Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


26. Past

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"Dad, will you attend my performance with my band? I'm gonna play drum and I hope you'll watch it," I asked expectantly. My eyes were sparkling in hope that my dad would see me perform. It was the best achievement so far, because it was the biggest gig my band had ever done that time. We were performing in Beaumanor Hall Conference Centre, and thousands of people would be watching.

"Mason Fabregas asked me to go on a business trip in Barcelona for two days, dear. I'm sorry," my dad replied, mentioned the name of my girlfriend's father. I sighed at his response.

"Tell him you can't go," I said.

"I can't son. I have to attend it, Mr. Fabregas insisted me to go. If I don't, he will not renew our contract," he excused. "He really forced me to go."

"So you really can't go?" I frowned. I was very disappointed.

"When is your performance, anyway?" he asked.

"Three days later," I answered unexcited.

"I'm going tomorrow, so I think I still can attend your performance," he replied smiling. A wide smile plastered on my face. I was so excited to have my dad watching my drum performance. He was too busy with his business so it would be a great if he could still spend time for me, witness my biggest performance so far.

"I really wish you'll come, dad. I'm performing in Beaumanor!" I exclaimed.

"Jesus Christ!" my dad exclaimed. "That's great! Of course I will come, son. I will go straight to Beaumanor right after I get back from Barcelona," he said excitedly.

"Thank you, dad. I'm so glad you'll come. This will be my biggest gig so far, and I can't wait for you to see me," I said, couldn't keep the smile off my face.

The next day my dad departed from Leicester straight to Barcelona, using the company's private jet. The company was from Barcelona, and they invited  my dad and Leigh's dad for a business trip, to promote something about tourism and resorts, especially culinary.

Leigh's dad and my dad were cooperating in their business, tourism sector. Leigh's dad owned many motels that were located in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Dublin, and several places. Meanwhile my dad owned many restaurants that resided in several places and most of them were located in hotels or motels.

My relationship with Leigh had no relevance with my dad and her dad's business relationship. We met in a party and fell in love instantly. I loved her not from her money or look, but her heart. I was just in love with everything about her, inside and outside.

Several hours after my dad departed, a messenger from my dad's company knocked on my door with a cop. My mom opened the door and let them in.

"Good evening, Mrs. Linda Devine. I'm Shandy Tuckman, from Devoshire Restaurant Company," he greeted and introduced himself. Then he looked up to me and Ben who were standing behind mom. "And you two must be Ben and Josh."

We nodded and he continued, "I'm here, with Officer Raymond from London Police. We're going to give you important news."

"What's that?" I asked bluntly.

"We better talk inside and sit down," Shandy said.

"Alright. I'll make some tea," my mom said but Shandy interrupted.

"No, that's fine, ma'am. We're just here real quick," he said. The officer just nodded.

After we all sat in the living room and Shandy took a deep breath.

"What's the important news?" my mom asked, getting worried.

"Well," Shandy trailed off. "Your husband, Mr. Michael Devine passed away of the airplane crash in Spain," he said as the thunder crashed inside me. "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Devine," he said sympathetically. I felt numb instantly. There was a dead silence among us. Finally, my mom's gasp broke the silence.

"W-what?" she stuttered, then started crying. Ben's eyes turned wet as he put my mom in his arms, rubbed her back gently.

"H-how could?" Ben asked then sniffed, tears started to fall freely from his eyes.

"His plane that he rode with his clients fell when it was attempting to land in El Prat Airport, Barcelona. It seemed like the engine was broken," Officer Raymond explained. I just kept my mouth shut and formed a straight line, since I was too numb to speak. I felt like the ground was crumbling underneath my feet and the whole world was spinning

"We're really sorry for your lost," Officer Raymond said softly.

I honestly didn't know how to feel. All of my hopes to perform my biggest performance in front of my dad had gone. There was nothing worse than that.

"His client, Mr. Mason Fabregas survived but he's now in comma. His condition is still critical," Officer Raymond said. "There were 10 people including passengers and crews on board. Only Mr. Fabregas who survived because he jumped off the plane before the plane exploded."

