Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


23. Escaped


Damn it, I was too slow! I was so stupid, why didn't I catch her before she could leave? Shit, she was Harry's girlfriend! She was looking for our van, so she knew that Harry was kidnapped. I should had kidnapped her too before she could tell the police. I frowned then walked back to Nathan's house. I tried to memorize the address she told me, her address. I noticed that her house was just across Nathan's house. I had to tell the others, then kidnap her.

I reached home and found the gate was unlocked. I opened the gate and walked inside. Before I reached the front door I stopped and turned around to see the house across the street. I narrowed my eyes and saw the address number, it matched with the address Camille told me. That was it, that was Camille's house. I stared at the house for a while, the house was quite big. Not really big, but however, it was still much bigger than Nathan's. The walls were colored yellow and green, and the roof was colored orange, making it looked fancy and elegant. It had two stairs, and there was a garden in the yard, with colorful flowers. A small path towards the front door was surrounded by grass and there was a driveway to the opened garage. There were two vehicles inside, a black Range Rover and an orange Nissan Rogue. Fuck, I wanted that Range Rover. I planned to steal that car when we kidnap Camille. I saw the lights were switched off, meant that the residents of the house were about to sleep.

I yawned then walked inside the house after locking the gate and front door. The lights were off and it was silent. I went to the basement to check the hostage. I unlocked the door and opened it to see Harry was sleeping on the floor, shirtless. Then I shut the door and entered the bedroom I shared with Jay and Tom.

I walked inside the small bedroom and switched the light on. I saw Jay and Tom had been asleep. I changed my clothes to a pajamas then slept next to Tom after turned the light off.



I heard the sound of footsteps faded. Who was that? I was still closing my eyes, pretended to be sleeping. I waited until the sound of a click on the door that indicated that the door was locked. But after a few moments I didn't hear a sound but footsteps fading out. After I heard no sound, I opened my eyes and got up. My eyes swept the dark basement room then walked towards the basement door. I touched the door knob, then suddenly I felt goosebumps as I spun it. I expected it to be locked, but surprisingly, the door swung open smoothly. Someone who entered the basement forgot to lock the door. I gasped and danced quietly in joy and full of hope. I was extremely happy and delighted. My sanity flew as my eyes observed the house wildly and for a while I had no idea what to do.

I saw a door with the front yard on the other side, then got my sanity back. I quickly ran towards the door and spun the door knob. It was locked. I gulped then stepped back, watched the door. Then turned around and saw door keys on the small table near the living room. I grabbed it, inserted the first key and tried to open the door but I couldn't. It was the wrong one. I tried another key, then finally able to open the door in the fourth attempt.

I rushed outside towards the fence and climbed it. I looked around at the deserted street. Finally.. I WAS FREE! 

It was real. 

I was free.

I inhaled deeply, smelt what it seemed like to be free. I didn't know where I was, but now at least I could run from this hell hole. I breathed heavily, tried to control my breath and figured out the way to escape and keep distances from the insane kidnappers. I looked at the house across the street and gasped.

It was Camille's house.

I walked slowly towards the house and rang the bell with hesitation. I knew Camille wouldn't had been there, knowing she had left the house months ago. But she ran from my house, so she could probably be here, right?

"Camille!" I called. "Are you there? Hello?" I yelled. "Anybody's home?" I realized that I just made too much noise. The kidnappers were just across the street and I didn't want to wake them up.

With all of my courage, I climbed the fence and walked slowly on the path towards the door. I spun the door knob but it was locked. I knocked the door several times and there was no response, so I walked to the garage. I knew that was rude, and her dad hated me but I really needed help. I didn't care, if Camille weren't there, her dad had to help me. I had lost my phone, stuffs, and car, so I didn't know anywhere else to go and ask for help. I hoped Leigh had kept my stuffs.

I entered the opened garage. It seemed like they forgot to close and lock the door. I walked inside and surprised to see my car was parked nicely on the garage next to her dad's car. I wondered why she kept my car. I stared at my Range Rover, tried to open the door but it was locked. I couldn't find my key on the garage, so I continued walking. I walked towards the corner of the garage, towards the door. I knew there was a door that connected the garage and the kitchen. I opened it slowly, and fortunately it was unlocked. I stepped inside the kitchen silently then stopped, tried to remember the rooms in the house. I walked to the left side and found a stair. I climbed it and went to the left, then stepped towards the second door I found. I knew it was Camille's bedroom. Without knocking, I swung the door open.

