Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


44. Eleanor's Confession


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Caged. Trapped. Tortured, physically and emotionally. Feeling like dying, like having no reason to live. Wanting to let it out and spill everything, but what was risked was too much to lose. All the blame, shame, and pressure were being weighed on my shoulder, heaving me and knocking me down, made it harder to stand straight up. Every ticking second felt like a million years, everything passed so slowly. So slow so I could undergo the hurt, the blame, the torture so clearly.

Three months in prison was exactly the same as a century in hell. I had to eat rubbish food, sleep in hard cold mattress, do some hard work, and other shitty stuffs. Not to mention the bullies I got from other slutty prisoners, who were apparently jealous of me. It all was like a constant chastisement for me.

Three racking years had gone extremely slowly, and I still had eight years and nine motherfucking months remaining, in jail. It felt like each passing days knocked me into the ground harder and harder, buried me deeper into the ordeal for the crime I didn't commit.

Well, I did hit Harry's car on purpose. But I personally didn't want to. I had no choice. I was relived that the car crash that I caused didn't kill Harry and his girlfriend, or cause serious injury to them.

Memories of the events ten months ago flooded back into my mind like a film with no sound, kept replaying and reminded me of why I had to be in this situation at the first place.



I lifted the paper I had filled with (hopefully) correct answers joyfully and stood up from my seat, walked towards Mr. Cronenberg's table and submitted the paper. With a sigh of relief, I walked out of the examination room with light steps that felt like flying, overwhelmed because I had finished my last exam, Sociology.

I pulled my phone from my pocket, unlocked the screen then dialed the first name on my contact list while walking down the hall towards my locker. After a few rings, the sound of dialing ring stopped and got replaced by sounds of laughing boys' voices before a voice of the one my heart was yearning for took over.

"Babe?" Louis answered jovially. I heard laughter from the background, it must had been the boys, throwing jokes and puns at each other. "Lads, my queen is calling so be quiet," Louis said to the boys in posh tone. I chuckled and listened to them talking.

"Your queen?" Liam's voice reached my ear.

"Queen Eleanor?" Harry inquired in mocking tone.

"Yes, the fabulous Queen Eleanor!" Louis stated, from his voice I could tell he was giggling. I chuckled and kept listening to them making jokes about me.

"Oh! Praise the Queen!" Zayn exclaimed teasingly, and the boys' laughter filled the little speaker of my phone.

"Let the King and Queen talk, lads!" Niall said. "We're sorry for interrupting your very important conversation with Queen Eleanor, your majesty! We're such bad slaves," Niall said in posh tone and again, the boys burst into laughter. I couldn't help but chuckled as well. Those five boys were the best. They were funny and amazing, they could lighten up everyone's mood just by throwing a smile. And I was extremely lucky I was head over heels in love with one of them.

I heard Louis paced around to somewhere I didn't know, and the laughter faded on the background. Instead, I heard the sound of vehicle's engine. I figured they were on their tour bus, traveled for their Take Me Home Tour towards the concert venue. They had a concert in Bulgaria tonight.

"Sorry babe for my idiot slaves," Louis chuckled. Apparently he had moved to the quieter place so we could talk better. Maybe he was on the front side of the bus near the driver, knowing the sound of the engine was quite clear.

"They're funny," I chuckled. "Anyway," I trailed off, my left hand was holding my iPhone against my ear and my right one reached out for the handle of my locker's door. I pulled my locker and grabbed my bag, then shoved my books and stuffs into my orange Louis Vuitton bag I got from Louis. As I was stuffing my stuffs into the bag, I continued, "exam is over!" I exclaimed cheerfully.

"That's amazing, darling!" he responded excitedly. "I'm so glad. How was your last exam?" he asked.

"It went well," I answered happily.

"Hope you'll get an A," he said.


"Well, tomorrow I'm gonna have a whole week off so we're gonna spend time together in London," he said excitedly.

"Awesome!" I replied, not less excited than he was. "But," I paused, biting my bottom lip.


"I still have to stay here in Manchester for two days," I told him. "My dad and Keith will arrive home tomorrow from US so I have to spend time with them," I explained, mentioned the name of my big brother.

"Well," he trailed off, sounded a bit disappointed and unhappy at the idea that I wouldn't be able to see him on the first two days of his tour break. "Have fun with your family then," he said sincerely. His beautiful voice made my heart warm.