Mr. Fabregas. That name echoed in my mind.

Leigh's father.

Cih. That bastard, who forced my dad to attend that fucking business trip. The reason why my father couldn't watch my performance, the reason why my father died. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE.

If that bastard didn't force my dad to attend that crappy business trip, my dad would had been alive and could had been witnessed my biggest performance.

Rage filled every inch of me, pumped inside my veins. I knew the one who would pay for this.

Leigh, the daughter of my dad's killer.



My body was shaking with anger. I tried my best not to jump into her and beat the shit of her, or break every single piece of her bones. I clenched my fist and stared sharply at that bitch who was staring at me in horror. I bet she was terrified. Ha, she should had been. I wasn't going to tell everyone that Leigh and I had already known each other before, so I kept quiet. I pretended that I never knew Leigh before.

"So," Liam's voice broke my thoughts, made me flinch. "What shall we do then?" he asked.

"FIFA!" Niall cooed happily. We all agreed and turned the Xbox on.

"Wanna join, Leigh?" Louis asked her. She just nodded and grinned.

"You can play?" Niall asked. She nodded and Niall's eyes turned wide. "Whoa! That's cool!" he exclaimed.

"How well are you in FIFA?" Louis asked. She just shrugged, didn't say a word. I bet she was still terrified of me. She was too terrified to even speak. And also I was too angry to speak.

"Then play against me!" Niall exclaimed. 

We watched Leigh played FIFA against Niall. Niall used Barcelona, his mainstay, and surprisingly Leigh used Bayern Munchen. I knew exactly why Leigh used that team. Rage began to rise inside me.



"Babe, I'm bored," Leigh cooed whilst resting her head on my shoulder.

"Me too," I replied and stroked her soft hair. I kissed the top of her head and breathed in the smell of apple, her shampoo. "Let's play FIFA," I suggested.

"You wanna lose again?" she mocked. A challenging smile was plastered on her beautiful face.

"Won't happen this time," I replied, and smirked confidently. I wasn't going to let her win like the last time we played.

"I'll go easy on you. I'll let you pick the team I'm gonna use," I said.

"Well, if that's what you want," she grinned playfully. "I want you to use Bayern Munchen."

I cringed. Hell no! There was no way I was going to use that cursed team.

"Except Bayern Munchen," I said immediately.

"Why? They're great. I'm sure you're gonna win with that," she replied.

"Bayern Munchen used to be my favorite team," I trailed off. "But not again, since that tragedy."

"What tragedy?" she asked carefully.

"If I tell you, will you promise me you won't use Bayern Munchen in FIFA, or talk about that team, or even watch Bayern Munchen match?"

"I promise," she answered with no doubt.

"Well, it happened when I was about 12," I started. "My best friend Brandon and I loved Bayern Munchen so much. One day we went to London to watch a match between Spurs and Bayern Munchen in White Hart Lane stadium. That time.. we lost, big time. I still remember the score, we lost 1-6. We were very disappointed. But Brandon... Brandon was so furious," I trailed off, Brandon's face popped in my mind. He was the closest one to me, that time. We were like brothers.

I took a deep breath and continued, "We were walking in the railway station, about to catch a train to get home. When we were waiting for the train, we met a group of Spurs supporters. Brandon lost control. He attacked one of them. His friends were so angry. They ambushed him, beat the shit of him. Brandon's condition was very terrible. He was bleeding everywhere. He was brought to the hospital and the next day..." I sniffed, it was getting harder for me to tell Leigh what happened to him. Leigh wrapped her arms around my shoulder and squeezed it gently. I looked at her who gave me a reassuring smile. Finally I managed to continue. "He passed away," I finished.

I was still upset with Brandon's death. He was suffering, until he died. That was why I always dodged Bayern Munchen. Since the day I told her about Brandon tragedy, Bayern Munchen had never spoken between us. We threw that team away from our lives, along with the memory of Brandon.



Leigh won 5-4 against Niall. I wasn't surprised at all, she was great at FIFA. Everyone in the room seemed surprised to see Leigh could beat Niall, knowing Niall was very good at FIFA.

