Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


52. New Year's Eve


"I don't want to do this," I groaned quietly as I stepped out of the car, Sophia trailing behind me.

"Come here," she said, taking my hand and dragging me towards the corner where nobody was there.

"What do you want?" I snapped as we were out of paps' eyes.

"Look, I know you don't want to do this. Trust me, neither do I. But do we have a choice?" she said softly.

"You seem to enjoy all of this, the whole fake-dating thing," I snorted. It was true though. She looked really happy spending time with me at Christmas dinner. I knew she really enjoyed the attention.

"I'm an actress," she said. "Well, not a famous one though," she added. 

I rolled my eyes. As if that fucking mattered. I really didn't give a shit.

"So?" I said.

"Well, you told me I enjoyed this while actually I wasn't. I'm just acting to enjoy it," she replied. "You're a bad actor though."

"I'm a singer, not a god damn actor," I snorted.

"Well, can you at least stop being sour towards me?"

"You're the one who should stop being all clingy and bitchy," I retorted harshly. I saw the hurt in her face and I felt guilty. A little.

Okay, she was actually not that clingy. It's just.. everything irritated me. I was pissed and her presence alone made me angry. And her acting like my girlfriend made me sick to my guts. I knew she was supposed to, but still.

"Look, I'm sorry for being a dick but you don't understand what I feel," I sighed. She would never understand.

"Oh, trust me. I do," she said. "I know exactly what you feel."

"Oh enlighten me."

"Well, management picked the right girl as your beard. Trust me or not, I'm a Niam shipper. I won't do something that will ruin your relationship with Niall," she said, catching me off guard.

"You're lying," I stated.

"You have every right to doubt me," Sophia replied. She then pulled her phone and showed me Twitter. I raised an eyebrow questioningly as she clicked on her profile. I was surprised that it was a fan account. Her username was niampayniall and her display name was "Liam tops". She had a photoshopped picture of me and Niall kissing as her icon.

"Sorry I'm kind of perverted about that," she said sheepishly. I was still staring at her in disbelief, never thought she would be a fangirl let alone Niam shipper.

"We've never done that," I said, referring to her display name. "We've only dated officially for a few weeks even though we've liked each other for months," I told her.

"Oh, sorry. I thought.." she trailed off, embarrassed. "I'll change it later. But I believe you will top though," she chuckled.

"Frankly, I never thought you were a Niam shipper. You didn't act like a fan," I said.

"Told you I'm an actress," she smiled, then scrolled down her own tweets. "I've been a Niam shipper for months, even before you broke up with Danielle," she told me.

"We were that obvious?"

"Yeah, sort of. Not many people noticed though, I mean that time. Until December, you two were getting more and more obvious," she explained as she was still scrolling. I watched her scrolling and it seemed endless until she stopped. She then showed me her tweets in August. She had tweeted about how much she believed Niam was real and she shipped us hard.

"Is it your own account?" I asked. She looked a bit offended. Well, I had the right to be suspicious. I couldn't trust her yet.

Sophia scrolled again until she found a tweet from early August. It was her selfie.

"Sorry, I just have trust issues with everyone," I apologized.

"It's fine, I'm glad you didn't trust me so easily," she smiled.

"But still, even though you're a Niam shipper you still don't understand what I feel," I said sadly.

"Like what I said, I do know what you feel," she replied. I just shook my head no. "I feel the way you feel," she said.

I was about to ask but then flashes of cameras stopped me. I looked behind and saw some paparazzi snapping pictures of us.

"I'm sorry," Sophia backed and pressed her back against the wall, then pulled me to her and captured my lips in hers.

I played along. I put my hands on her waist, gently pressing her with my body. I knocked our foreheads together, our noses were touching but our lips weren't. I breathed heavily and made humming noises so they would believe we were making out. Sophia ran her hands all over my back as I went to kiss her neck. Well, it wasn't kissing but from behind it looked like that. I just pressed my nose against her skin and she fake-moaned.

"Enough show," she whispered and we finally pulled away.

"Let's go," I said, resting my hand on her lower back. Well, Sophia wasn't as bad as I thought.

