Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


49. Rumor Has It


"I was walking on the aisle to find your Lucky Charms when I bumped into her," Harry trailed off, switched his focus from me to his phone.

"Bumped into who?" Niall piped in, appearing from the stairs.

"You nosy little fucker," I glared at him playfully. Niall was about to say something but stopped when Liam joined us in the living room.

"Guys, I have an announcement," Liam said. "Actually, Niall and I have an announcement."

"Is that important? If that's about you dating Niall then I'm not surprised," I remarked nonchalantly, staring at the television without focusing on what the heck I was watching. Liam rolled his eyes at me and Harry chuckled.

"Where's Zayn? I want everyone to be here when we tell the news," Liam said.

"I'm pretty sure he's known you two are dating," I shrugged, earning a glare from that boy. I looked over at Niall, that Irish lad was exceedingly quiet, and his face was red. Like seriously, deep red. He looked funny when he was embarrassed, as if he was dating Liam for real.

Well, I had no freaking clue about the damn thing Liam was about to announce. But it was fun to embarrass the both of them, especially Niall. Even if they were actually going to announce about them being an item, it wouldn't surprise me because Niall and Liam were always had a thing even before Liam broke up with Danielle. I remembered the day when I walked in on them having their tongue down each other's throat.

"I'll get Zayn. Pretty sure he's in his room," Harry got up from the couch and went upstairs to Zayn's room.

"What are you going to tell us actually?" I inquired.

"You'll see," Liam replied.

Harry walked into the living room with not only Zayn, but also his fiancee. I didn't know Perrie was staying the night last night.

"Okay, now everyone's here. What are you going to announce?" I asked, couldn't help but felt curious.

"Well, Niall and I are dating," Liam stated.

"Ha, told ya!" I commented, proud of my smart arse.

Harry tapped away on his phone before putting the device on the table. He then said, "finally! Congrats, you guys look so cute."

"Wait- what?!" Perrie exclaimed, clearly surprised. Her eyes were wide and her jaw fell to the floor. "Tell me you guys are kidding!"

"Really?" Zayn gaped, looked a bit surprised.

"Yeah," Niall muttered, gaze fixed on the ground. I was sure his face couldn't get any more redder.

"Stop fooling around!" Perrie scolded. Harry and I couldn't help but laugh at her astonishment. I knew Zayn had known about Niall and Liam; heck, the affair between them was so fucking obvious. It was funny that Zayn didn't tell Perrie about it.

"Well, I knew you two have an affair or something, but I didn't know you would take things seriously and make it official. You know what people think about two dudes dating," Zayn said.

"You don't accept our relationship?" Niall asked, fear written all over his face.

"No, not like that," Zayn responded. "I didn't mean it that way. I have nothing against gay relationships; love is love. It's just that people will judge. Plus, I didn't know you were serious about the affair between us. I honestly thought it was just a phase or something like that," he explained.

"Oh God, you guys are serious," Perrie mumbled, running a hand through her blonde hair. "Truth be told, I despise homosexuals. I'm sorry guys," she sighed, smiled apologetically at us. Zayn shook his head and gave her a disapproving look.

"Keep your opinion to yourself for now and go to my room," Zayn ordered and she obeyed. I felt like pulling that blondie's hair and ripping it off her head right then. How fucking dare her making Liam and Niall sad like that. The look on the new couple's faces made me feel bad for embarrassing them earlier.

"Don't listen to what Perrie said," Harry coaxed.

"When did you guys made it official?" Zayn asked.

"Last night," Liam answered.

"Listen," I said. "It's not your fault that you're attracted to each other. You've known each other for over three years and you're really close. But if you step into a relationship, I tell you things won't be easy. You know the issues in relationships. What if you broke up? Well, not that I expected that, but there's possibility," I explained.

"Sorry we're so reckless," Liam frowned.

"No, don't apologize. If you're already in a relationship, I believe that you two are ready for this, and you will work things out together," I said.

"Look, we support your relationship okay?" Zayn said.

"Have you ever thought about coming out? Well, not to us but to the world? Or to management at least," I asked.

"No," Liam answered after a pause. "We never talk about that to be frank."

