying in relief. "I can't believe this," I whispered. "It's a miracle."

"Can't describe how relived I am right now," he said in raspy voice. "You're not pregnant."



Finally I had one day off this weekend and I could spend the whole day with the love of my life. I had planned a big thing for today, and I just prayed that everything would work our as expected.

I felt really nervous, the butterflies wouldn't stop having rave party inside my stomach just by thinking of spending a day with Perrie and popping a question I had been dying to ask. I had prepared everything, and we would have enough privacy. Hopefully nothing would ruin it.

My hair had done into my usual quiff and I had white tee shirt with Yes written in it mixed with black and red plaid jacket. Also light blue jeans and black toms completed my casual appearance. After making sure I looked okay, I grabbed my keys and drove off to Perrie's flat with my black Bentley.

The London streets were quite busy, since it was the weekend. Fortunately I had gone early, so I wouldn't stuck in traffic. The road was quite slippery actually, the rain was pouring lightly from the gray sky. The weather wasn't as nice as I expected, but it wouldn't stop me from implementing my plan.



"Thanks for accompanying me shopping, Liam," Danielle thanked, flashed a toothy smile at me as we were standing in front of Danielle's doorstep. Even though she was smiling, her eyes weren't smiling along. I could tell there was something that was bothering her.

"Are you okay?" I inquired carefully. She looked at me in the eyes then averted her gaze to the floor, avoided more eye contact.

Danielle sighed deeply before replied, "I should be the one asking you this."

"Why?" I questioned, cocked an eyebrow in confusion. I was completely clueless of what she was talking about.

"You've been acting different lately," she answered in small voice, a frown was clearly displayed on her beautiful face.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Did she really noticed my strange behavior since I kissed Niall? Did she find out that I had something, like an affair with him?

Stupid me. Danielle knew me well enough to notice every small different things about me. It would had been strange if she didn't figure anything.

"You're not the Liam that I used to know," she told me. "What's wrong with you?" she asked.

"I'm still the same, Dani," I denied, didn't sound convincing.

"You haven't called me 'babe' or 'sweetie' or those nicknames for the past few days," she said, hurt all over her face. It was like a slap across the face as realization hit me. I had been acting too odd to her, and hid something behind her back.

"I-" I tried to speak but she cut me off.

"Tell me the truth, Liam. Tell me about your feelings to me. Do you still feel the same?" she bombarded me with questions.

I looked at my shoes and my fingers played with the hem of my shirt. I hated to be in this position, when I was on the edge of hurting someone, especially someone who had meant so much to me. I didn't know what to say, afraid that I would say something I would regret. But the silence that was blanketed us was killing me. I felt like I was the meanest person in the world.

"I can't do this anymore," Danielle said since I didn't let any words to come out of my mouth. I looked up to meet her gaze and she continued, "I think we should walk on our own paths."

"Wait- what?" I almost exclaimed, my eyes bulged in surprise. Was she breaking up with me? Well, I knew I didn't deserve her anymore since what I had done behind her back but I wasn't ready for this.

"Do you still love me like you always did?" she asked as her eyes were getting wetter. Her eyes were searching mine, and I couldn't dare looking into her eyes any longer. It killed me to see pain written in her eyes.

"Um," I mumbled, once again didn't dare to say anything. I looked down at the floor again and fought so hard not to cry in front of her.

"Then the answer is clear," she stated, her voice was shaking and it was heartbreaking.

"Danielle, please," I pleaded, looked at her straight in the eyes.

"What, Liam? You don't even love me," she said in frustration, a single tear escaped her eye. She was about to close her door but I put my hand on the door and stopped it from shutting.

"Let me fix this," I said.

"There's nothing to fix."

"I know," I sighed, licked my lips to moisten them. "I don't want it to end this way," I said honestly. I didn't expect a breakup like this. I still wanted to stay friends with her even though we weren't together anymore.

"I'm sorry Liam," she swung her door close again, but I held it one more time.

"Look," I trailed off, looked at her straight in the eyes. "I just want to thank you for the wonderful times we had together and you really brought me happiness. I won't regret those times, you're very amazing. We created bitter and sweet memories together, and I will remember that for the rest of my life. You mean so much to me, you really do," I said, studied her face. Tears started to stream down her face and I reached my hands out to wipe them with my thumbs. "If this is what you want, then fine. Let's just stay friends. And I'm really sorry for all my mistakes I've done to you," I finished, let the words sink into her head. There was a silence and my heart was shattering into pieces as she was fighting so hard to keep herself together. I knew she was completely broken inside.

