Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


50. Her Return


I should had seen it coming. I should had known better before I blurted out the truth between me and Niall. I didn't think straight, I was fuming. I said shit that came first on my mind without thinking, and now I jeopardized my relationship with Niall. I knew how cruel management could be. I just didn't think that I would hurt my boyfriend, and also myself.

Management was quick, like a cunning wolf who was chasing its prey. As soon as they heard the rumor from the media and what the fans said, they made a quick move by creating a contract. Niall, Serena or whatever her name was, and I was forced to sign that damn contract and we really had no choice.

So here I was, sitting at some stupid basketball game with that Serena girl. There were a few men with cameras in hand not far from where we were. I bet those paps were hired by fucking Modest!. The way those hideous cameras were pointing at me made me sick to my guts.

If I just lied to management and told them that we were just friends, Niall and I would be cuddling in bed then, watching this ass game from TV. But what had spoken couldn't be taken back, no matter how hard I wish it would.

"We're supposed to look like a couple," Serena whispered in my ear in her obnoxious girly voice. I didn't know if it was just me but her tone sounded really smug, as if she was enjoying me miserable with her. Serena then put my hand on her thigh, then rested her hand on top of it.

My skin crawled at the unwelcoming contract, and I felt like throwing up on her dolled face. Okay, she didn't put that much amount of makeup, but still she had a little makeup on. I tried to focus on the game instead of her filthy skin against my hand, but the game that was usually my favorite seemed uninteresting.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out, hoping it was a text from my boyfriend. A genuine smile made its way to my face when I saw it was a snapchat from Niall. I opened it and a picture flashed on my screen, a picture of Niall making duck-face with "missing you" as the caption. My boyfriend looked extremely adorable and innocent, like an angel.

I took a screenshot of it and replied, taking a selfie of me with scared-looking face. Then I wrote "Serena is scary" and sent it to him.

Not long after that there was a reply. Niall made a confused looking face and said, "I thought her name was sandy!"

I chucked and took a selfie of mine with one raised eyebrow and a grin on my face. They I typed the caption, "sandy is our bassist, honey".

"Why are you laughing and making faces to your phone?" Serena asked nosily. Damn this girl was so vexatious.

"Mind your own damn business, will you?" I snapped, not too loud so people around us wouldn't hear that.

"Management won't like this," she muttered obnoxiously.

"Shut up, Serena," I growled.

"My name is Sophia," she snorted.

"Whatever. I don't give a shit about the hell your name is. Serena, Sandy, Sophia, Stacey, or whatever, I don't care!" I replied sharply in raised tone, trying to keep my voice quiet but failed as a guy who sat in front of us turned around. I gave him a death glare and he quickly turned back towards the game.

"You're so infuriating," Sophia rolled her eyes in annoyance. I ignored her and unlocked my phone to see a snapchat from Niall.

He said "i want to bite serena and kill her!" and sent me a selfie of him lying on his stomach shirtless whilst hugging his pillow. His eyes were squinted shut and he flashed his teeth, clearly trying to look like a predator who was about to bite its prey. Instead of looking scary, he looked really cute. I was having a slight breakdown because of her cuteness that made my heart melt. At the moment I felt like running a mile to the house and kiss the life out of him.

I took a screenshot of it and quickly set it as my lockscreen. Then I made a kissy face and took a selfie. I wrote "you're so adorable! go kiss your phone screen". I chuckled to myself before I sent it to him.

I was about to lock the screen when a new message popped up. I huffed in annoyance when I saw it was from Darren. I unwillingly opened the message.

From: Darren the evil prick fucker

Message: What the hell! Stop quarreling with Sophia and make yourself look like a couple! Go kiss her right now, and make sure the paps get a good shot.

"Fucking shit!" I exclaimed, glaring at the damn message.

"What's wrong?" Sophia asked with fake concern in her tone. Fuming, I showed her the damn message.

"Well, let's kiss then," she shrugged nonchalantly, as if it wasn't a big deal to her. At this point, I wanted to shove this phone I was clutching down her throat.

"You're so fucking unbelievable," I muttered under my ragged breath.

"We have to do what they told us," she said hypocritically. I had to hold back the urge to jump at her and beat the fucking lights out of that hypocrite skank.

"I have a boyfriend back home who's waiting for me, you b-" I stopped with an exasperated groan, decided it was best not to call her names. "Clearly you're fucking enjoying this shit," I snorted, knowing I was right. How could she not enjoy this? Going on a date with a member of the biggest boy band in the world, plus getting paycheck. Not to mention becoming famous with all these media attention. She was fucking treasuring every moment of this shit while I was living hell.