"You need to figure this out. There will be a lot of consequences if the world know about your relationship. You know how cruel society can be," Harry spoke in concerning tone. Liam just nodded and rubbed the stubble in his jaw whilst Niall was still staring at the floor. The younger bloke looked like he was about to bawl his eyes out. He tried to stay composed, but I could tell he was about to burst any minute.

"I can tell you guys are not ready to come out," said I. "I suggest you to keep your relationship as a secret, don't let anyone else beside us and your family know; especially management. Don't act so coupley in public, don't give a single hint of your affection."

"People won't accept us will they," Niall uttered in sad tone and it was so damn heartbreaking to see him on the verge of tears.

"Our true fans will," Harry reassured.

"But Perrie.. even she won't accept us," Niall replied sadly.

"Perrie is another case. I'll take care of that thing," Zayn patted his back to comfort him.

"Don't think about it too much. I'm pretty sure you won't come out to the world anytime soon, so don't worry about that. Just be happy with your relationship, and treasure every moment together," Harry said.

"Okay," Liam said slowly, biting his bottom lip.

"Cheer up, guys! You're finally together, you should be happy about that," I said jovially.

"Live it up," Harry smiled.

"No matter what, you two have our backs," Zayn said.

"Thank you guys," Niall finally smiled, his glossy eyes lightened up. It was relieving to see him finally smiled.

"That really means a lot. Thank you for supporting us," Liam said.

"We're brothers. Family. We'll always have each other's back," Harry said.

"Even in fucked up times, we always stick together," Zayn added.

"Aw, come on guys," I opened my arms, then we pulled into a group hug.

"I love you guys," Niall and Harry said in unison.

"You're one of the best thing that's ever happened to me," Zayn said.

"I love you," that was all I could say, due to loss of words.

"Always remember that you guys mean the world to me," Liam said.





It was really nice to have the rest of the boys on our backs. I would had broken down if it wasn't for them supporting my relationship with Liam. Their support meant the world to me.

But Perrie's reaction made me down and petrified. If Perrie, our friend who was quite close to us couldn't even accept our relationship, how would the world react? They would be very disgusted, and disappointed. I didn't want to let the fans down, but I couldn't control my feelings. People said you couldn't decide who you were falling in love with. It was just happened.

We had come out to the boys this afternoon, so it was time to come out to our families. None of my family knew about me and Liam. They had heard a lot about Liam, and my mum was a bit suspicious, but they didn't know the real affection between me and him. To be frank, I was scared to come out to them, because I knew they would be disappointed. In Greg's wedding, my dad once told me that he expected me to end up like him, getting married to a beautiful woman, spend the rest of my life with her and have babies.

Two dudes couldn't make babies so my dad would be disappointed.

The point was, I had to tell my family about my relationship. I didn't want to hide anything from them. Liam and I agreed to tell our own families tomorrow, but I was still scared.

Liam's sister Ruth had known that he had feelings for me. Those siblings were close and Liam told her everything, so she wouldn't be surprised that we were dating. But Nicole used to be fond of Danielle, so she wouldn't be happy with the fact that his brother had moved on to his band mate.

"What are you thinking?" Liam's gentle voice brought me back to reality.

"Huh?" I responded.

"You were staring blankly at the TV. What were you thinking?" He inquired softly.

"Nothing, just about coming out to my family," I answered.

"Don't think about it too much. It'll be fine, you'll be fine," he cooed.

"Aren't you scared?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yes. Very," he took a deep breath. "But I know we'll get through this. As long as we have each other, I'll be fine. If it's going to be us against the world, we'll be fine, because we have each other."

I smiled, and leaned in to kiss his delicate pink lips. The kiss was sweet and tender, and all I could see was fireworks. As we pulled away, I looked behind Liam's back to find Harry stood with laptop in his hands, apparently waiting for us to finish kissing.

"Erm, sorry for interrupting," Harry responded to my questioning look and Liam turned around. His hand was still holding mine and I gave a little squeeze.

"What's the matter mate?" My boyfriend asked. Oh how I love the way it sounded. My boyfriend. Boyfriend. Mine. 

"There's a little problem here," he walked over. "Okay, not a little problem. You have to see this though." Harry placed the laptop on the table in front of us.