We were at the festival that was held every year on New Year's eve. We crowded around a stage and watched some performances. There were Monaco's traditional dances, circus, and many more. I enjoyed the festival after knowing that Sophia was on my side. I believed she would help me out.

Finally it was a few minutes before midnight. The lights went off and darkness blanketed us. I could barely see anything since the sources of lights were only from a street light and people's phones. I held Sophia tight and pulled her close to me.

A loud sound silenced us. It was like the sound of an explosion and it scared the living shit out of me. Sophia flinched in my arms and I held her tighter.

Right after that, a big screen went on and number 10 flashed on the screen. We all started counting the final seconds that would lead us to 2014.

"You know why I know exactly how you feel?" Sophia yelled through the noises. Our faces were only inches and we were ready for the New Year's kiss. I could see paps taking pictures of us from the corner of my eyes.

"Why?" I asked, people were still counting.

"Because I have a girlfriend," she said as people stopped counting and started cheering. Our lips met in a kiss and the fireworks went off.



Everyone was already wasted even though it wasn't even midnight. I wasn't surprised though, they were party animals. I guess some things never changed.

I knocked a shot of tequila and decided it was the last drink since I didn't want to get too drunk. I was driving and the last thing I needed was getting pulled by cops in the middle of the night of the new year. I laughed along at what Nate said, even though I didn't understand it. I just laughed at everything since everything seemed funny.

"It's almost midnight!" Talitha exclaimed. I just laughed and shook my head at her, thinking of how much I missed her loudness. Well, I literally missed everyone here, they were all my high school friends. This New Year's eve I rented a club and threw a party for all of us. It was really nice to have them here, they really knew how to have fun. I had a wicked time with them.

"Aye, where's your bird?" Landon asked, taking a seat next to me. He pulled his feet up on the table in front of us.

"Not here," I replied. Eleanor had gone back to Manchester. She visited me a day after Christmas and stayed the night.

"Oh, look who's not getting New Year's kiss!" he laughed loudly and I smacked his head.

"You're not getting it either so shut up," I retorted.

"Look at that chick over there," he said, pointing at Daisy. "I'm taking her home tonight," he laughed again. I chuckled and shook my head in amusement. I bet Daisy would rather sleep in the streets instead of going with Landon.

I remembered back in high school Landon always tried to hit on Daisy but failed miserably. I thought he had already given up, but I guess I was wrong. I felt bad for him though. He was always rejected.

"I'm dating her, y'know," he slurred.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," I replied, not believing him.

"How's your bird? Still in jail?"

"Nah, turns out she's innocent," I told him.

"And you're still dating her?" he asked nosily.

"Nope," I answered. "Now go away and fuck your own bird," I snorted playfully. But he went though. He walked over to Daisy and I was surprised when they started making out. Guess I had missed a lot of news.

I couldn't describe how I felt about the whole situation; with Eleanor coming back to my life. I really didn't see that coming. I thought she was gone for good, not that I wanted so.

When Eleanor paid me a visit, it surprised the living shit out of me. I didn't know she drove in the middle of the snow just to wish me a merry Christmas and give me cakes and cookies she made. She also gave me, my mum, and my sisters Christmas presents. My mum and sisters welcomed her--they had known about the truth from the news. We had nice time with her, and it wasn't that awkward. Never once any of us mentioned about what happened with Taylor Swift and stuff and I was so thankful. My mum was the one suggesting her to stay the night.

After she went back to Manchester, we still talked on the phone. We never talked about what happened to us, we just talked about what we were doing in general. I supposed she knew better. She knew that I would talk about our relationship if I wanted to.

Frankly, I still had feelings for her. I had to admit that I wished she were here with me at this moment. But I didn't know if we could pick up what we left off and start it over again. I had let her go so I didn't know if we could fix what we once had. I guess I was just not ready.

People were counting the last seconds until New Year and I counted along with excitement. I had high expectation for this year. There would be huge things ahead of us, such as stadium tour, Brit Awards, new movie, and many more.




Everyone cheered jovially and the fireworks outside went off. I hugged the closest person from me who happened to be Talitha, and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Then I texted Eleanor, wishing her the same thing.



"Jack Daniels," Fiona said to the bartender and held two fingers up. Then she turned to me and asked if I wanted more drink.

