Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


11. Messed Up


I felt my cheek was getting warmer. I tried to concentrate at the movie, but I couldn't. Moreover, I had watched this movie many times. I turned around then smiled at him, and stared back at his gorgeous blue eyes. That eyes were so lovely and nifty. There were warmth, love, and peace inside his eyes. They were different than yesterday, at the first time I saw him. His eyes were red and fluffy, there were a lot of pain, disappointment, fury, anger, scars, frustration, and suffer. But today those scars were gone, replaced by charm and sparks. It was really nice, I wish I could just stare at his sparkling eyes all day.

My mind drifted off to this morning, when I woke up. I opened my eyes to a beautiful angel who was stroking my hair. I still could feel his lips on mine, pressing and licking. It was unbelievable. I remembered he said 'I love you' while kissing me and it totally melted me, made my whole body weak.

I kept on staring at him and suddenly I saw his face got bigger. I realized that he was leaning in and removing the distance between us. He pushed me and got me laid on the couch then bowed, his lips found my neck. I felt like my whole body vibrated as his soft lips grazed my skin. He pulled himself and bent again, then laid on top of me, pressed his hips against me. Our faces were just inches and I could feel his warm breath on my face. He just stared at me and breathed heavily, while my heart was stamping out of time.

He lowered his body and rested his chest on my chest, so I could feel his heart beat and he could feel mine too. His heart beat so fast like mine too, I could tell he was quite nervous. I wrapped my arms around his curls and pulled his head closer to mine. Then he crashed his lips into mine and his hands were playing on my hair. I really loved the way when he put his lips on mine, the way he moved his lips and slipped his tongue inside my mouth. His lips felt so good and intoxicating, with soft and wet sensation, like a candy. I could taste pepperoni in his lips. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth and licked the rest of pepperoni taste that remained in his mouth.

"Delicious," he whispered against my lips. "I always love the taste of your mouth," he said again, still on my lips.

Finally after a while he let go. We breathed heavily and stood up. He looked at me and cackled. Gosh, I really loved his cheeky smile. Then he pulled me into tight embrace. We cuddled whilst watching the movie.

"You're so beautiful," he said.

"No I'm not," I turned at him then blushed and turned my face back to the movie. His hand gently clasped my chin and spun my head back facing him. Then he leaned in and crashed his lips into mine again, kissed me hard while whispering "you're beautiful" against my lips, and then he pulled off. He stared at my eyes and grinned.

"Well," he said in throaty voice then cleared his throat. "Let's grab a popcorn."

"Okay, I'll go to my room and grabe some for us," I replied then walked out and headed to my room to get some popcorn.

I came back to Harry's room with a big popcorn in my hand and entered the room. I stepped in and dropped my jaw.

The popcorn fell to the floor.

I glared in horror of what I just saw in the room.




I let go off Liam's hug and stepped closer to Niall, tears streamed down my face as I watched him about to hit Louis, then his fist hit the wall. I knew he wouldn't dare enough to hit Louis. Even he was a jerk, Louis was still Niall's best friend. Our best friend.

I clutched on Liam's shirt and buried my face on his chest, sobbed. I was sure then that Harry would leave the band. One Direction would be torn apart and their career would be over. I couldn't think any worse possibility from this. We were in such a mess. Liam held me tight and buried his face on the top of my head, crying. I knew it must had been so hard for him, knowing he was the Daddy Direction, so he felt he was responsible for all of the boys.

"What should we do now?" Perrie asked between tears. I just shook my head in Liam's chest as his shirt absorbed my tears.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault! I don't deserve you, guys!" Louis shouted. He ran to the kitchen, grabbed his key and rushed outside.

"Don't you dare leaving us!" Liam yelled.

"Just go away, Louis. Go! You're such a trouble!" Niall screamed and ran upstairs to his room.

Louis just entered his car, started the ignition and drove along the driveway.

"Comeback, Lou! We haven't done!" I screamed on the top of my voice.

"Sorry, guys. Goodbye," said Louis before he closed the window and headed outside, leaving us. Again.



I turned the car to the busy road, and drove nowhere in high speed. I didn't care if the police would stop me, they better had stopped me and send me to jail. I deserved that. I was the reason that One Direction torn apart. Niall was right, I was such a fucking trouble. I wiped my tears as sky turned darker and started to rain. The road became slippery but I didn't care. It rained heavily, but I didn't want to stop anywhere, I just wanted to drive away from reality.

I just brought some money I found in the kitchen, didn't bring my phone with me. Hence no one could contact me and remind me to the reality. Well I might had been selfish by running away from troubles, but I just needed some time to accept the reality. I promised myself to be back in the evening.

I stopped at the McDonald's for breakfast, but the meal tasted plain. I sighed. Suddenly I felt my hand trembled. I had bad feeling.

About Harry.


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