Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


7. The Truth


I woke up by the noises outside. I yawned and looked around, confused. Finally I realized that I was still in Camille's old school, in the players' changing room beside the football field. I tottered out, and saw lots of people, talking and laughing. Some of them looked at me in confused look, some of them dropped their jaw seeing me.

"Oh my God, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!" A girl yelled. Some girls ran towards me, fangirled. I quickly ran back to the changing room and locked myself in the toilet. The girls banged my door and screamed. Shit, my feet hurt because of last night and I felt like I was about to faint. Then I heard the bell rang. Those girls and people there rushed to different directions which obviously to their classes.

I ignored the pain on my feet and ran outside and got into my car, then I drove back home. Damn it, what should I say to the boys? They must had been worrying about me and they must had been mad at me.

Shit, think something, Louis. Don't let them know that you fucked Camille again. 

I imagined Harry's face, his cheeky smile, his cute dimples turned into sad face, tears, the awful face when he sobbed. I tried to drive faster to erase Harry's face from my mind. It was killing me so bad. I really wanted to disappear from this world. My mind just couldn't be focus on the road.

I was about to turn left in a junction then I saw a taxi cut my way. I hit the brake and tried to stop the car and prevent the collision but I was too fast. The speed of my car was too high so I was sure I couldn't stop the car in time. I was so terrified, I thought I was about to hit the taxi and die.

Fortunately the taxi noticed and quickly turned right and gave me the way. I passed the taxi and cursed. So I tried to pay more attention along way home.




I lost everything. I lost two people I loved the most with all my heart. I just couldn't stop crying. I didn't think I had any reason to live.

"Ssh, calm down, Harry. They'll be back. Louis will be back with Camille," Zayn said, tried to comfort me. He hugged me and rubbed my back.

"No, Zayn. I've lost everything. I'm broken," I sobbed.

"Louis will be back. I'm sure about that," he said.

"But he has gone since yesterday morning," I cried.

"Maybe he was searching for Camille," said Liam. "He'll be back soon, and so will Camille," he added.

"Camille's not coming back," I said bitterly between tears.

"Both of them will come back, mate. Just wait," said Niall. Then he handed me french fries that he was eating. "French fries?" He offered. I shook my head and he continued eating. I didn't want to eat anything. I just wanted Louis and Camille back. At least Louis, because he was everything for me.

Then the room turned silent. The only sound there was my cry. We didn't say anything anymore, I thought the lads understand what I felt inside. I just buried my face on Zayn's chest and he stroked my curls.

"My grandma said, when you feel sad, a song could make things better," said Niall.

"That was stupid," Zayn teased.

"Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while," Liam trailed off. "Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?" he sang.

"Let us die young or let us live forever. We don't have the power but we never say never," I continued singing in raspy voice. Then we all sang Forever Young together.

In the middle of the song we watched my bedroom door swung open. Everyone had their eyes on the door and witnessed Louis walked into the room in tears.

"Louis!" I cried. He rushed in and hugged me tight.

"I'm sorry, Harry," he whispered.

"You're back, Lou. Thank God. I thought I was about to lose you," I said between tears. He held me tighter in his arms

"Where have you been, Harry?" asked Liam in low voice. Louis was about to explain but I interrupted him.

"That's doesn't matter. He's back now, so nothing else matters," I said. 



"Don't leave me," Harry continued.

"I won't leave you, Harold," I replied, hesitated.

"Will you leave me?" He asked. Shit, this fucking question again. Camille's shadow popped on my mind.

"No, I'll never leave you," I answered. It reminded me of Camille, about last night when we fucked and she asked me not to leave me.

But Camille left me. When I woke up in the morning she was gone and I had no idea where she was. I failed to get her back. I felt like a loser, a sick bastard.

I hugged Harry tightly and he hugged me back.

"I couldn't imagine my life without you," he whispered. I kissed his cheek as my reply.

I hated myself more and more. How could I be such a fucking jerk, heartless hoe and disgusting dick like this? I betrayed my best friend like Judas betrayed Jesus Christ.

I cleared my throat.