"I will. Thanks, love. Good luck for your last gig before the break. I love you," I said.

"I love you more," he replied.

"No, I love you much more than you love me," I argued.

"That's bullshit. We both know I love you much much more than you do," he argued back.

I chuckled and said, "Okay, I love you as much as you love me."

"Ah, okay then," he laughed. I was then walking towards the front gate, passed many people who had done their last exam as well, and smiled at some that I knew. "But I still love you more," Louis said quickly then ended the call. I shook my head and stared at my phone with smile plastered across my face. I had the sweetest and funniest boyfriend ever, and I loved him so much. More than anything in the world. I really looked forward to grow old with him.

I shoved my phone to my bag and exited the university building, then found myself walking on the street towards the direction of my house. Even though I was the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, an internationally pop star who had the world on his grip, I didn't want to fancy myself too much. I preferred walking to car ride since my house was only a few blocks away from the university.

Once I had arrived at the place where I lived with my parents and brother, I found the house was quiet, knowing that only mom was the only one who was there. My dad and brother who worked as executive producers were still in LA, filming their new movie, You're Next. I just couldn't wait until they come back home.

I passed the front gate that was left open and saw a blue metallic van was parked in front of my house. Maybe my mom had a guest. I walked through the front door that had left open as well and entered the living room.

"Finally you're home, pretty girl," a girl's voice greeted, not my mom's voice because it sounded like a teenage girl's voice. As I stepped into the living room, there sat a girl with huge amount make up and thick red lips, smirking at me. That girl was recognized as Taylor Swift, an American country singer.

I was surprised to have Taylor Swift in my house, knowing I had only met her a few times. A couple times maybe, the first time we met was at New Year celebration. That time she was still dating my best friend Harry. We never got along, because Louis had told me to stay away from her. He told me that Taylor gave bad influences. Not only me, Danielle and Perrie weren't allowed to get closer to Taylor by their own boyfriends.

And then here she was, in my living room. She wasn't alone there, there were two big men sat on the other couch, staring at me in straight flat expression. They were wearing black tank top and looked scary, with tattoos all over their muscular arms. 

I wrinkled my forehead, clueless about what was going on here. I just stared at them with wide eyes.

"I've been waiting for you to come back, darling," Taylor cooed, that weird smirk was still plastered on her face.

"Err, can I help you?" I asked, tried to be as polite as I could.

"What a coincide," she replied, her tone was so cocky and I had to say that she was slutty. "I really need your help," she said. Then she stood up, walked cockily past me towards the guest's room in the first floor. "Follow me, you little shit," she demanded rudely.

I widened my eyes and did nothing but follow her, and the two men followed behind me. Confusion was the only thing on my mind as Taylor opened the door and entered, then gave a sign for me to enter it as well.

Why did she act like she was the owner of my house and I was the guest?

As I entered the guest's room, Taylor turned the light on and let the light illuminated the worst scene I had ever seen in my life. I screamed my life out, couldn't believe what was in front of me.

My mom, sprawled on the floor with ropes hugging her frail body tightly to keep her immobile and her hands were tied behind her back. Her hair was such a mess, big time. A piece of cloth was shoved into her mouth to muffle her screams. Beside her there stood another muscular man, who was holding a gun and pointed it at my mom's direction.

My mom's bloodshot eyes shot open and her gaze landed on me who had my hands covering my mouth. I stared at my mom's body for a moment and a little bit relived when I saw she wasn't injured or hurt or something. At least there was no sign that she was bleeding or beaten. No bruises, no blood.

I turned my head towards Taylor Swift who had an evil smirk across her face. Oh, how I wished I could rip her skin off her fake face. I glared at her, my eyes were full with rage and anger. How could she did such a thing to my mom? What was our fault?

"What are you doing to her?" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Let her go you bitch!"

"I won't, unless you help me," she replied in smug voice. "If you do what I demand, I'll let this old lady go," she said and lifted her chin in haughty way.

My blood boiled and my body was shaking with anger. I snapped her, "what do you want from me?"

"Calm down, little shit. I won't hurt her if you just simply follow the rules and do everything I say," she said.

"What do you want?" I spatted, repeated my previous question.

"Okay, first of all, I want you to break up with that Louis Tomlinson guy," she demanded slyly.

"What?!" I snarled in disbelief. There was no way I would break up with the guy I was head over heels in love with. There was no way I would ever say goodbye to the guy who had been my strength. It was like breaking my own shelter. "I won't do that!"

