Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


30. Food War

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After a long tiring day at the police station, I came back to my home. Louis came to pick me up at the police station then drove me home. The police allowed me to go back there because the villains, The Wanted and Taylor Swift, had been arrested.

We arrived at my house as the sky went dark. Louis stopped in front of my house and unlocked the door, got out of the vehicle then walked around the car to open the door for me.

"Thanks, Lou," I smiled. "Wanna stay here for a while?" I offered. I glanced at the garage and saw my dad's car wasn't there. He was still at work.

"Um, okay," Louis mumbled. We reached the front door and found the door was broken like someone just barged in by force. And when we entered the house, it was in a mess. Not really messed up, but it was messy. My dad's vase was shattered on the floor, the couch was turned upside down, and the table in the living room was broken.

"Holy shit," I gasped.

"It must be The Wanted and Taylor Swift," Louis hissed. "They must have been looking for Harry and rummaged your house," he assumed.

"Ugh," I groaned.

"Should I call Paul to send someone to clean this up?" he offered.

"No, that's fine. I'll clean this myself," I said quickly.

"I'll help."

"That's okay, Lou. Thanks, but I can do it myself," I gave him a reassuring smile.

"But I want to help," he insisted as he lifted the couch and placed it to the right position.

"Fine," I sighed then grabbed a broom to sweep the pieces of the shattered vase.

"Go upstairs to check if there's another mess," Louis said as he cleaned the living room. I climbed the stairs and checked every room if the bastards made another mess. Fortunately they didn't.

"Thank God there's no mess," I sighed in relief then rested my bum on the couch in the living room.  Louis who had done cleaning up the mess sat beside me.

"So," he trailed off, took a deep breath. "Harry's with Leigh, huh?"

"Yep," I replied shortly.

"Are you.. jealous?" he asked carefully.

"I d-don't know," I stammered. "But I'm absolutely happy for him," I smiled heartily. He just nodded as the awkward silence filled the air.

"Camille," Louis spoke huskily. I turned to look at him and raised my eyebrows, gave him a 'what?' look.

"Should we.. um," he said nervously, then looked at the ground. I looked at him in a questioning look then he lifted his head, looked straight into my eyes.

Was he.. asking me to be his girlfriend? My heart was pounding fast against my chest wall as me breath became heavier. I was so nervous. His eyes stared into mine and locked my eyes in his. His sexy gaze never leaving mine, got me weak, too weak to even blink or look away.

Say it, Louis. Say it!

"Should we.. get.. something to eat?" he asked as my heart shattered into pieces. I looked at the ground, embarrassed. I sighed. I expected too much.

"Um, okay," I replied as my heart shattered into tiny little pieces. "I'll cook," I said then got up and walked towards the kitchen. My whole body felt numb, I really wished he would as me to be his girlfriend or get together or something.

My cooking skill wasn't so good, but wasn't too bad either. I was pondering what I was going to cook as I looked into the fridge. My eyes spotted pork. Maybe I could make baked pork? I reached my hand to take the pork but then stopped. What if he didn't like it? And I wasn't sure if my  baked pork would be good.

My eyes searched again, tried to figure out what Louis would like to eat. Sandwich? Maybe I could make sandwich. It was easy to make. But again, I shook my head no. It was too usual. I wanted to serve something special to him.

Wait, what was wrong with me? Why did I want to serve something special to him? We would just have a dinner, in a friendly way, and just it. And that was very impossible he would like me. My eyes wandered the fridge again as my brain pondered what food that was simple but delicious, and easy to make.

Finally I decided to make spaghetti bolognese. It wouldn't take long to make, and my dad always said that my spaghetti bolognese was very delicious. I hoped Louis would like it.



Idiot. What a fool. I was such a fucking idiot. I couldn't believe I was that coward, dumb, and stupid. Turkey, loser, twat.

Should we get together?

Why was it so fucking hard to say those words?

Stupid Louis. You should have said that and that girl would be yours. What if she falls for Harry again, or someone else?

Shut up, brain.

I sighed then walked to the kitchen, hoped that it wouldn't be awkward between us. I saw her stood on her back faced me, she was chopping onions. Despite the lump in my throat, I tried to speak, in hope my voice wouldn't crack or shake.

"What are you cooking?" my voice didn't come out as I hoped. It seemed like I snapped her. I said too loudly and shaking.

Camille flinched and jumped in surprise. She dropped her knife then gasped, covered her mouth with her hands. Damn, stupid Louis. I ruined again.

Her knife fell on the ground, landed only a few inches in front of her feet. Bloody hell, she almost cut her beautiful feet, because of me.

"I-I'm so sorry, Camille," I apologized, stuttered. I walked towards her and bent down to pick her knife. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay, I was just surprised," she said in a small voice. "That was close," she sighed.

"Sorry," I mumbled. "So," I trailed off awkwardly. "What are you cooking?" I asked.

"Spaghetti," she replied shortly.

"Oh," I nodded and let the awkward silence took over.

You're not like yourself, Louis.

I couldn't help but agreed at the voice inside my head. I should had been loud, funny, and amuse people, not creating awkward moment like this. I had to be myself.

