Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


13. The Unwanted

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Taylor left the living room and Max 'caged' Harry in the basement again. I lied on my bed I shared with Jay and Siva. I was so embarrassed, it was extremely awkward that he woke up and found myself masturbating. I was so ashamed that he saw my cock. I knew I had small cock and I blamed God. But it all was paid off, knowing I had Harry Styles, one of One Direction member trapped on Nathan's house. Without Harry One Direction would be fucked up, and The Wanted would be victorious.

We, all of The Wanted members hated One Direction so much. They had stolen everything from us. Our fame, popularity, awards, fans, and girls. I used to have a crush on Eleanor Calder, but Louis Tomlinson got her. I dissed Louis on Twitter a few weeks ago but he and Liam Payne fought back and threw heart breaking derision to us. Once Liam said that their drummer had more followers than me. I couldn't help it, I was very jealous. And to be honest I wanted to kidnap Louis or Liam instead of Harry but that was enough, because Harry was Louis' closest friend in the band.

We all were so jealous of 1D, but everything would be turned upside down because One Direction would be over. Directioners would become TWFanmily and The Wanted would be the biggest boy band ever. I knew it might had sounded insane but nothing was impossible. Without One Direction, who could beat us?

I grabbed my laptop and logged to Twitter. I saw my mentions and it was full of sarcasm and hate from Directioners. If Directioners didn't send me hate, my interactions would be dead. The fans only tweeted me when I tweeted, and basically they only asked for a follow back. Only a few of them who really complimented and supported us. Well, that would change, after the world know that One Direction is OVER.

I scrolled through my timeline and saw the trending topic. There were four trending topics about One Direction. The trends were  'Get Well Soon Liam', 'Indonesia Needs TMH Tour', 'Irish Directioners Want Another Date In Dublin', and 'Zayn Is An Angel Sent From Heaven'. They made me sick. One Direction just another faggots and pest who contaminate the world with their 'Good Boy' persona. And that was not cool at all. Bad boys like us were always more attractive and the world soon would admit that.

Then I heard the door opened as Siva entered the small bedroom. Nathan's house was quite small even his house was the biggest one of ours.

"How was your date?" I asked Siva. Well they just came back from Siva's date with Savannah Mathena, a beautiful brunette college girl from Florida who studied here in London.

Siva just shook his head and frowned.

"Again?" I widened my eyes. So that was the sixth time he got rejected by Savannah. Siva just sighed and lied on the bed with his hands on his messy quiff.

"She said I was way too stingy and filthy," he uttered.


"We had lunch in Nando's but I couldn't afford the food so she paid them all."

"I hope our career will get better soon so we can get more money," I muttered.

"I'm sure we will. One Direction will be over, right?" he reminded me. I grinned and gave him a high five. He smiled but there was still sadness in his eyes, knowing had Savannah rejected him again.

I knew what it felt like to be rejected. I had ever been rejected like that, by Eleanor and plenty of girls. Before I was with Kelsey, I used to had a crush on a girl named Anintha Putri, but she rejected me four times. I gave up and decided to date a stripper named Kelsey Belle. She was very easy to get and I felt kinda lucky.

In my opinion, Siva couldn't fit with Savannah. She was way too elegant and classy, her father was a millionaire and she was living splendid life. Siva, in the other hand, couldn't even afford a lunch at Nando's.   But wait, everything would change. One Direction would be over and The Wanted would take over. We'd be the best boy band ever and we'd get what we want. Savannah would kneel on her knees for Siva. I'd dump Kelsey, and Anintha would crawl to me, and beg me to take her. Thoughts of that made me grin.



"Let me go!" I yelled.

"You can't escape and no one can hear you," said Max then shut the basement door behind him and locked it. I stared at the closed door and walked around the dirty basement. I tried to find the way out but that seemed useless. Even though my mouth wasn't covered and my feet weren't tied, but my hands were still handcuffed hence I couldn't fight back or escape. There was no way out, they blocked all of the access to get out.

I worried about the lads. After Louis confessed the whole truth to them, they must had thought that I really left the band. I should had forgiven Louis right after he told me the truth. I shouldn't had left the house and making them thought that I'd leave the band. I should had gotten home earlier, so this shit wouldn't happen. Now One Direction would be over, I tore this band apart. It was all my fault. The blame was all on me.

I had no wonder why The Wanted (or it should be Unwanted) kidnapped me. They were always jealous of us, because we were called the biggest boy band in the world, and they claimed that we stole their fans, awards, and many more. They always tried to knock us down. I thought the joke was on them, and it was such a shame knowing they couldn't compete in healthy way, couldn't beat us with music. It was pathetic because our music were much better than theirs. So they played it shadily, by kidnapping me and destroy the band this way.

But I just didn't understand about Taylor. Why did she kidnap me? What was my fault? I heard from Max that Taylor had thugs to stalk me and then she asked The Wanted to work together to kidnap me. The kidnapping thing was her idea!

I had no idea why she did that. We used to date for about two months and to be honest I regretted those times. When we were dating I tried my best to please her, to satisfy her, but she never get satisfied. All I did never been enough for her. She was way too emotional in a relationship, and always ruled my world. She was always be the one who decided what I wear, where we were going, and who should I talk to, everything. After we broke up she kept dissing me to the media. Even she dissed me, I never said bad words to her. Never. Well, before she kidnapped me. Instead, I complimented her, even though it hurt, and irritating. I didn't know what was my fault that made her became cruel like this to me.

I sat on a chair, wondered what would happen next. Would they beat me again? Would they rape me? Would they run after Leigh? Would they kidnap the other lads? I closed my eyes and felt my cheek got warmer as I started to cry. It was my fault.


A/N: Sorry for short chapter.. Well, I just wanna tell something.. Actually, I used to be a TWFanmily.. before Tom tweeted Louis and the twitter fight.. lol. That's why I know all of TW's members' names (: Now I hate The Wanted xx

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