Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


27. Lunch Confession


We were about to head to Avian to have lunch. Camille gave my key that she kept and we walked towards the garage. 

"Where are you going?" Camille's father's voice stopped us. 

"Lunch, in Avian," Camille answered casually.

"Okay, have fun," her dad replied, which was surprised me. I wondered why he didn't stop us, or forbid us. I thought he hated me. "Take care of my daughter," her dad said at me.

"Of course, sir," I answered, tried to be as polite as I could.

"I'm going to work, I'll be home late at night," her dad said. I just nodded politely.

"Okay, dad. Have a good day at work. Bye," Camille said, then we entered my Range Rover.

I placed my bum on the driver's seat and sighed. I missed the scent of my car. I started the engine and pulled out of the driveway, then drove out of her house. Before I left the driveway, I stared at the house across the street, the kidnappers' house.

"Look Camille," I patted her shoulder to get her attention then pointed at the house across the street. "That's where I kidnapped, the kidnappers' house," I said then sped up, left the house. She gasped.

"What? So the kidnappers are just across the street and I had no idea at all?" she cooed.

"Well, no wonder because they almost never left the house. Do you know who kidnapped me?"

"Who?" she asked, her eyes turned wide.

"The Wanted," I answered. "And Taylor Swift," I added.



We finally arrived at Avian, my favorite Italian restaurant. We took a seat then placed our order.

"So," I trailed off, after the waitress left with our order. "I think you first, explain everything," I said.

"Well," Harry sighed, then continued, "I left the house a few days after you left. I stayed at Leigh's motel for two days before I was kidnapped," he explained. "Then The Wanted, under Taylor's command kidnapped me. They locked me inside their dirty basement."

"How did you escape?" I asked.

"Well, that night one of the kidnapper came inside to check me, and when he left, he forgot to lock the door. I sneaked out then escaped, and that was how I came to your house," he answered.

Our food came and we started eating. I ordered Bruschetta with Favetta and Harry ordered Bonza Risotto.

"Your turn," Harry spoke.

"Well," I gulped, then cleared my throat. "I want to be honest with you," I said. Harry nodded and stared at my eyes deeply.

"Tell me everything," Harry said.

"Do you know the reason why I left?" I asked carefully, my heart pounded really hard against my chest wall. I watched Harry nodded while munching his Risotto.

"Louis has told me, before I left," he replied.

"I-I'm s-sorry," I stuttered. "I really regret that, I shouldn't have done that with him," I said then looked  at the ground.

"That's okay," he said. "I've already forgiven you," he said. I snapped my head at him.

"R-really?" I asked, totally surprised. "I don't deserve that," I mumbled.

"You do," he said. "I've forgiven Louis too," he added.

"Your heart is so big, Harry," I said and smiled. He just smiled cheekily, his dimples peeked from his cheeks.

"Where did you go when you left?" Harry asked.

"I stayed on Aunt Belle's house for a few days," I answered. Harry knew about Aunt Belle. When we were still dating, we often visited her.

"How did you end up in your house? And how's your relationship with your dad?" he asked.

I told him about the day I met my dad at the mall, and about my relationship with my dad. Harry was glad that I finally came back home and fixed my relationship with my dad. I also told Harry about Leigh, the day I met her and our attempts to find him.

"Well, I have to tell you something," he said after I had done explaining. His expression changed. "Since you've told me the truth, I have to tell you the truth too," he said then stared at me. His green orbs found my brown ones.

"W-what's that, Harry?" I asked.

"When I was staying with Leigh," he trailed off to gulp his Risotto. "I kissed her, and told her I loved her," he said, then looked at his food. I felt jealously started to crept into my skin. "And when I was kidnapped," he continued. "I also kissed Taylor," he said. I gasped.

"I'm sorry, Camille," he said, looked straight into my eyes. "I didn't know what came over me. I really didn't know what I was doing," he muttered. "But when I kissed Taylor, I really didn't mean that kiss. I regretted that. I don't have feelings for her, so let's just forget about the Taylor kiss," he said.

"But Leigh?" I asked.

"Leigh.." he mumbled, his eyes wandered to explore the restaurant. "I don't know, Camille. To be honest, I do have feelings with her," he said as my heart shattered into pieces. "And I also have feelings with you," he uttered.

"You can't love two girls at the same time, right?" I said then sighed.

"I can't describe my feelings now, I don't know, Camille. I really have no idea about my own feelings," he said, his expression was unreadable.

"Just let it flow. You'll find out later," I said and forced a smile. I looked at the ground, didn't want to see his green emerald eyes I loved.

"I want to ask you something," Harry said and lifted my chin with his fingers, so I looked at his eyes. "Do you love Louis?"



Finally I was being honest with her, and told her everything, about Leigh, Taylor, and my feelings. Then it was the time for her to tell me how she felt, about me, and especially about Louis. I had to know whether she still loved me, or loved Louis instead.

"I-" she gulped, tried to speak. "I d-don't know," she stuttered.

"Do you love me?" I asked.

"I don't know, Harry. But I have feelings with you, and Louis," she whispered at the last part. I sighed. She really loved Louis.

I nodded and continued to finish my lunch as my mind drifted to Leigh. She had been the one who comforted me, who was there for me when everyone left me, when I was in the lowest position. He picked me up when I fell down. I couldn't help but missed her green eyes, her blonde hair, and her damp pink lips.

I stared at the girl in front of me, the one I used to love. She was very amazing, Camille was so beautiful, her emerald brown eyes that always shining, her pointed nose, her black hair that complete her beauty. But I knew she didn't belong to me anymore. She loved Louis, and I didn't know why I didn't feel hurt or pain. I finally could let her go, and that was because of Leigh. She helped me got over Camille.

