Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


12. Kidnapped

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"No! Harry!" I screamed on the top of my lungs as two masked men dragged Harry across the room towards the front door. Harry tried to fight but they were so powerful. One of them covered Harry's mouth with his own hand and they paused then turned around quickly at me soon after they heard me scream. Harry's eyes got widened when he saw me. He started kicking and gasping for escape but it seemed useless. One of them directed a knife towards his face and held his legs tighter, a handcuff perfectly set around his hands.

I was paralyzed and frozen in place, stared at the two masked dicks. One of them, the black masked one wore black jumper and black sport pants, he was holding Harry and handed a knife right in front of his neck. The white masked one wore black tank top, showed off his tattooed arms. Gosh, his arms were full of tattoo. I remembered a tattoo of a skull with thorns all over a red heart. He had white complexion, I could see his deep brown eyes behind the mask.

And the white masked one stepped closer.

Towards me.

He was holding a gun.

Harry tried to kick the black masked one whilst motioned me to run. I shook my head and began to cry. Then the white masked one grabbed my waist, spun me and about to handcuff my hand. Harry kicked harder and finally he pushed the black masked one, and quickly got up, ran towards me and the white masked guy.

"Leigh, run! Run!" he screamed with husky voice.

"No, I'm not going without you," I shouted.

"I'll be fine. Run!" he shouted on the top of his voice, then rushed to the white masked one, kicked his balls so I could let go off his disgusting hand.

I fell on the ground for a while, frozen there and just stared at them in horror.

"RUN!" he shouted, helped me to get up and pushed me towards the door.


"I LOVE YOU, LEIGH. NOW, GO RUN AND SAVE YOURSELF, I'LL BE FINE!" he screamed in tears as I ran away as fast as I could. I turned my head to see the black masked dick kicked Harry's stomach, pull his hair and dragged him. The white masked guy got up and about to chase me, but finally he turned to Harry and tortured him hard. They lifted his weak body, and kidnapped him.

I cried whilst running towards my room and locked the door. I stood in front of the window, and I could see the two masked villains hauled unconscious Harry to the van. Oh no, they must had beaten him. I cried as I spotted three other guys waiting in front of the van and helped them loading Harry to the vehicle. I narrowed my blurry eyes to see the car's police number and kept it in my mind.



"You sick knave, coward jerk!" I shouted as my whole body shivered. I cried loudly and snarled. I couldn't control my emotion, I threw my fist in the air and it landed on a glass table. It shattered into pieces as my fist bleed, but I didn't care. I was very rage, and my whole body was filled with fury.

"Stop hurting yourself, Liam," Danielle cried and held my arms. I didn't obey, I was blinded by anger. Danielle dragged me to my room we shared, and locked me inside.

"Dani, let me out!" I yelled and banged the door. "Let me out before I break this shit."

"No until your anger slake. Now stay inside, don't mess anything, and calm yourself." she stated.

She was right. I sat on the corner of the bed, bent my arms with my elbow rested on my lap and buried my face on my palm, sobbed. I cried my eyes out, let all the emotions out. It was the most shitty day ever.

Moments later my anger slaked a little bit. I let another tears out of my eyes as I lied on my bed, tried to think straight. Danielle was right. Ain't no Daddy Direction rampaged like that. I had to find the way to save this band.



I opened my eyes with extreme headache and pain all over my body. I blinked several times and found myself in a dark basement, with handcuffed hands on my back, tied feet, and a piece of cloth covered my mouth. I was so confused. My eyes observed the dirty room.

The basement was dark, only a few light shone through the small window above the door. I could tell it was still noon. The walls were painted white but the paint had exfoliated, making the basement looked vile.

How the fuck did I get here? I tried to remember what was bloody going on, my mind replayed the events that happened before. I thought hard, and I realized that I was kidnapped. I probably fainted when I was brought here. I could feel the pain and ache in my whole body, they had beaten the shit of me. My mind went to Leigh. Was she okay? I wished she was okay, knowing she escaped and none of the kidnapper ran after her. But I worried about her a lot.

I heard a moan across the room and that was when I realized I wasn't alone. I saw a naked man, he was masturbating. His disgusting mouth escaped another moan in low tone, but it was loud enough to pierce my ears. My eyes spotted a skull tattoo with a red heart and thorns all over it. Jesus Christ, it must had been the kidnapper, in white mask! But his face looked familiar. I narrowed my eyes to see the man more clearly. My eyes stopped at his dick, and I grinned. His dick was small. My eyes move up to see his pervert face.