I entered the dark room to see my ex girlfriend was sleeping on her bed peacefully. Her face looked so heavenly. I couldn't help myself. Seeing her angelic face took my sanity away. I really missed her, and those emotions spilled out of my heart, took over my whole body. I really wanted to rush into her, kiss her and hug her, but I was paralyzed. My eyes rolled wildly, observing the room. I was surprised when I saw my suitcase and stuffs on the floor near the cupboard. I was so puzzled. She kept my stuffs? And my car too. I didn't know what was going on, but I would find out.

I felt so tired and exhausted. Without knowing what I was doing, my feet moved automatically, slowly towards her bed. I sat on the edge of the bed, then moved her body aside to give me some space to sleep next to her. Then I lied beside her, facing her. I wrapped my arms around her and my fingers grazed her cheek as I kissed her forehead. Then my lips moved towards her nose, and finally met her lips. I pecked her lips lightly then I lost my control. My kiss got deeper as I crashed my lips into hers passionately.

I stayed on this position with my lips on hers for a while, until I felt she moved. She groaned against my lips and pushed me hard. I quickly got my sanity back and pulled away. I watched her eyes fluttered open and she saw me. I could tell she couldn't see my face clearly, knowing the room was dark. She gasped and breathed heavily, stared at me like I was a ghost then screamed. She screamed so loudly hence I covered her mouth with my hand to prevent her to wake the neighbors up. She glared at me, her fingers clawed the air and her feet kicked the bed. Her body started to sweaty. 

"Ssh, Camille, calm down. It just me, Harry," I whispered. She goggled and groaned, but then stopped. Her eyes were so big, and she was extremely surprised. I slowly loosened my hand then put my hand off her mouth. "It's me," I whispered, then turned on the table lamp and stared at her eyes.

Suddenly those feelings filled my eyes. The lust, love, passion. And I could see her eyes started to wet and tears slowly streamed down her face. I was truly madly deeply missing her, and now I got her. I found her, and I didn't want to let her go, not again. I held her tight in my arms and she began to cry in my bare chest.

"It's really you," she whispered between the tears. I just hugged her tighter as response, and she began to sob. I pulled her body closer to me, and stroked her back.

"I miss you," I muttered.

"I miss you too, Harry," she replied softly. Then I let go off our embrace, and we stared at each other. Our faces were so close, then I removed the gap between us and crashed my lips into hers. She gasped, but then kissed me back with passion. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she put her arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I moaned a little, enjoyed every inch of her lips as we kissed passionately. Our lips entwined and moved in a passionate rhythm as the feelings we kept locked in our hearts spilled to the air. Those emotions took over our body, locked our heart together perfectly. Our tongue started to play together, my tongue explored her mouth and fought for dominance. I didn't try to get off her lips and neither did she.

This kiss really satisfied my heart, just like a rain in the desert in summer. I could feel the heat as I felt her body on mine, and pulled her closer. I relished every inch of her body as my heart beating much faster. I could feel her beating, our heart pumped wildly and beat really fast. I stroked her back as her fingers ran through my hair, played with my curls. She escaped a little moan that turned me on. Her sweet voice send electric signals to my whole body, made every single cells of my body wanted her. I could feel my dick got harder as I moaned, gave her a sign that I really wanted her. I slipped my hands inside the back of her shirt, my fingers caressed her bare skin. My fingers reached the back of her bra, about to unclasped it but I held myself. I didn't want to force her for sex if she didn't want to. I'd just turn her on and showed her that she wanted it.

My hands continued explored her back, grazed her skin lightly to turn her on. With my position on top of her, I gave all of the weight o my body on her and pressed my hips against her, let her feel my hard dick wanting her. Our lips were still locked on each other and moved without taking any break. She escaped another moan, that time it was a little bit louder. It gave me delight sensation to my whole body, hardened my dick even more. She breathed quickly against my face, gasped for air.

Finally I took a break, for just two seconds. I pulled my head away, then crashed my lips again into hers. My lips moved, still grazing her skin and began kissing her neck. I licked her skin, then sucked her neck, made a blood mark on the left side of her neck. She moaned again as response. My hands moved from her back to her stomach, still inside her shirt. I rubbed her stomach gently. Then my hands moved to her thigh, stroked the skin of her thigh gently as my lips went back to her lips. Our tongue fought for dominance, our kiss got deeper, and the heat was getting up.

"I want you," she whispered between her heavy breaths. A choir of happiness and joy played in my heart as more butterflies grew inside my stomach. Her hands stroked my stomach, asking me for more. I was still caressing her thigh, and my hands moved upper and upper until my finger reached her underwear.  I touched it, and started slipping a finger inside. It was wet, I made her wet. I pulled my hand and let go off our kiss, then lied beside her with my body facing the ceiling, out of breath. My dick was very hard inside my pants, I really wanted her. I wanted to be inside her, but I held the huge urge. I knew she wanted me just as bad as I did, but I wanted her to show me that she wanted it, not just with words. I wanted more than words.

