Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


2. Harry's Reaction


I got home and called Camille and Louis. We got home earlier because I insisted. I missed Camille so bad and I couldn't have fun outside while she's in the house, probably bored.

"Camille? Babe? Where are you???" I yelled again.

"Over here, Harry," I heard she yelled from the back of the house. I came towards the sweet voice and saw her clothes were on the ground, and she was on the swimming pool.

"Hey, babe," she said shyly. "Didn't expect you'd go home early."

"I missed you already. C'mon, get outta the pool," I said.

"I can't, Harry. I'm naked," she replied nervously. I was very surprised.

"What? Why did you swim naked?" I asked, shocked.

"I thought you'd be gone long so I thought it was ok to have 'me time' and swim naked and do crazy stuffs," she answered and forced a laugh.

"That's ridiculous, babe," I laughed. She was so silly. "Louis was here, right? What if he saw you?"

"Wait, he was here? Oh God, fortunately he didn't show up here. I had no idea he was here!" she replied. "Well, now would you get me a towel and make sure no one's here while I dress up?" she asked. I nodded and took a towel then handed it to her. I respected her privacy and closed my eyes as she was dressing up.

"You're safe to open your eyes now," she said a couple minutes later. She was fully dressed and her hair were still wet.

"I never thought you could be this crazy when you're alone!" I said and we laughed. She leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back passionately, but this time this kiss was different. It was like she didn't mean the kiss. But I removed that thought quickly, maybe it was just my feeling.



I sat on the corner of my bed in my room, stared at the blue walls. I felt extremely guilty and sorry for my best friend. I felt like I betrayed him.

Oh, stupid Louis. What the hell were you thinking, jerk? You had sex with your best friend's girlfriend who had never had sex with her real boyfriend. You stole her virginity! You're such a sick bastard, Louis. Now what if Harry found out this shit? 

I laid my head on my bed, wondering what would Harry do with naked Camille in the swimming pool. I was fucking terrified, terrified that he would know what I did. Terrified that I would ruin their relationship. But most of all, terrified of losing my best best friend.

I remembered the first time Harry brought Camille home, about five months ago. They hadn't been in a relationship that time. At first she looked ordinary, kinda plain. But she often came over to see Harry. She was cheerful, innocent, and cute. So fucking cute.

The more I saw her, the more I liked her. But I knew Harry had a huge crush on her. When he talked it was always Camille, Camille, and Camille.

I thought I had a feeling on Camille before she made up with Harry. Maybe just a little. I liked the way she smiled, her shyness, her funny laugh. I loved her little things, her black wavy hair, her sparkling eyes, her nose, her thin pink lips. She had a sweet voice, and I loved the way she called my name. I could hear her moan in my head, and still felt her soft lips on mine, her tongue played inside my mouth, her body.... Shit! Stop it, you jerk!

When she made up with Harry I was hopeless and buried my feelings deep in my heart, and never let those feelings slip out of my heart. Only Jesus knew that. I didn't want to take her away from Harry because I knew how much she meant to him. But what happened in the pool was out of my control. The feelings suddenly slipped off, spilled everywhere, exploded and filled the air. When I saw her with just undies it just turned me on.

But I noticed she was staring at my body. Gosh, I wasn't lying! She stared at my stomach, then my underwear! Then she turned her face, I could tell she was blushing. Shit, she looked so freaking cute like that. Lucky Harry, I wish I could switch our place, so I could be the one who hug her, make her smile, and see her cuteness everyday. 

My feet moved and before I could realize what I was doing, that innocent girl had lost her virginity and I fucking ran away like a mouse. Oh, I was a fucking loser, a jerk.

I braced myself and got up, walked slowly towards the door. I had to act like nothing happened, probably for a while. Then I heard Niall's laughter. Then a girl's laughter. I was paralyzed by the funny laugh. I watched the door swung open and I saw Harry's curls. I watched in horror as he leaned in through the door.

"Hey, mate! Let's go to Nando's. Camille's going too," he said.

I couldn't believe what I just heard. I was frozen for a while, tried to think any excuses or shit to say.

"Well I think my head's still spinning. I'll stay here, alone," I replied.

"Oh, you're going with us. It's not good to be home alone. I'm afraid you'll do crazy stuffs like Camille did," he laughed.

My blood stopped flowing. "C.. Camille? Crazy stuffs? Li-like what?" I wondered. But he was still laughing.

"Oh, it's so ridiculous!" he finally said, after he stopped laughing. Then he continued, "You didn't know what she did while I and the lads were gone?" 

I shook my head in horror. Did he find out? Why the hell did he laugh? Was he about to kill me? Oh, just kill me, Harry. I didn't deserve to live anymore.

Then he opened his mouth and said, "She was at the swimming pool. What a relief you didn't see her. Guess what, she swam naked!" then he broke into laugh again. I forced myself to laugh and pretended to be surprised. Damn, she was a good liar. That was a huge relief for me, actually. 

"That was crazy," I said between my fake laughs.

"So you're coming with us? Please, love," he insisted.

"Fine," I gave a fake smile. He kissed my cheek and walked towards the door. "Be ready in 10 minutes," he said before shut the door behind him.

Oh, shit. I didn't deserve this sweet things from him. He should had punched me in my throat or hang me with a rope instead of treating me with pure love. You're an evil, Louis.

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