I wanted Camille to be happy with the one she loved, Louis. I wanted to set her with Louis because I knew they loved each other. I realized that my true feeling was for Leigh. I meant I loved Camille, but not as much as I did before. I adored her, like my.. um, best friend? No, it was more than just a best friend. I adored her like my sister. And Leigh... I wanted to be more with her. I liked her, loved her. Even we just met and only spent time together for less than a couple of days, I felt strong feeling about her. 

I sighed happily. Finally I could describe my own feelings, I could choose between the two amazing girls in my life. I could find the real love of my life. I was overwhelmed. I glanced at Camille who just had done with her Bruschetta. I wished she felt the same, I wished her love was for Louis. I wanted my two best friends to get together.

"Camille," I called huskily.

"Yes?" she said and lifted her head.

"I want to confess," I said. She raised her eyebrows, waiting for my confession. 

"I think I love Leigh," I confessed.

"So that's your true feeling?" she asked and smiled.

"Yes. Well, I love you too, but as my best friend. You're like my sister for me now," I said carefully, not wanting to hurt her. "And I think your feeling is for Louis," I said smiling.

"I think so," she said. "Well, thank you for everything, Harry. I never regret the times with you. You're a really awesome guy. Leigh is so lucky to have you," she said then stood up. Camille stepped closer and hugged me.

"Thank you for all the times with you, Camille. You're beautiful and amazing," I whispered against her shoulder. "Louis is a good guy for you. And he's very lucky to be with you. I hope you two will be happy together," I continued.

"You too, I wish you and Leigh will last long," she whispered then let go.

"You too. Thanks, Camille," I said then pulled her into embrace.

"Oh!" she gasped. "I forgot something," she said. I raised an eyebrow and gave her a questioning look.

"We haven't tell Leigh or Louis that you've escaped. They must be still worry about you," she said.

"Oh yea, right," I replied. "Let's tell them then," I suggested.

"I'll call them. Anyway, Louis keeps your phone," she said.

"No, we'll go back to the house and give them a surprise!" I exclaimed.

"Brilliant!" she cooed then we left the restaurant then headed straight to One Direction house. I was so excited to be back, I really missed the house. I missed the boys. They must had been worried about me.



"Harry is gone!" I heard Jay yelled from the basement. "He escaped!"

"WHAT?!" Taylor yelled from the kitchen. I snapped my head up and got up, then rushed to the basement. I found the basement was empty. Only Harry's shirt on the floor. He was gone.

"What the fuck!" I yelled.

"How could he escape?" Taylor asked angrily.

"I came here and found the door was unlocked. When I entered, the basement was empty," Jay answered.

"Someone must have left the door unlocked last night, and he ran away," Tom spoke.

"I thought I was the last one who left the basement," Taylor said. "But I'm sure I've locked the door!"

"Then there must be someone else after you that entered the basement but forgot to lock the door," Max said.

"Who? Who the fuck left the door unlocked?" Taylor yelled loudly. Her eyes were filled with rage.

Shit. I slapped my forehead with my palm. I was the last one who checked Harry. And I forgot to lock the door. Shit, I was such an idiot. I made our chance to get rid of One Direction and become successful gone. I messed things up.

What should I do? If Taylor knew that I made Harry escape, she would kill me!

Taylor noticed the change of my expression and she snapped, "Was it you?!"

"W-what do you m-mean?" I stuttered. I was so clumsy and nervous. My feet trembled and my throat got tightened.

"You left the door unlocked last night, didn't you?!" she asked, yelled at me whilst pointing at my face.

"I-I'm sorry," I stammered. My voice was shaking and raspy. "I didn't know, I didn't mean to," I mumbled.

"YOU FUCKING RUINED EVERYTHING! HARRY HAS GONE AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!" Taylor screamed very loudly. She never looked so mad like that before. I was beyond scared, didn't have the courage to speak. She was extremely furious.

Then Taylor grabbed my collar and pushed me against the basement wall. She glared at me furiously, made me so terrified. Her eyes were dark, filled with fury. I was lucky that look couldn't kill.

"It's all your fault!" she yelled then threw her fist in the air and slammed it to my face. Her fist greeted my cheek, created a bruise on my left cheek.

"I'm sorry!" I managed to speak. Taylor released her grip on my collar. Instead she grasped my neck, blocked my trachea so the air couldn't get into my lungs. I suffocated, unable to breath.

"Sorry won't bring Harry back here," she snapped and stifled me tighter. I gasped for air and my face turned scarlet red.

"Taylor, stop! You can kill him," Jay spoke. Taylor loosened her grip from my neck. I rubbed my neck and tried to catch my breath.

"I know where to find Harry," I spoke after a took a long breath.

"How?" Tom asked.

"I know his girlfriend, Camille's house," I said. "It's not far from here, he's probably hiding there," I told them.

"Where?" Taylor asked. Her face muscles tightened when she heard I said Camille.

"Right across the street," I answered. "We can, I mean we must kidnap Camille too," I said.

"Great idea!" Jay exclaimed.

"So," Taylor spoke harshly. "What are you idiots waiting for? Go catch them now, before they're gone!" Taylor commanded. We quickly rushed to the bedroom to grab our disguise, gun, and baseball bat.

Tom, Max, and Jay will go inside and catch Camille and Harry, while Nathan and I will stand by outside the house for in case if they need more help. Taylor Swift was waiting inside Nathan's house, to 'greet' Harry and Camille.

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