Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


21. Forbidden Love


So Louis finally told Camille. Well, that was such a wise decision, knowing Camille caused the trouble too. But I wanted to help to find Harry too. Even I was innocent, I had an urge to find him soon. He had changed my life since he came here few days ago. I needed to feel him in my veins, I had to find him, no matter what. I didn't need help from Louis and Camille, I could find my own way. I didn't care if troubles will come over me, I just wanted to save Harry.

I took a look at the window. The clouds covered the sun as the sky got darker. It was close to rain but I walked to my dad's room and took his key, then got in my dad's Chevrolet Camaro and started the engine. I sighed, and then hit the pedal and drove outside as the rain started to fall.

I didn't know where I went. My eyes surfed all of the vehicles on the road I drove, in hope to find the black van that was matched to the kidnappers' van. I had driven for an hour so I decided to have lunch at Royal China Club, my favorite Chinese food restaurant.

I stopped in front of the restaurant and parked. I shut the engine down and got out of the car then walked inside. After ordered Dim Sum lunch and roasted duck, I heard my phone beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket to see a new message.


From: Uncle Pat

Message body:

I spotted that van in front of Tesco yesterday. Is that black and old?


My heart beat twice further than before. I didn't reply the text. Instead, I called him.

"Leigh," he said.

"Uncle Pat!" I cut him off. "Yes, that van was black and old."

"So I was right. Sorry I just told you right now. Yesterday I saw that van was parked in Tesco but I was in hurry so I couldn't lack or stalk any further," he said.

"Oh, that's bad," I said, the excitement gone so suddenly.

"I'm sorry, Leigh," he apologized.

"Not your fault, uncle. Well, at leas we know that the kidnappers are around Tesco," I uttered.

"Yes, I hope so. Well, I'm kinda busy today so tomorrow I will surf around Tesco to find the van."

"Can I join you?"

"Sure, I'll pick you up at 7 evening."

"Okay, hopefully we can find them soon," I said.

"I hope so, before they run away. I'm afraid they'll run to another country," he replied. Oh no! I just realized that they could go anywhere since they were still roaming around and no one suspected them.

"Oh Lord, please find them soon."

"Why don't you tell the police so they can help to save Harry? We can't do anything much, if you call the police, I'm sure they can lack the van and find Harry," he suggested.

"But Louis doesn't want me to tell anyone," I said, puzzled.

"That's stupid, he can't find Harry by himself. If we just sit there and wait for him to find his band mate, the kidnappers can bring Harry away, even overseas! Or they can even murder him. Okay, you pick. Listen to me, or Louis?"

"I-" I tried to speak but he cut me off.

"Look, I have to go now, my wife's yelling at me. Whether you want to call the police or not, it's your decision. See you tomorrow," he said then hung up.

I finished my eating with sweaty hands. After paid for the lunch I quickly entered my dad's car and drove to Tesco. I knew the chance to find the kidnappers in that supermarket was very low, but I would search around the area, and maybe ask some people for more information.



Taylor became very kind to us. Even I tried to kill Harry, she was just mad at me for a while then turned very kind and generous. She bought us food, then took us to Nando's. I could tell she was in a very good mood, seeing her humming love songs all the time.

I walked towards the kitchen to see what I got for lunch. I entered the kitchen and saw Taylor was cooking while humming her song, Jump Then Fall.

"Hey, what are you cooking?" I asked.

"Beef wellington," she replied shortly with a smile.

"What's that? It must be delicious," I commented.

"You don't know beef wellington?" she raised her eyebrow. "Oh, no wonder. Trashy boy band member like you never eat luxurious food like this," she teased.

"One Direction stole our fame life," I excused.

"Admit it that you have no talent, and One Direction is much more talented than you."

"Whatever, One Direction will be over."

"You've reminded me that a thousand times," she replied. I just smirked and sat on the counter table.

"So what are we going to do today?" I asked.

"I feel so lazy to go out, so I'll just stay home," she replied then put a meat in the plate. I watched her served a plate of beef wellington that looked very delicious. I touched the plate, about to take it but Taylor stopped me.

"This is the most special one, the best beef wellington I've ever cooked," she explained.

"Then?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"Then," she said, taking the plate away. "This is for Harry," she said then walked out of the kitchen towards the basement.