"Have you had breakfast?" I asked.

"He hasn't eaten since last night, since you left," Niall replied.

"He ate his own tears," Zayn replied. I could see he was pissed off.

"Oh, sorry. Let's have breakfast," I said in guilt. "Sorry guys, for putting you in this situation," I apologized. Liam cleared his throat and Zayn didn't answer. I knew they wouldn't forgive me that easy and I knew I didn't deserve to be forgiven by them.

"I forgive you, baby," Harry replied in raspy voice. I was so surprised and I could see the other boys were surprised too.

"I don't deserve this, Harry. I left you and hurt you. How can you forgive me this easy?" I asked.

"But you're here. You're my everything, I can't live without you. I can't be mad with you," he replied. I couldn't say anything. His heart was so big while I was like a fucking evil.

Liam has made tacos for us. He served our breakfast and we ate in the living room, while watching The Ellen Show on TV.

"This guy is so talented," said Niall, pointed at a guy named Tom Andrews who was singing on The Ellen Show.

"Yeah, he's amazing. He's gonna be a great singer," Zayn complimented.

"Anyway, where have you been when you were gone, Louis?" Liam asked.

"Yes, where have you been? You didn't reply our texts or answer our calls." said Zayn.

"We were worrying about you," said Liam.

"Sorry guys," I mumbled. "Well, I was frustrated and it was killing me to see Harry cried like yesterday," I explained. Well, it wasn't a lie. "Then I tried to find Camille, I just drove downtown for hours" I continued.

"So you were just driving since yesterday?" Niall asked innocently.

"No," I replied. "I stopped in the club, got drunk and fell asleep there. I woke up in the morning and quickly went back here," I lied.

"Thanks for trying to find Camille," Harry said after he swallowed his tacos. "You don't need to bother yourself like that, baby. She's not coming back, so I just try to get over her. I know it's so hard, extremely hard, but I know you can help me get through this."

I just smiled and then gave my attention on my TV. I couldn't lie any further.

Day by day passed slowly. Two weeks felt like ages. It was always killing me everyday knowing I had lied through my teeth to Harry and the lads. He believed and loved me with all his heart, and all I gave to him was bullshit.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had lied to them for two weeks and it always tormented me. I had to confess and tell them the truth, at least to Harry. I knew Harry wouldn't forgive me if he knew the pure truth. I knew that our friendship could be over. But the guilty feelings killed me every second, every time I lied, every time I saw his curls.

I laid in Harry's bed we shared. Yeah, since Camille left he shared his room with me. It was about 10 AM and I just woke up. Harry was a morning person so he had already gotten up much earlier. He was probably in the kitchen, making breakfast for all of us.

I yawned then got up and walked downstairs toward the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and found Harry, Niall, and Zayn in the kitchen. Liam didn't join us because he slept in Danielle's house last night.

"Morning, Boo Bear," Harry greeted with a smile. Even he was smiling, I could see sadness still remained in his blue puppy eyes. I meant a lot of sadness that he tried to hide. I felt so bad.

"Morning, Harold," I replied. Niall and Zayn greeted me too and I greeted them back. Harry leaned in and kissed my cheek.

Harry handed me the breakfast he made. We ate in silence. There was a war inside me. Half of myself didn't want to let Harry know the truth, but the half one wanted to tell Harry the truth. I was so puzzled and confused. I should tell him the truth!

"Harry, there's something I need to tell you," finally I braced myself to speak. My heart fluttered and beat so fast out of time.

"What's that, baby?" he asked patiently. I felt so nervous. My whole body felt so weak.

"Well I want to tell you privately," I mumbled.

"What?" he asked me to repeat.

"Um, I want to tell you privately," I repeated more clearly. "Let's go to my room," I continued.

We entered my room. I shut the door then sat in my bed next to him. I squeezed my jeans and kept my eyes on my feet, afraid to look at him in the eye.

"What do you want to tell me, baby?" asked Harry.

"Um.. Well," I muttered. I was too nervous. I looked at the walls and played with my fingers, tried to find the right words to say.

Finally I told him everything, the whole story. The truth.

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