"Harry," she moaned my name, making my heart exploded in happiness. She asked me to do her more. I breathed heavily and looked at her. She was extremely beautiful, like an angel.

"You're so beautiful," I whispered. I kissed her neck and my lips moved along her neck towards her sweet spot that I knew exactly where. I seduced her even more, made her even wetter and wetter. And just like me, my dick was getting harder against her body.

She moaned and rolled on top of me, pressing her body against me. I felt her breasts on my chest and I couldn't help it. She really turned me on and I couldn't hold it any longer. I wanted her.

I pushed her and undressed her, harshly. She gasped, but just lied with just bra and underwear, then I took my pants off. She rolled and tugged my underwear off, then grabbed my hard dick and began massaged it. She stroked my cock, giving me a very pleasing sensation. The lust filled the room, quite moan turned into loud ones.

"Suck it," I moaned loudly. But she put her hand off me to tease me. She lied next to me, smirking.

"That's not fair," I muttered then unclasped her bra, took it off and threw it to the floor. I quickly pulled her underwear down her legs harshly and threw it too. I stared at her sweaty bare body. It was the very first time I saw every inch of her body.

"You're so pretty," I whispered. My trembling hand began grazed her boobs, then massaged it gently. She moaned and played her fingers with my curls. I sucked her left breast then lie d again with my cock stood up.

"Suck it," I pleaded.

"Ah, now who wants it?" she teased me even more.

"Please, Camille," I said out of breath. I breathed through my mouth as my chest moved up and down.

"Fine," she sighed then leaned closer to my lower body. I watched her put my big cock into her mouth and began sucking. The pleasure crept to my whole body as she sucked, and causing me threw another loud moan when she sucked harder. Shit, she was a really good fuck. She knew how to work it out properly. I was drowning in the pleasure she built. After giving me a fantastic blowjob, she pulled away and asked me to enter her.

I willingly switched our position. With me knelt in front of her body, I opened her legs wide then started kissing her clit. My tongue licked it and made circles on her clit, giving the pleasure she wanted. She moaned as her body started shaking. Her pussy was so wet, but I wasn't about to enter her soon. I wanted to tease her like she did and teach her about patience. I moved to kiss her lips while my hand was rubbing her clit. My other hand massaged her boobs. Her hands were playing with my dick, massaged it, asked me to insert my dick into her wet pussy. She moaned as the response I gave to her.

"I need you inside me, now," she moaned.

"Patience, babe," I replied. But a couple of seconds later the passion grew bigger and I couldn't wait any longer. I couldn't hold myself any further, her body was the only thing I needed. The lust ate all of my patience. I lifted my body, rolled on top of her then lowered my hips, until my cock reached her pussy. I entered my cock then began thrusting slowly.

"Oh, fuck," I moaned as I thrust.

"Harry," she moaned my name, felt the pleasure I made in my first thrust. I thrust again, faster and faster while my fingers were rubbing her clit to add more pleasure. She moaned my name, pumping the heat in the room. Loud moans filled the air, and that time we didn't care if people would hear that. I got my girl back so there was nothing else to think about.

"Camille," I moaned against her lips. I thrust really fast, and the pleasure was really incredible. It was really good, my dick slipped in and out inside her sloppy tight pussy, giving me a great pleasure.

Then I felt something was gonna explode inside me. I quickly pulled out and let my juice spilled on the sheet. Then I collapsed next to her.

"Harry," she moaned. "I'm not done," her voice came as a whisper. I quickly got back to that position, then inserted my cock inside her slippery pussy. I thrust faster than before whilst stroking her clit. I had done with it, the pleasure had gone but I just wanted to satisfy my princess. I wanted to do everything she wanted, give everything she asked, and treat her like a queen. I swore to myself that I would do everything to please her, and never let her slip away from me for the second time. Not again.

She moaned loudly as her juice was spitted from her pussy.

"Fuck, Harry," she let go a loud moan and dug her nails on my back. I knew she was so pleased. I kissed her passionately then lied next to her, and just rubbed her clit. I knew she was done but I still gave her soft touches, to show her that I really cared and adored her with those little things. I stroked her sexy bum and pecked her boobs. I watched her eyes, they were always sparkling and adorable. I really missed these eyes.

Then these eyes were covered by her eyelids and she yawned. I giggled then pulled into tight embrace. Not long after that we fell asleep cuddling with our feet tangled on each other.

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