"Crap!" I cursed. Why did she always treat Harry like that, like he was the special person for her. He was our hostage!

I watched Taylor walked back into the kitchen. Then she cooked another beef wellington for us.

After an hour waiting for her to finish all the lunch,  finally she called all of us to have lunch together. We sat around the kitchen table, eating Taylor’s beef wellington greedily like animals.

“Ew, you guys really eat like pigs,” she commented.

“We’ve never eaten food like this before,” Siva replied.

“I know,” she said shortly then without finishing her food she walked out of the kitchen.

“You guys can have the rest,” she said and we ended up fighting over it. 



Gosh, Taylor was such a good cook. I enjoyed every bite of the lunch, it felt like I hadn't eaten delicious food for years. While eating, my mind went to Camille. Why did I suddenly miss her?

I remembered all the good times I had with her, one of the best times in my life. Her innocence took my heart for the first time. My heart wandered of her soft lips, and my eyes were thirsty of her cheeky smile. I wondered how she was, what she was doing, or if she was happy. Did she know that I was kidnapped? Was she worrying about me? I had an urge to see her soon, to hug her, to kiss her.

I drifted into the sweet fantasy I created. I imagined that I was free, the kidnappers released me, then I saw Camille. She smiled at me, showed her beautiful smile, then we ran into each other and hugged. I slipped my fingers through her silky hair, and kissed her neck. Then we kissed, a passionate kiss. Our lips moved and never leave each other, our tongue fought for dominance. After that walked home together, cuddled all night, ended up having sex.

Then reality hit me. I realized that it wouldn't happen. She wouldn't even think about me. She had given her virginity to someone else, Louis. I had to face the fact that her heart was on my best friend. Hurt crept to my heart. I blinked hard, tried to hold back the tears that was about to fall from my eyes.

I remembered yesterday I kissed Taylor. I swore I erred, I didn't really mean that kiss. It was the lust took over, especially when she saved me from Tom who was about to kill me. Now I regretted that kiss. I knew I shouldn't had done that, I shouldn't had kissed her. I was afraid she would get that wrong, and think that I was in love with her and asked her to get back.

My head played a flashback of the day when I was kidnapped. I was very happy that time, so in love. Yeah, with Leigh. Now I doubted that feeling. I wasn't sure if I really loved her. Was she just diversion from Camille?

While I was eating, suddenly the door got unlocked and Taylor’s head popped from the door, followed by her figure entered the basement. I watched her closed the door behind her and locked it again. Fear crept to my mind as she stepped closer towards me with a smirk.

“Hey, boo,” she said. I choked hearing she called me that way.

“Uh,” I coughed, tried to speak. “Hey.”

“How’s the food? I made it for you, and that’s the special one,” she said smiling.

“Good,” I shoved another bite and chewed slowly.

“Just good?” she frowned.

“Um, I mean that’s fantastic, scrumptious,” I said awkwardly and showed a fake smile. She grinned and took a seat beside me, on the floor.

“I’m so glad,” she said then put her head on my shoulder. Crap, she totally got that kiss wrong. She would think that I wanted her back. Shit.

I coughed, cleared my throat. I lost my passion to eat. I drank the water then pulled the food away from me.

“I’m full,” I uttered.

“But you said you liked it,” she protested.

“Sorry, Taylor. You know I don’t eat much,” I excused.

“At least show your appreciation to me who cooked you. I made this one special for you, but you don’t finish it,” she pouted.

“I can’t finish, my stomach really full. Sorry,” I mumbled. She just sighed.

“Look, I want to talk to you,” she said.

“About what?” I asked, looked at her. Our faces were just inches so I turned my face.

“About us," she replied. I raised my eyebrows, questioning.

"I want us to get back together," she stated. My heart pounded. This was the only thing I was afraid of. She really took that kiss seriously.

"Um," I gulped. What should  I say? I really wanted to dump her, shout at her saying I hated her and I wanted her to get out of my life but I couldn't. She would kill me. I kept my mouth shut, afraid to speak. I was terrified if I said something wrong.

"Just say yes, I know you want me too," she said, turning my face facing her.

"I need to think about it," I finally spoke. "Give me two weeks to think about it."

"That's too long," she protested.

"Then the answer is no," I stated.

"Okay, two weeks," she said then stood up, took the plate and walked towards the door. She unlocked the door then walked out after locked the door.