"Nah, I'm good," I said. I had had three shots and it was enough for tonight.

Not long after that, the bartender served Fiona's drink. She downed the liquor in one gulp and I cringed for her. Well, her throat must had been burning like shit.

"Look at us," she said, putting the glass down. "Drinking on New Year's eve. No dates. Just us, ourselves, and alcohol."

"We're just single pringles," I chuckled, shaking my head. She was the relationship type of girl, so she wouldn't stand being single. After she broke up, she would find another boy within two weeks at most.

Fiona was my friend from college. We had been friends since the first day of college. She was a fun girl to hang out with. She didn't like gossiping and that was why I got along with her well.

"2014 is fifteen minutes away and I'm not getting New Year's kiss," Fiona whined as she downed her second shot.

"Well, why don't you go there and find a hot bloke?" I said, pointing at the dance floor with my head.

"Kissing random stranger? No thanks."

"Then stop whining, that's ugly," I said loudly to beat the noise.

"Why thank you," she replied sarcastically.

A man sat on the empty stool next to me. He had cigarette between his teeth and smoke coming out from his parted lips. I never liked smoke, it always suffocated me.

"I need fresh air. I'll go outside, you coming?" I shouted over the loud music. It was too hot inside and I really needed fresh air.

"Nah, I'll just stay here," she replied.

I walked through the dancing sweaty bodies towards the back door. As I walked out of the club to the deserted alleyway, I felt relived. Not after I realized it was snowing and it was freezing. I shivered as snow fell lightly.

I always hated English weather. It wasn't snowing this afternoon. And this morning it was raining. I always wondered why people wanted to go to England. The weather was shit. The weather change was like a girl on period's mood change.

I tightened the leather jacket around my frame. I should had brought jumper instead of this leather jacket. It didn't help me much, I was still freezing to my bones. Well, to most people here it wasn't that cold, but I always hated cold weather. I just couldn't stand it.

This leather jacket was Harry's. He lent me this long ago before we broke up, and I hadn't returned it to him. And actually I didn't want to.

I decided to just warm up in the car and wait for Fiona. I didn't want to freeze my arse off to death and I didn't want to go back inside either. As I began walking towards the parking lot, I heard someone called my name.

It didn't take genius to recognize the voice. A smile involuntary made its way to my face and I turned around to face Harry.

"Hey you," I smiled, watching Harry walked slowly towards me with both hands stuffed in his black jacket.

"I saw you exiting the club and I followed you," he told me. "You haven't replied to my texts since yesterday," he pouted.

"Well, I dropped my phone into the toilet," I told him, feeling embarrassed.

"That's the disadvantage of having thigh gap," he laughed. "Are you cold?" he asked after a moment.

"Yeah, I was about to go to my car to get warm," I replied.

"Let's get to your car then," he said.

We went inside my car and I turned the heat all the way up. I sighed in relief as the warmth engulfed me.

"I've been looking for that jacket," Harry spoke. "Turns out you've been keeping it the whole time."

"I'm sorry, I'll give it back," I said, taking off the jacket.

"No, just keep it," he said, stopping me. "It's not like I run out of jacket anyway," he chuckled.

"Losing one jacket won't hurt you anyway," I joked.

"Besides, you look cute in that," he remarked and I blushed. Harry poked my cheek and I blushed harder.

"I thought you were mad or annoyed at me because you haven't been replaying to my texts," he said.

"I just haven't gotten a new phone," I shrugged. "What were your texts?" I asked.

Harry took his phone out of his front pocket. He looked at the phone and said, "uh, not this one." He then took another phone from his back pocket. "This one," he said.

"Too many phones," I chuckled.

"I'll give you one of mine if you want," he said jokingly, already knowing the answer.

I just rolled my eyes. He knew that I didn't like to be spoiled. I didn't like him buying things for me, especially expensive things. I always told him not to spend his money on unimportant things. I just didn't want him to be too fancy like other celebrities. I wanted him to be like normal teenager.

Harry typed his passcode and turned out he still had the same password, 2202. He went to his messages and I couldn't help but looked at a few recent messages which were happy new year's from Lou Teasdale, Michael Clifford, and Gemma. He opened my message thread and showed me 5 texts from him.