"Goodbye Liam," she whispered faintly before shutting the door in front of me. I stared at the brown wooden door hopelessly for several minutes, let the fact that I was single sink into my head. I had hurt Danielle, I caused her pain, I made her cry. I felt like a jerk, a heartless bastard. The wooden door silently witnessed me spilled the tears out of my eyes.

I shook my head furiously and turned on my heels then walked away from Danielle's flat with hollow in the middle of my heart.



"So," Zayn trailed off, glanced down at his half-eaten dessert before locking his gaze with mine. "How do you think? You like it?" he asked, referred to the dinner date we were on. I looked around me, we were on the rooftop of an abandoned building in the middle of the city. I couldn't hide the amazement in my eyes as my eyes scanned the deserted place. There were only me and Zayn here, and it was very romantic. Small candles and flower petals were spread on the floor; cliché but sweet.

I looked at Zayn's perfect shaped face that was illuminated by the dim light from the moon and little candles. His chocolate brown eyes were shining brightly in happiness. I didn't have any words to describe how perfect it was. I wished I could just simply stay in this moment forever.

"It's just perfect, sunshine," I replied. "The food is amazing. The lights, the view, it's just.. wow," I whispered the last part.

"Fortunately the rain has stopped," he said.

"Yeah," I nodded in agreement and I looked up at the sky. It was quite clear, the stars were twinkling and the moon were brightly shinning. It was really beautiful, but actually the most beautiful thing was right in front of me.

We finished our dessert in silence. Not the awkward one, but the comfortable one. From here I could see the perfect view of London. The buildings, the busy street, and the city lights looked amazing from the this twenty four stories building.

"You like kids?" Zayn asked randomly.

"I think you've already known the answer," I furrowed my eyebrow. I knew he knew exactly that I love little kids, a lot. He knew me all to well, so why he asked me that?

"Yes or no?" He insisted.

I looked at the love of my life in confusion before answered, "yes."

"Me too," he smiled.

"Um.. I know," I said, still puzzled.

"We both love kids," he uttered, that goofy smile of his was still plastered on his face.

"Yeah, so?" I raised my eyebrows. Why was he acting weird?

"I want to have kids with you," Zayn stated, looked at me dead in the eyes. I instantly got lost in his amber eyes. They were magnetic hence I couldn't avert my gaze from his.


"I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he cut me off. I bit my bottom lip, my heart was hammering wildly inside me chest. I suddenly felt nervous. I was melting like a popsicle in the hot summer day.

Then without any warning, he suddenly slid down in front of me and knelt down with one knee. It happened in the blink of an eye; he pulled out a small box from his jeans pocket and opened it to reveal a breathtaking sparkling silver diamond ring with three huge diamonds on it.

I gasped and put my hands on my mouth, looked at him with wide eyes as he spoke,

"Perrie Louise Edwards, will you marry me?"





"What's wrong, mate?" Zayn asked me as we were changing our outfit in the middle of our gig in O2L arena.

"You seem.. off," Niall commented and looked at me in concern. "You too, Liam," he said softly and placed his hand on his back, patted his back gently after putting his crazy mofo tee shirt on. "Are you okay?" he asked him.

I noticed Liam's body tensed up under Niall's touch and he slapped his hand away. Niall looked surprised but decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Guys, let's forget about all of our problems. We're disappointing our fans. Just forget about anything else and pour our hearts for this show, for the fans' sake," Harry said.

"Totally agree with Harry. We're giving our best for the fans," Zayn said.

Easy for them to say. They had perfect relationship. Zayn had been engaged to Perrie and they were happy, and Harry's relationship with Leigh was perfectly fine like nothing could tear them apart. They two didn't know how Liam felt after breaking up with Danielle yesterday. Or how Niall felt about his secret affair with Liam, about how unsure and vulnerable he was knowing the chance to work something out with Liam was very slim. And the most important, they didn't know how fucked up I was after finding out that my girlfriend was pregnant, with the baby that could possible be mine, or my band mate's.