"Look, I'm just helping you okay," she replied, and if I wasn't mistaken, I saw a glimpse of hurt in her face. Well, I was clearly mistaken. She was pretending to be hurt by what I had said. She was hired to pretend to be my girlfriend, then all she did was pretending about everything. So I wouldn't believe any shit she said, or did.

"I'm not kissing anyone else but Niall!" I yelled furiously. Rage was filling every inch of me, and at this point I didn't care about anything else. I didn't care about this Sophia girl, or Management, or anyone else. All I give a damn about was what Niall would think if he saw the picture of me and this creature with a vagina kissing.

Without thinking, I got up, then stormed away leaving Sophia alone. I didn't forget to flash my middle finger towards the paps who had their jaws on the floor.




"Babe, I'm home," I said as I entered Niall's bedroom. He was laying on his stomach, playing with his phone. He looked up at the sound of my voice and gave me a faint smile as I plopped myself on the bed next to him.

"Hey," he said, pecking me on the lips.

"I've missed you. The date with Sophia was pure hell," I said, then kissed his lips.

"I thought her name was Serena," he chuckled.

"It was Sophia actually," I said.

"You messed up the date, didn't you?" Niall sighed.

"I was told to kiss her. I'm not kissing anyone else except you babe," I replied, pecking my boyfriend's lips again.

"Darren won't stop calling me," he told me. "You ran off with a middle finger to the paps? Seriously?" He chuckled.

"We're going to get in trouble, are we?" I kissed him deeply.

"Yes," Niall breathed into my mouth, and I swore it was the hottest thing ever. I always loved it when he breathed into my mouth like that, especially while talking.

"Why do I always mess everything up?" I pulled away and sighed, shaking my head somberly.

"Hey, look at me," Niall said softly, titling my chin so our eyes met. His blue eyes held so much passion, love, and assurance. I felt instantly relaxed just by seeing those captivating eyes. "Just do what they say. Sophia might be a bitch, but rebelling against them won't make our relationship easier anyway," he said, our lips brushed together as he spoke.

"It's just.. it's hard, pretending to love someone you don't love, and.. I just lost it when I was told to kiss you and she was just like 'okay, let's kiss'. Didn't she think I had a boyfriend who was waiting for me back home," I trailed off, taking a deep breath. "I just don't want you to see me kissing someone else," I shook my head.

"Yes I do upset if I see you kiss anyone else. But do we have choice? As long as your heart is mine, always mine, nothing else matters. You can go to a million dates with everything who has a pussy, but if your heart is only for me, I don't give a fuck about any shit."

"You know I'm always yours. You're the only one who has my heart, and it's always that way. But it's not easy for me to pretend to love anyone else but you," I sighed.

"I know baby," he said, stroking my cheek. "It's never easy, our relationship will never be easy. But I'll fight for us. Will you do the same?"

"Of course I will," I said with determination.

"Then hold on for us. Do what you're told to. I believe someday the world will know about us, and we're able to hold hands in public."

Niall's words gave me hope and assurance that I needed. Everything that tumbled out of his delicate mouth was the only thing I held on to.





"London!" Vienna squealed jovially as we hopped off the train.

"Jesus! It's been ages since I came here! I miss this city," Jenna said, looking at her surroundings in awe. "I'm glad you join us. You can show us around here, I'm sure you know the best place to go," she turned to me.

"Let's get to the motel first then we can go out at night," I said. "I know the best club in town!"

I looked around at my familiar surroundings as excitement filled my body. I was thrilled for this holiday, to spend nice time with my best friends in this beautiful city and most of all, to see Harry.

We got to the motel, and I immediately pulled my phone out of my pocket. I sent a text to Harry, telling me that I had arrived at my dad's motel.

It took an hour for him to reply. To my disappointment, he told he couldn't come. He had an album release, plus signing. However, I was really proud of him. I was sure their third album would kill the charts and the sell would be massive.

"Are we gonna go out and have fun or just bumming around in your motel?" Vienna whined.

"Aren't you tired? We've just arrived," I replied.

"Okay at least let's go get something to eat. I really want to go to Nando's," she replied.

We had dinner at Nando's then headed to Funky Buddha, my favorite club in town. I wanted to go to Harry's signing, but Vienna and Jenna weren't fans of One Direction. They wouldn't like the idea of waiting in a long line just to get five autographs. Moreover, I wasn't in the mood for taking pictures with fans and answering questions.