To: Cami!!

Hiiii x

To: Cami!!

How are you doinggg?

To: Cami!!

I showed Niall a scary video and he was scared shitless he even forced me to accompany him peeing and showering hahaha xx

To: Cami!!

Sorry didnt mean to disturb you or something I was just telling you x

To: Cami!!

Niall and I are going to Mr. Fogg's for NYE and I'm just wondering if you want to join us? It's ok if you don't want to but it would be nicee if you do .xx

I chuckled at his adorableness. Even when I didn't reply, he still texted me.

"Well, what a coincidence that my friend dragged me to this club," I remarked.

"You're here with a friend?"

"Yeah, remember the other day when my friends and I met you at the club?" He nodded so I went on, "I'm with Fiona, she's the redhead."

"Oh, that redhead," he nodded in understatement. "Where's she now?"

"She's inside, in the bar," I told him as he sneaked an arm around my shoulder. "Where's Niall? You came with him?"

"Y'know he's Irish I'm certain he's now drinking and getting his arse drunk," Harry replied and I giggled. "He's going on tough time," he added sadly.

"It's about Liam and his beard?" I asked. Harry had told me about Niall and Liam, that they were dating and forced to hide their relationship.

"Yeah, Liam and Sophia, his beard, are in Monte Carlo. They're supposed to kiss," he said.

"That sucks. Your management is so cruel," I replied. "Why don't you guys drop the contract or at least do something to get away from them?"

"Easy for you to say," he sighed. "If we drop the contract, how about the stadium tour? The tickets are already sold out."

"Well, I hope Niall and Liam are going alright with all of this," I mumbled.

"Niall's not taking it well but he tries tho," Harry said.

"Anyway, how's Leigh?" I asked.

Harry sighed deeply and looked outside. "I guess we're not together anymore," he finally answered, which took me by surprise.

"Really?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," he trailed off. "Sort of," he added.

"What do you mean sort of?"

"Well, a few days ago Josh told me about him and Leigh used to date," he said as his fingers played with my hair.

"Wait, they dated? I didn't know this," I shook my head in surprise.

"They dated before Josh joined the band, before he met me. He didn't tell me why they broke up, but he said he still loved her. He just texted me an hour ago that he was in Leigh's, celebrating New Year with her big family," he explained. "Oh, he also told me he wanted to kiss Leigh and asked me if I was okay with it and I said yes."

"Whoa, I didn't see that coming," I said.

"Me either," he replied.

"So how about you and Leigh?"

"Technically, we're still dating. It's just.. I don't know, I don't feel the same way towards her and I know neither does she. And Josh really wants to win her back again and somehow I'm okay with that. But I don't want to break up with her, it's just.. complicated."

"So Leigh and Josh are most likely kissing right now and you're totally okay with it," I said and he nodded. "But you don't want to break up with her?" he nodded again.

"I just don't want to hurt her or something," he sighed. "I just hope everything will work out for both of them and she's happy now with Josh. He's promised me though."

"Promised you what?" I inquired curiously.

"That he won't hurt Leigh and won't repeat the same mistakes or whatever," he replied. "I never know what happened between them. He didn't want to tell me."

"Do you still love her?" I asked carefully.

"I don't know," he replied, twirling my hair with his finger. "I mean yes, I love her. But not in that way anymore, I guess."

"Well, they're probably kissing now. You're totally okay with that?" I asked, wanting him to confirm it again.

"If they're both happy, then I'm really fine with that. I just want them to be happy," he answered.

I didn't say anything since I didn't want to say the wrong thing. I just looked at the sky that was filled with fireworks. It was really beautiful, with the snow falling lightly and there were colorful fireworks in the background. It was like endless fireworks, as if every place was setting them.

"Whoa, it's 12:23 already," Harry said.

"I didn't realize we've been sitting here for a year," I joked.

"Is it too late for New Year's kiss?" he asked and bit his lip.

"Better late than never," I replied, unable to suppress my smile.

Harry cupped my face and pulled me closer to him as he leaned in. Our lips met in a slow kiss that lasted for just a few seconds.

"Happy New Year," he said against my lips before pulling away.

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