"I know how you feel, Lou," Harry said. "But let's just put your problems aside just for the next forty minutes. Give your best for tonight. Please, for the sake of your fans," he looked at me expectantly and gave me a reassuring smile.

No Harry, you have no idea that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant with the baby that may be mine our yours. You have no fucking clue that whoever the baby belongs to, I am the one to responsible with it.

But then, he was right. It was just forty minutes then I could pour my rage out, after the concert.

"For the sake of our fans," I said with determination.

"Great!" Zayn exclaimed and patted my back. "We're gonna kill the show."

"30 seconds," someone called from outside, indicated that we had to be on the stage in thirty seconds.

"And you too, Liam and Niall. Let's give our best," Harry said.

Niall nodded weakly and Liam just looked down at his feet. I sighed. I felt bad for Liam. It must had been hard for him at the moment. He couldn't really handle breakups well.

We heard a guy yelled, told us to be on stage in fifteen seconds. We then raced to the stage and the screams got louder and crazier as we showed up on stage.

"We're back again!" Zayn said in excitement. He sounded happier than before. I had never seen him this happy before. Perrie had huge part in his happiness.

"Where is your voice, London?" I yelled at the top of my lungs through the microphone. The arena was instantly filled with girly screams that were deafening. I faked the biggest grin I could and blew a kiss to the crowd, overwhelmed by the fans' excitement. I tried my best to put the best happy act I could give, so the fans wouldn't notice that something was bothering me.

"You guys are the best fans in the world. We're nothing without you guys," Harry said in is famous thick British accent in slow manner.

"So what's the next song we're gonna sing?" Niall asked, turned to Liam. He had an adorable grin on his face, and I was sure no one could tell that the smile was fake.

"It's called Last First Kiss," Liam said. He didn't look as excited as the four of us were. He didn't even try to fake a smile.

I walked over to Liam and whispered, "it's fucking obvious you look like a wreck. Look, we both have problems but tonight it's for our fans. We're not disappointing them."

"Sorry," Liam whispered back and took a deep breath. "I'll try my best for tonight."

I walked back to my previous spot and saw Niall stared at Liam in concern. Then the intro of Last First Kiss began playing and the crowd screamed.

"Baby I, I wanna know," Liam sang, his voice was quite shaking and he was off key when he sang 'wanna'.

"He wants to know," Niall chimed in cheekily, caused us to chuckle and the crowd laughed and screamed.

Liam smiled and continued singing, "what you think when you're alone is it me yeah, are you thinking of me, yeah?"

"Yeah baby," Niall said and laughter filled the arena.

"We've been friends now for a while."

"About three years," Niall pipped in, and instantly broke the tension and awkwardness between him and Niall. Liam was laughing and hid his face on my back, so he missed some lyrics. The fans were laughing and entertained. During the song Liam was more relaxed than before, thanks to Niall.

After the song ended, we sang Teenage Dirtbag then did some Twitter questions. A girl from the back row asked us to do Harlem Shake which we gladly did. Then I was asked to play the keyboard. I took over Jon's keyboard and played the intro of How To Save A Life by The Fray.

"So, the next song we're gonna sing is dedicated to all of you, the best fans in the world," Liam said.

"This song is very special," Zayn added, and the fans screamed louder.

"This song is originally called Diana," I said.

"And we have a beautiful girl here to represent you all, as Diana," Harry spoke and walked to the other side of the stage. Meanwhile, I set a chair on the middle of the stage for the girl. Harry then walked back with a brunette girl who was wearing a tank top with TBCI printed on it.

"Say hello to Savannah!" Niall hollered and the screams filled the arena again. Savannah, the lucky fan we picked to be Diana girl sat on the chair and looked around the stage then gazed at her lap nervously. Fortunately she didn't fangirl or faint on stage. We picked the right girl.

Well, from now on, we would serenade a fan during Diana, since the song was dedicated to the fans. The girl we serenaded represented the whole fans or they called it fandom. We changed lyrics from Diana to the fan's name.

The intro of the song started playing and we were in our position, around the chair Savannah was sitting on. Liam walked closer to her and began singing his part. He held Savannah's hand while singing and her cheeks flushed scarlet red. I glanced at Niall and caught a glimpse of jealousy on his face. 