Tom Parker.

Yes! He was Tom Parker from The Wanted.

No wonder why he kidnapped me. His band was always jealous of my band.

"Oh fuck, it was bloody good. Kelsey couldn't bring me orgasm like this shit," he moaned and stood up, still naked. I stared at him in disgust. He walked to grab his clothes and then noticed that I was awake.

"Shit, how long have you been awake?" he cursed and looked very embarrassed. Well, he should had been. He quickly slipped his underwear and grabbed his jeans. I just rolled my eyes, grinned behind the cloth that was still covering my mouth. I stared at him in humiliating look then he walked towards me.

"Look, you can laugh now but we got you, and you can never escape. One Direction will be over, and The Wanted will rise. You and your band will pay the awards you stole from us," he stated then spitted his saliva to my face. Anger filed my eyes. After saying that he stepped upstairs, opened the door and disappeared behind the closed door. Hence I was by myself in the basement.

There was a dead silence for a couple of minutes before I heard sounds of people talking behind the door.

"He's awake?" I barely heard a girl's voice and it sounded familiar, but I couldn't recognize the girl. I couldn't hear the conversation clearly, but I could tell there were more than two people.

I watched the door swung opened and there were Tom and Max from The Wanted. They walked towards me, took off the rope on my foot, then grabbed the edge of my shirt and pulled me, forced me to stand up. I crooned in pain as I walked out of the basement. They led me to the living room and uncovered the cloth off my mouth.

I was very shocked of what I had just seen in the living room.

"Taylor?" I was startled and couldn't believe it was Taylor Swift, sitting on the couch with arms crossed in front of her chest and evil grin 'prettified' her 'plastic' face. Well, she only got a bit of face on her make up as her make up was extremely thick. Her red lipstick was very bulky, making her looked very slutty. She was wearing a white dress with top cut low, showed off half of her small boobs, and... nipple. Ouch, nip slip. I held myself from laughing.

"Welcome home, Harry Styles," she began. "It's nice to see you again," she continued as her prurient lips escaped an evil laugh.

"Why did you kidnap me like this?" I protested.

"Oh, don't you know that I miss you and I want you back," she replied. "And I know you feel the same, sweetie."

"No, Taylor," I said in contempt. "We're over, and I never miss you or want you to show up in my life. You're totally out of my life."

"Don't you lie to yourself. I know you want me."

"Dream on, bitch."

She looked very surprised when I called her bitch. No wonder, it was the first time I said bad word about her. She looked very pissed and Max could tell that, because he quickly punch my chest, got me moaned in pain.

"Watch your mouth, you dick," said Jay, another member of The Wanted who had brown curly hair. His curls were icky. I wonder when did the last time he washed his hair.

"And watch your attitude while you're masturbating. You got a small cock, that's why Kelsey can't give you that 'orgasm'," I mocked Tom.

He stepped closer to me, about to hit me but Taylor stopped him. Instead she leaned in and stopped her face right in front of my face. I felt a thunder on my chest as her smelly breath greeted my face. I turned my head to another direction, not facing her but she grabbed my chin and turned my face facing her. Our face were just inches as she whispered, "Let's get some fun, I know you've waited so long for this."

The next thing I knew she leaned in, removed the spaces between us and crashed her lips into mind. She pushed me against the wall and pressed her body against mine. I could feel her breast on my chest, and her hips on mine. She kissed me wildly. I groaned, tried to get rid of her but my hands were handcuffed on my back. I buried my nails into my palm as anger filled my whole body. I pursed my lips, didn't kiss her back but her kiss was uncontrollable. She tried to shove her tongue inside my mouth but I didn't let her in, I locked my lips. Now, the entrance was only available for Leigh, she had full access for my mouth.

"You kiss like a snail," she said between the kiss, against my lips. She kept kissing me, wilder and wilder, like she was about to suck and eat my face. It was disgusting, her lips tasted very awful and it felt like a nightmare, the worst nightmare ever. It made me sick, I really wanted to puke. I tried hard to get her away, and finally I bit her lips, hard. It worked. She pulled off and stepped back. Her lipstick was so messy and I knew there were a lot of lipstick stains on my face, especially around my mouth. Her hair was in a mess.

"I can't believe you bloody bit my lips!" she growled and frowned.

"You were disgusting!" I yelled and dusted my face to my shirt, tried to remove the gross lipstick stain.

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