I buried my face on my hand and cried with no sound. Oh God, when can I get out from this hell hole? Was there someone tried to find me? Did they know that I was kidnapped? I wished the lads will go find me and save me.

I stood up and walked towards a dirty small bathroom on the left side of the basement. I peed while looking around. Since I was locked in this fucking basement, I had shower and brushed my teeth here. The small bathroom had no window, just a tiny hole as ventilation. I sighed then realized that I hadn't changed my clothes. Crap, I must had smelt like a turd. They totally had no mercy. I took off my shirt and placed it on a steel stick near the bathroom door. Then I sat on the ground, having another fantasy about Camille.



I sat on the couch, watching Got To Dance UK audition with Liam. I glanced at him, he was so cute. His brown puppy eyes were always sparkling, and adorable. I looked back at the screen and saw another dancer walked on stage and started dancing. She looked beautiful with long curly hair but I wasn't interested.

"She looked like Danielle," I commented bluntly. He sighed and I turned around to look at him.

"Why?" I asked.

"Nothing," he replied. "I just," he trailed off.

"What?" I asked, looked at him right in the eyes. He stared back as my heart beat faster and faster.

"I want to break up with her," he mumbled.

"Huh? Really? Why?" I asked, surprised and puzzled. Liam and Danielle were so cute together, and there seemed no problems between them.

"Because," he said then stopped. He leaned in towards me and I lowered my body, tried to keep distance from him who got closer and closer to me. "Because I," he whispered while inclining towards my direction. I inclined down, lower and lower until I found myself lying on the couch. Suddenly I felt his weight on my body. I watched his face got closer until finally his soft lips was perfectly crashed into mine. This time it was a long, passionate kiss. The lust, passion spilled from my heart as I kissed back and ran my finger through his hair, playing and messed it. He giggled then bit my lower lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth a little bit, let him slipped his tongue inside my mouth and for the first time, his tongue explored my mouth. I felt butterflies on my stomach and fireworks, sparks of love in my heart. My cheek got warmer when he grazed the skin on my cheek. I moaned lightly against his lips as our tongue played and moved in sync.

"OH MY GOD YOU TWO ARE FUCKING KISSING!" We heard that yelling high toned voice as we paused, but didn't pull away. Our lips was still stick as we were paralyzed.

"YOU TWO, FUCK OFF!" the source of that voice screamed, causing us to jump and pulled  away. My face was so red as tomato when I saw Louis standing in front of us with arms folded in front of his chest. I just stared at him in horror, didn't dare to say anything. From the corner of my eyes I could see Liam did the same thing, he just stood there with red face without saying anything.

"What the fuck were you doing?" he snapped harshly, looked angry.

"I-" Liam stammered.

"I thought you were fucking straight!" Louis pointed at us. I just looked at the ground and bit my lip. I still could feel his lips on mine, and now I wanted more. Shit, I thought I was straight.

"I'm sorry, Lou," Liam finally spoke. My lips were shivering and I didn't realize tears started running down my cheek. I sniffled, felt so ashamed and terrified. I never thought that Louis or anyone would had caught us.

"Why are you crying?" Louis asked and softened his voice a little bit. I felt strong arms wrapped around me and stroked my back. I opened my eyes and saw Liam hugged me. I buried my face on his shoulder and sobbed.

"I don't care about anything anymore, I love Niall and he's the one for me," he snapped at Louis. Then he whispered softly in my ears, "Ssh, please don't cry. I love you."

My heart fluttered and pounded very fast. I could feel his strong fast heart beat and I bet he could feel mine too. I didn't care about Louis anymore. I pulled out of our embrace then pressed my lips against his again. We kissed passionately, letting all the lust take over. Our tongue fought for dominance and I could feel that our lips fit perfectly as they moved in a rhythm. Finally after a few moment we let go and I stepped back. I looked at the floor and blushed, then lifted my head to see Louis sat on the couch, watching us with no expression.

"I won't tell anyone," he said raising his hands. Liam raised one of his eyebrows and stared at him. "Well," he said, looked at both of us. "If you love each other, then nothing can stop you," he continued then walked upstairs. I glanced at Liam and he caught me. He threw a cheeky grin and placed his arms around my shoulder. I smiled shyly and rested my head on his shoulder.

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