I was sitting in the bar, knocking my third shot. I wasn't planning on drinking much, so I decided it would be the last shot. I looked over at the dance floor, Jenna was dancing with a hot random guy. I wasn't surprised though. Jenna was really attractive, she could get any boys she wanted.

"Care to dance?" a guy's voice startled me. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you," he smiled sheepishly. He looked quite attractive with blonde hair and green eyes, but those green eyes made me say no. I only wanted to dance with that one and only certain green eyed boy.

As the guy walked away, I spotted a familiar brown eyes not far from where I sat. That pair of eyes were on me, watching me like a spy.

My heart was thrumming quickly and chills ran down my spine. Those eyes were so cold, and the owner of them slowly made his way towards my direction. I quickly got up and hastened towards the back door, getting out of the club before Josh could catch me.




"Guess who we met at Funky Buddha last night!" Jenna exclaimed while painting her nails.

"Too bad you've left when he showed up," Vienna added.

"Who?" I asked, had the feeling who they were talking about.

"Josh Devine!" Vienna said excitedly. Thought so.

"Did you talk to him?" I asked, hoping they would say no.

"Yes, for an hour or more," replied Jenna. "He was asking about you," she continued.

"He did?" I quirked an eyebrow, pretending to care.

"Yeah. You've seen each other a few times did you?" Jenna smirked. "Y'know he's really hot now. You two should get back!"

"Shut up, I have a boyfriend, remember?" I rolled my eyes. "Josh is the drummer for my boyfriend's band."

"Oh yea, that One Direction dude," she replied nonchalantly, as if dating a member of the biggest boy band in the world wasn't a big thing.

"Where is he anyway? We haven't met him," Vienna spoke.

"He was busy yesterday, signing their new album," I answered. "And I haven't heard from him today," I muttered to myself.

"How will he spend the holiday?" Vienna asked nosily.

"He's going to Chesire," I answered.

"Chesire? What's so special about that place? Can't he spend the holiday with you? There is literally nothing interesting in there," Jenna remarked.

"Chesire is Harry's hometown, dummy," I threw a pillow at her head.

"You know, I still can't wrap my head around the idea that you're dating the Harry Styles!" Vienna said, amused.

"And we haven't met him yet. When will you introduce your pop star boyfriend to us?" Jenna asked.

"I'll text him and ask when we can meet. But don't expect too much, he's always busy. You know, doing all pop stars do," I replied, composing a text message to my boyfriend asking if he could meet us. I hoped he would have time for that. I just couldn't wait to see him, I had missed him so much.

"Oh, anyway, Josh told us he would be spending new year in Leicester," Jenna said.

Fucking shit. Of course he would. I wish I wouldn't run into him there. The last thing I needed was an encounter with my abusive ex boyfriend in my hometown.

"And?" I asked.

"Your family will be having a big dinner right?" she asked.

"Yeah, we do it every year. I just didn't attend the last year's dinner," I replied.

"Well, Josh is coming, isn't he?" Vienna said. "Your parents invited his family eh?"


Oh motherfucker could this get any worse?! There was no way I wasn't attending the dinner; I had promised my parents. Why the hell did my parents invite his damned family anyway?

"I thought you were the one invited him," Vienna said. "He looked happy about the dinner anyway," she added. Of course he would be happy. I bet by the end of the dinner, he would have me pinned on the bed and never let me out, then make the rest of my life a living hell.

"I didn't," I groaned in frustration. "That bastard!" I hissed.

"I thought you were fine with him," Jenna said. "What's wrong between you two?" she questioned.

"It's just.. let's not talk about this yeah? I'll tell you any other time," I said, not meaning it. There was no way I would tell them about what Josh had done to me. Nobody knew about it and I would keep it that way.

"Okay, let's go to the mall," Jenna said.

"Yes, the mall! I need a new pair of shoes," Vienna butted in.

Just as we were changing to get ready, someone stepped into the room.

"Whoa, girls!" Harry stepped back and we all screamed in surprise, trying to cover our bodies. "I'm sorry!" he said with amusement, then got out of the room.

Without giving a shit that I was only wearing bra and shorts, I ran towards Harry and jumped into him. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, hugging him as tight as I could. I buried my head into his neck, breathing deeply in his scent. I had miss his familiar scent, the mix of cologne and his body scent smelt really nice.