I leaned forward and looked at the screen. It was a Perez Hilton website, and there was an article.


Niam: Bromance or Romance?

Who doesn't adore Niam? Niall and Liam's friendship is just so adorable that no one can deny their cuteness. They're very close; they even consider themselves as brothers. But the question is, is Niam only a bromance, or is it a real romance? According to the pictures taken outside of a studio in London, Niall and Liam showed their affection that looked more than just a bromance. You can see the pictures below, and there's a picture of them apparently kissing.

Well, what do you think? Do you think that Niam is just a bromance, or more like romance? Best friends don't kiss, do they? Tell us what you think in the comment section!


Underneath the article, there were pictures of me and Liam outside a studio, hugging. There was a picture that our faces were really close so it looked like we were kissing. I remembered that moment. It was when Joe the interviewer died and Liam took me out of the studio to calm me down. We weren't kissing, he was pecking my nose. But the sly paps really made it like we were kissing. What a cunning dick!

"How dare they are, saying we were kissing!" Liam huffed in exasperation. "They don't even know shit. We weren't even kissing!"

"That's not all," Harry shook his head. He clicked on a tab next to the Perez Hilton page, it was Cambio.

There was picture of me walking in the street alone. It was yesterday morning, when I went out to buy some fruits for breakfast. But the thing was, there were shit loads of hickeys on my neck. The picture was followed by an article about how the fans were freaking out about me having love bites all over my neck. People were wondering who gave me those love bites. Some assumed that I had a secret girlfriend, some assumed it was my one night stand, but there were people who assumed it was Liam.

"Oh God," I muttered, face palmed myself.

"Sorry babe, I should have known better," Liam apologized.

"It's okay," I sighed.

"And one more," Harry raised a finger, then clicked on another tab. It was Hollywoodlife.

The website had some pictures of me and Liam in the football match. There were also a couple of pictures of me and him leaving Gina's. There was no picture of us when we fed the ducks though. What the article said wasn't different with other articles. It was basically saying about my close "friendship" with Liam and they thought we were more like a romance.

"Is that all?" I asked tiredly.

"Yea, other websites are basically talking about the same thing," Harry replied. "Oh, and you wouldn't want to see Twitter," he added.

"What are the fans saying?" Liam inquired.

"Lots of things. Many fans, the dedicated ones, ship you guys and want you to date. There are also the ones who don't believe it. There are supportive tweets, but there are people who say mean things," he said. "I suggest you not to check your Twitter. You should tweet something to suppress the fans' suspicion, but don't; I mean it. Don't look at the fans' tweets."

"Is it that bad?" I grimaced.

The expression Harry pulled confirmed my guess. He looked at me sadly, sympathy filled his eyes.

"I'll run your account, and tweet random things so the fans won't be wondering," Harry said.

"You'll turn our accounts into a hipster account with weird tweets that people won't understand," I said jokingly. Harry pretended to look hurt and laughed.

"So what now?" Liam asked, frustrated.

"Don't know mate, I think you should stop hanging out together in public," Harry responded.

"Does management know about this?" Liam asked.

"I think so. I mean, it was all over Twitter. But they haven't called us yet."

"This is bad," I mumbled to myself, running a hand through my hair haphazardly.

"Look, no matter what happens, we will always support you, you know that," Harry stated. However, it didn't make me feel better. The fact that media and fans were getting suspicious about us made me feel anxious about everything.

That night, I couldn't sleep well. I spent two hours tossing around in my bed, trying to sleep, and staring at Liam's sleeping figure next to me. As the energy drained from myself, I fell into a dreamless sleep.



Harry and I had been texting since yesterday. It was nice to finally work things out with him, and I was really happy. But still, the image of Josh was still lurking in the back of my mind. The fact that Harry was oblivious about the history between me and Josh made me felt guilty and uneasy. Moreover, I didn't tell him that Josh was the reason I came back here. I didn't even give a single hint about Josh.

This morning he asked for an explanation on why I left, and I just told him that I was extremely homesick. I told him that the homesick made my mind all cloudy and messed up. I knew it was so wrong telling lies and feeding him with bullshit, but I couldn't even come up with the truth. I couldn't picture his reaction if he knew that I used to date his band's drummer. I didn't want to ruin the friendship between him and Josh.