Then Harry sang his solo. Before he sang, he kissed Savannah's cheek flirtatiously, caused the crowd to scream wildly. I was sure the jealous fans would skin her alive after she walk off stage. During his solo, he didn't hesitate to hold her hand, caress her cheek, and flirt with her. She was blushing furiously, too shy to even look at Harry. Noticing that the girl he serenaded didn't look at him, he lifted her chin with two fingers and winked at her. He didn't act like he was taken. Even Liam who was technically single didn't flirt that much.

After we finished with the song, Savannah stood up and made her way off the stage. Before she left, Niall gave her a bunch of flowers. Then we did a few more Twitter questions and sang more songs, She's Not Afraid, Magic, and Nobody Compares. We joked during the period of times, but sometimes I was a bit off. No matter how hard I tried to push the thoughts bout Camille off my mind, that shit sometimes crossed my mind, haunted me. I was afraid the fans would notice my mood swings. We finished Nobody Compares and said thank you's and goodbye's then sang What Makes You Beautiful before ran off the stage.

In my changing room, I changed my concert outfit into some comfortable jeans and blue tee shirt. I felt so exhausted mentally and physically. I was craving my bed at the moment. I just wanted to leave the arena as soon as possible and get home quickly. I needed sleep, so hopefully I could forget about my problems for a while.

I grabbed my stuffs and car keys, about to leave. As I made my way towards the exit of the room, the door was opened and Harry who had also changed his clothes walked in.

"Hey Har-"

"You're such a dick," Harry said out of nowhere, interrupted me who was about to greet him. I was taken aback for a moment before wrath came upon me. I narrowed my eyes and wrinkled my forehead.

"Excuse me?" I replied in sassy tone, tilted my head a bit to the side.

"You're the biggest jerk of all in the world jerk and bastards," he spat.

"What the fuck, Harry?" I exclaimed. "What is your fucking problem with me, mate?" I snapped, got very pissed off by his attitude. I didn't know what the fuck was going on, he just walked in and spatted insults at me. Didn't he know that my mood was such a wreck?

"Stop being an asshole! Camille is not a slut," he yelled, looked very angry.

Oh well, it was about Camille, that two entities whore.

"Well, she is!" I exclaimed as rage was filling me. Why did Harry bring this up?

"Watch your mouth, Tomlinson," Harry growled in low and deep tone.

"What happens with Camille and I is our problem, not yours. And for your information that you may have already known, she is pregnant and that's none of your fucking business," I hissed.

"Yes it's my business too," Harry argued. "The baby could possibly be mine."

"Fuck you, Styles! I can't believe you fucked her!" I snarled, got very pissed off because Harry had also fucked Camille.

"You weren't dating her when I had sex with her," he protested. "And you were the one who made her cheat on me. You fucked her when Camille and I were still together!" he yelled furiously.

I gulped. His strike hit me hard, and it was like I was slapped across the face. He was right. The blame was on me. I was the one who started this trouble. I was the one who ruined Camille's perfect relationship with Harry.

"I-" I tried to speak, but he cut me off.

"Look, I'm not bringing it up again. I've forgiven you and I'm not going to talk about Camille cheated on me with you," Harry said. His voice was a bit softer but I could see he was still angry. "I just can't believe you called her a slut and ditched her when she needed you the most," he continued, half yelling.

"Like what I said before, it's none of your fucking business," I scowled.

"And like what I said before, it's my business too because the baby could possible be mine," he defied. 

"I am her boyfriend, so I'm the one who's supposed to hold responsible of it, not you," I replied. "And I don't know what to do with that skank and the little murky thing inside her stomach," I soliloquized.

"Stop calling her that!" Harry snarled loudly. His eyes were burning with fury and his chest rose and fell along with his irregular heavy breaths. "You can be a coward bastard, you can leave her alone and her baby. Just go away like a chicken, but don't call her or her baby names like that!" Harry took a deep breath then continued, "but I would be responsible of it. I'd take care of her. I'd help raising the baby and pour all of my heart into it."

"Yeah you would," I replied sarcastically. "But you won't."

"That's the point," he replied. "I won't," he stated with no hesitation. I narrowed my eyes at him in confusion and lifted my chin smugly. Harry stepped forward and looked down at me, his height was towering me and that was intimidating. He then leaned down a bit and put his mouth on the same level with my ear, then whispered hoarsely in my ear, "because she is not pregnant."

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