"I missed you," I said against his neck. Harry stroked my back and buried his face into my hair.

"I missed you too babe," he replied.

I pulled my head back only to attach my lips with his. The taste of his lips awakened every single cell of my body, vanished all the problems that had been bothering me. The fact that Josh would be at the family dinner slowly faded from my mind.

He pulled away and I involuntary let out a disapproving groan, and leaned in again. He chuckled and pecked my lips.

"Well, you should get dressed and we can hang out with your friends," he said, pecking my lips again.





Zayn and Perrie were still quarreling about Niall and Liam's relationship. I still could hear them bickering in the living room. Good thing Perrie never said a word about her opinion in gay relationship when Niall and Liam were around.

Notwithstanding, after bickering all day, at night they always ended up having sex. And they were vexatiously loud, especially my room was right next to Zayn's. Well, of course they were loud. Both of them were known for their high notes.

"I'll drive you to your flat right now. Don't step your foot in this house if you still can't accept their relationship," I heard Zayn said.

"I'm trying to accept them!" Perrie shot back.

"Guys," I interrupted, stepping into the living room. I was tired with all this bullshit between the engaged couple. "Zayn is right. Until you accept their relationship, you can't come here," I said. "No offense but it's my house too so I can decide who can come here and who can't."

"Fine," Perrie huffed.

"Sorry, didn't mean to piss you off," I said.

"It's okay, I'll go back to my flat," she stood up, walking towards the door. "I'll take the cab," she said, taking her purse and phone with her.

"No, I'll drive you," Zayn said, following his fiance.

I sighed, finally the house was quiet. Harry was out to surprise Leigh and the last time I checked, Liam and Niall were at Niall's room watching movie.

It was actually hard to get quiet time when you live with four other people—sometimes more. It was nice to finally relax and chill. The silence could help me clear my head after yesterday, busy with all the signings, interviews, and stuffs.

I decided to go to Twitter and do follow spree since I hadn't done that in a good while. I followed some people, looking at their profile first to make sure they weren't carrots. I didn't want to follow those carrots, they didn't deserve that. Only true fans deserved my follow. I went to my indirect instead of mentions because I knew those true fans rarely mentioned me. They preferred typing "Louis" instead of "@Louis_Tomlinson" because they talked so much. Mentioning my username would waste too many characters.

I read some tweets, and followed people who tweeted funny things about me or just the boys in general. Then I spotted a conversation between two accounts. They were talking perverted things about me and I couldn't help but laughed loudly.

I decided to have a little fun and replied to them.

@liamhas10inch @sniffinlarry whoa there! You think I won't see it? Ha! And the thing you're talking about is fine, still between my legs ;)

I watched people went crazy after my tweet. I chuckled to myself, reading their comments. Not long after that, #louisishorny was trending. I couldn't stop laughing, this fandom was really crazy. Well, in a good and funny way of course. They could trend anything they pleased so quickly.

I was proud of them. They were the most powerful fandom in the world. It was like they ruled Twitter. We always won in Twitter voting because of them. And they could make haters shit themselves because of their sass. Not to mention the reaction pictures, they were really creative for that. They could make loads of reaction pictures from one short video. Even in 'flawless' video, they could find a glimpse of funny or awkward expression.

I took a picture of my reaction when I saw the hashtag, and posted it with " #louisishorny " as the caption. Then I tweeted a new tweet, I hope it will be your new reaction picture. You're welcome :) x

I read people's tweets, then found one that made me melt into a puddle of happy Louis.

louis is happy and that makes my day. dont touch me im so happy and emotional i

I retweeted her and followed her account. I smiled in happiness, overwhelmed by the fact that they were genuinely happy because I was happy. I was lucky to have the sweetest fans in the world. We were lucky.

I noticed that Zayn, Niall, and Liam had been posting selfies recently. As I scrolled through the tweets, I found a funny tweet.

"how to take a selfie"

a book written by liam, niall, and zayn. dedicated to louis and harry

I quoted it, then said, I don't need the book, I can make better selfie. Then I attached a selfie of me pulling funny face.

I clearly made a chaos on Twitter. The fans were tweeting wildly and they made lots of typos here and there. I smiled to myself, glad that I made them smile.

I replied to some tweets, trying to notice as many as I could. As I was having fun replying, the door bell rang. I groaned in annoyance then reluctantly made my way to the front door.

I opened the door to reveal who intruded my "fucking Twitter up" time. My jaw dropped when I saw who was behind the door.

Eleanor Calder.



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