I tried not to think about it. I was going to London in two days, so I better prepare for it. I would spend Christmas there, with my best friends, and I would see Harry again. Our relationship would go back to normal, and with Harry by my side, Josh wouldn't dare to come near me. His threat was nothing but empty, and I shouldn't had let him bother me.

I would come back here for New Year since I had promised my parents last night, then go back again to London. I knew it would be exhausting, going back and forth from Leicester to London. But the excitement to see Harry made all the tiring things dissolve. God I couldn't wait to see that boy again. I had missed him a lot; I finally realized it. I really missed his tenderness, his sweetness, and his loving affection. He treated me the way woman deserved to be treated, unlike Josh.

Damn, I had to stop relating things to Josh, even in negative way. I wished I wouldn't see that filth when I went to London.





I woke up the next morning to Liam's phone ringing. The ringtone was obnoxiously loud, and that vexed me.

"Stop the damn sound," I grumbled, voice muffled by my pillow.

"Who the hell called at eight in the morning?" Liam muttered under his breath then got up and took his phone from the nightstand.

"Hello?" He answered. There was a pause, so I supposed the person who called was talking. "Why now?" He asked the person in the other line. "Fine," he said after another pause. "Okay, we'll be right there in a few," he then hung up the phone.

"What's the matter bae?" I asked.

"Bae?" He smirked, quirked his eyebrow upwards. Oh that eyebrows! Got me every time!

I flushed in embarrassment, and Liam chuckled.

"I love the way you call me that," he stroked my cheek. "Anyway," he trailed off with a sigh. "Management just called."

Oh damn it. We were in deep shit.

"They found out, did they?" I frowned.

"Yes," he mimicked my expression. "And they want us to be in the office right now."

"Damn they all," I snorted.

"Let's get ready," Liam said.

"No, I'm good in this," I gestured at the pajama I was wearing. "Let's get going now, don't need to change," I said.

"Okay, but we haven't brushed our teeth."

"I don't want to, and you shouldn't either," I retorted. "Why be decent just to see monsters? I hope our bad morning breath will kill them!"

"You're cute when you're pissed off," Liam chuckled, clearly trying to lighten the mood. "Come on, let's go," he pecked my lips then took my hand and we walked out of the room.

Liam drove us to the office. It only took five minutes to reach the building since it was located only a few blocks away from our house.

The air was thick as we entered the office room. On the couch, there sat Darren Riley, one of the management and an unknown girl that I believed was one of management team as well. Darren coldly motioned us to sit down in the couch opposite him.

"Straight to the point, I heard a many news about the closeness between the two of you," Darren spoke. "And people assuming that you're more than just friend; is that true?" He asked.

I fixed my gaze on the ground, refusing to reply. I could hear Liam tensed beside me, and his breathing were heavier.

"I demand an answer," Darren said cockily. God, I really hated this management. I wish we were 5 Seconds Of Summer, who had a really nice management.

"Yes," Liam answered sternly. "Actually, we're dating now. Officially," he stated boldly, made me froze in place. My blood ran cold and my breath hitched. I looked at Liam in terror, at his stern expression and sharp glare. If look could kill, I bet Darren would be dead a thousand times.

"Two boys dating? Very interesting," that bastard mocked. 

"I love him," Liam replied. "I really do. And I don't give a shit about your opinion, or anyone else's opinion. I love him, I can date whoever I want."

Liam's tone was raised and all I could do was watching his muscles tensed up, his chest heaved up and down rapidly in anger, and his clenched fist. I had to say he looked really hot when he was angry, but it wasn't the time for that.

"Very impressive," Darren remarked in smug tone. "Well, you know we can't sell a boy band with two gay members, right?"

Liam was about to reply but I beat him to it. "What do you want to do with us? Keeping us hidden in the closet? We're fine with that. We won't be seen in public and people won't know," I said.

"People has already known," Darren replied. "That's why I bring this lovely girl here."

Oh no. Tell me it was just a joke.

"This isn't happening," Liam muttered under his breath.

"Say hello to Sophia Smith," that cruel man said, then turned to Liam. "She will be your girlfriend."

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