With that, the guy who was pointing his gun towards my mom pressed his weapon against her head. My heart beat faster as my mom cringed and tried to move away but failed. Without acknowledging it, tears started to run down my face.

"You don't want his finger to pull the trigger, do you?" Taylor inquired, one of her eyebrow was cocked upwards cockily.

"Let. Her. Go," I ordered, put emphasis on every word.

"Only if you break up with Tomlinson and do my orders," she replied, crossed her arms in front of her (almost) flat chest.

I sighed deeply and let my eyes flickered to my mom's body. I closed my eyes tightly, let Louis' figure slipped inside my mind. I visualized his smile, the crinkles by his enchanting sea blue eyes when he smiled, his plump pink lips who that always ready for me to plant my lips on, his strong built body that was always be my shield, his angelic voice when he sang me to bed, the way his heartbeat calmed me down, every detail of him filled my head. Every little things that I couldn't just let skulk away.

But seeing that big guy's index finger was hovering the trigger, ready to pull that metal thing made my stomach twisted and my heart sank. I just couldn't imagine what would happen if he really pulled that trigger.

I opened my eyes slowly, every ticking seconds passed really slow and torturing. That was it. I had no choice.

"Fine," I sighed, my chest rose and fell rapidly as I breathed heavily. I felt the lump in my throat grew bigger and my stomach felt heavy. 

"You have three days to break up with him. If in three days you're still in a bloody relationship with that dude, you know what happens," she warned. "Oh and anyway," she continued, her gaze flickered to the muscular men who were in the room. "They live near your house. So if you mess up or tell the police, you know what will happen to your lovely mother," she finished her sick little speech with an evil smirk.

"What's your point of all of this?" I asked rudely, practically snapped her.

"Nothing," she replied whilst staring at her pink polished nails. "Just want to give some lessons to your soon to be ex-boyfriend for suggesting Harry to break up with me," she answered. So, that was because Louis told Harry to dump Taylor? I thought Taylor who was the one who broke him up? Harry just left her alone for several hours and she dumped him after he returned. Heck, this girl was insane.

"That's not fair!" I exclaimed desperately.

"Oh yes it is," she argued. "I can't get the boy I want, and neither can you," she stated. What the fuck? Did she have brain damage or something?

"You can get Harry back if you're not bitch and trashy like this," I snapped.

"Nah, I have my own way. And you have to help me, whether you like it or not," she stated. "I'll tell you what to do next within months."

"You prick!" I snarled.

"I know," she laughed evilly. "But you know the consequences if you don't follow my rules."

I really had no choice.




"Miss Calder."

A strict voice broke my train of flashback and a sudden realization hit me. My sanity went back from 10 months ago to reality. This was what I got for obeying Taylor. I did exactly what she had said, and it sent me here.

To jail.

Lonely, filled with emptiness. No one had visited me for the past three months, no one but my mother. She was the only one who knew that I wasn't guilty. Even my father and Keith abandoned me. My ex-best friend Lani Burton also forgot about my existence in the world. They thought I was a criminal.

"Miss Calder," the voice called again, louder than the previous one. I turned my gaze towards the cell door and saw a warden stood behind the locked door with a flat expression. "It's lunch time," he informed whilst unlocking the door. I exited the cell hesitantly but then stopped in front of the man. I pondered if I should go to the dining room or not, and after the inner battle inside my mind, I finally decided against it.

I had had enough. Enough torture, enough sacrificing.

I wanted to spill.

"Wait," I spoke in small voice. The warden cocked an eyebrow at me, waited for me to continue talking with slight confusion in his face. I took a deep intake of air through my nose then exhaled, let my chest fell as the air exited my lungs. "I want to confess," I said so quickly, but didn't regret it as the magic words slipped out of my mouth. "I'll reveal the truth."




"Thank you for your confession, Miss Calder. We'll investigate more about this case and hopefully we can solve it," the officer said.

"Thanks but there's one thing," I paused, hesitated.

"What's that?" he asked patiently.

"Please keep my family and closest ones safe," I pleaded. I had risked a lot of things and I wished I made the right decision by spilling everything to the police.

"We'll try our best, don't worry," he reassured with a smile. A sigh of relief escaped my lips and for the first time in the past months, my footsteps felt lighter as I exited the interrogation room.

I just hoped the truth would be revealed and I would be freed.

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