I glanced at Camille who was now stirring the mixture of sauce. I slightly smiled mischievously then grabbed  bottle of apple juice and spilled its content into the spaghetti sauce she was making.

"What the fuck," she gasped, looked at me in disbelief. "You just ruined my sauce!" she exclaimed, her frown vanished when I started chuckling slyly.

"You just ruined my bloody sauce!" she said again, then took a spoonful sauce from the bowl. "And you have to pay for this!" she smiled mischievously before poured a spoonful sauce into my hair.

"What the hell, Camille!" I screamed. "You just ruined my fucking hair!" I exclaimed.

Camille was cracking up, holding her stomach. Damn, her laugh was so heavenly. I was stunned and amazed for a while and she took the chance to threw a handful sugar into me.

"Damn, Camille!" I distracted my thoughts from this hot ball in front of me, then grabbed a random thing I could take from the kitchen table. A mayonnaise. I opened the jar and spilled the mayonnaise into her head. She screamed and held her hair as the grubby white fluid ran down her hair to her face.

"Louis!" she hissed.

"Remember who started it," I winked and grinned mischievously.

"You ruined my sauce first!" she exclaimed and the food war began. Camille then lifted the bowl of sauce mixture, held it above my head then turned quickly turned the bowl upside down so the whole content was spilled into my head. I screamed and leaned to her, wiped my head to her shirt so she had the sauce stain in her stomach.

We threw foods, everything we could find in the kitchen at each other, whilst screaming and laughing. I threw an egg at her, and she threw flours at me.

My whole body was covered by flours, sauce, stains, and so did Camille. The kitchen was in a huge mess. Foods were everywhere, stains were all over the kitchen. It was so dirty, sloppy, and gross. My hair was horrible, covered by the mixture of eggs, flours, sauce, and disgusting things. I ran my hands through my hair, collected the stains in my palm. I took a handful disgusting mixture from my hair then shoved it into Camille's mouth. She snarled loudly then walked closer, then wiped her mouth on my face. She kissed my nose, cheek, and lips roughly to move the nasty stain to me.

Camille's lips were pressed haphazardly against my lips and she spitted the disgusting sloppy mixture into my mouth. I gasped as her mouth moved against mine. I pulled away then spitted on the ground, removed the grubby shit from my mouth and she did the same.

Suddenly my stupid teenager hormones worked without any warning. I pulled her close towards me then within seconds I crashed my lips into hers.



I ignored the disgusting taste of our lips and kissed him back. Our lips moved together in sync as he kissed me roughly, with so much passion. I ran my fingers to his hair and pulled him closer, deepened the kiss. His arms were wrapped automatically around my waist, pulled me closer so every inch of my body was touching him. Only our stupid clothes separated us. Then Louis pushed me against the wall, his lips moved to my neck.

He kissed my neck softly, his damp lips sent shivers down my spine. Goosebumps started to appear when his tongue licked my skin, and found my sweet spot. I moaned as he sucked at the area, created hickeys just under my jaw.

Louis looked up at me again who was moaning his name then kissed my lips passionately. His hands sneaked to the hem of my shirt, and lifted my shirt to my head, took it off and revealed my pink bra. He kissed my neck again, sucked my skin and made a new hickeys next to the previous one, then pulled away. He stared at his creation and smirked proudly. He kissed the mark lightly then started trailing wet kisses on the way down my body, through my chest and stopped at my stomach. His tongue rubbed circles on my stomach gently, made me shiver and moaned. Then he flinched, stopped his kiss and pulled away after we heart a weird noise.

"Wh-what was t-that?" Louis stuttered. "That was s-scary."

"It was.. my stomach," I said and my face flushed. I bet I was as red as a tomato. It was embarrassing.

"You're hungry?" he chuckled and I nodded shyly then looked at the ground, blushing.

He started laughing hysterically, holding his stomach. It was contagious, I cracked up too.

"You're hilarious," Louis laughed. His hands held his stomach and he bent, his shoulder was shaking and moved up and down as he laughed his brain off.

"The sound scared the hell our of me!" he exclaimed, tears were leaked from his eyes because he was laughing too hard.

Finally we managed to calm down and stopped laughing. My chest rose up and down as I tried to catch my breath. I looked around the kitchen, it was like a food bomb just exploded here.

"Let's get some food then," Louis said then chuckled lightly.

"We don't have any ingredients left since we threw them," I raised my eyebrow and Louis rolled his eyes.

"Oh, have you heard about a place called restaurant?" he asked sarcastically.

"Oh," I giggled innocently. "But I'm so sticky and stinky like poop," I pouted. "And look at the mess. We have to clean this first, and it's impossible to clean this before my dad gets home. And if he sees this he'll flip," I widened my eyes at that.

Louis pinched my cheek lightly and chuckled. "Don't worry, I'll call Paul to send someone to clean the mess," he said and gave a reassuring squeeze on my shoulder. "And we can order pizza?"

I nodded then spoke, "I'll have shower then. And you can use the downstairs bathroom. You can borrow Harry's clothes, he hasn't taken his suitcase yet."

Louis mumbled okay then I stepped outside the kitchen towards my room to have shower and clean myself. Hell, I would have to have a massive shower to get rid of the stains.

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