"Wow," that was all Liam could say.

"You can beat Niall! Unbelievable," Louis commented.

"I can't believe this. I want to rematch!" Niall exclaimed.

"Hey, I want to play too," Liam protested.

"Okay," Niall said. Then he turned to Leigh and said, "Let's play again next time."

"Okay, I'm not afraid," she cooed. "As long as I use Bayern Munchen," she added and winked.

"Whoa, you like Bayern Munchen?" Louis asked in amusement.

"Yes! That's my favorite," she said then glanced at me. I could see she slightly smirked slyly at me. I felt all of my muscles tensed up, I was burning inside. I held the urge to kill that bitch.

"Anyway, I'm hungry," I spoke, tried to end the Bayern Munchen thing.

"Me too! I'm as hungry as a hungry hyena!" Niall exclaimed. We all walked to the kitchen to have lunch.

The girls had prepared our lunch. The lunch was set on the kitchen table. They cooked sliced baguette for appetizer and seafood for the main dish.

"Whoa, they look delicious," Niall commented as we sat around the kitchen table. I sat between Niall and Perrie, whilst Leigh sat in front of me across the table, next to Louis.

We ate our appetizer. It tasted very amazing.

"Hmm, this is scrumptious!" Niall exclaimed.

"Totally agree with Niall. You guys are very great in cooking," I commented.

"Well, we just love cooking," Danielle smiled sheepishly.

"What is the name of this heavenly dish?" Louis asked.

"It's Olive Crostini," Perrie answered.

"It's very good, babe," Zayn who was sitting beside Perrie complimented and kissed her forehead.

"And here are your main dishes," Danielle said and gave us a plate of the seafood. "It's called Scallops with Garlic Custard, Seaweed Broth and a Lemon and Blood Orange Jelly."

"Sounds delectable," Dan said licking his lips and clapped his hands.

I took a bite of the scallops. The taste of fresh caramelized fried scallops greeted my tongue. The tasty seaweed broth really spoiled my tongue. Suddenly I snapped my head from the dish and remembered about something. I looked at Leigh who hadn't touched her food. I smirked. I exactly knew why. She was allergic of seaweed.

"Hey Leigh," I called. It was the time to take revenge of what she did earlier, about the Bayern Munchen thing. "Why don't you eat your food? It's very delicious!" I asked and put the sly grin on my face.

"I-I.. um," she stuttered, made my grin even wider.

"Yeah, why don't you start eating? You don't like it?" Perrie asked.

"I'm a-allergic of seaweed," she confessed. I nodded in satisfaction.

"That's terrible!" I exclaimed. A brilliant idea appeared on my head. "I know a friend of me who's allergic of seaweed," I said and smirked. I saw Leigh glared at me, and it made me more satisfied.

"Really? Is that bad?" Liam asked.

"That's awful! That allergy can cause skin rash. After my friend ate seaweed, there are a lot of red dots on her skin. I remember my friend who had that allergy. She was dating, having dinner with her boyfriend in a Japanese restaurant. She didn't know that there was seaweed on her dish. She ate it and not long after that, her skin became rash. That was embarrassing," I laughed, recalled the incident of years ago when Leigh and I were having dinner in Little Tokyo, a Japanese restaurant in Leicester. She inadvertently ate seaweed and her skin became rash in front of me. That was how I found out that she was allergic of seaweed.

"That's shabby," Louis commented. "But funny," he added and chuckled. I watched Leigh's expression, her face was flushed deep scarlet red. I couldn't help but chuckled. I won this time.

"Aw, that's bad," Danielle said softly. "I can make a new one, without the seaweed," she said then stood up.

"No, that's fine. I'll remove the seaweed by myself," she said.

"That's okay, Leigh. I just need to mix the remaining scallops with the garlic custard and the jelly," Danielle said and made the new dish for Leigh.

"Thanks," Leigh mumbled after Danielle gave her the new dish without the seaweed. A smile of victory was plastered on my face.

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