Over Again (18+)

Camille's relationship with Harry was perfect until she was torn and cheated. Things got worse after Harry found out and troubles came over. Before everything has fixed, another troubles came again and broke hearts into pieces. Trust was broken, friendship was betrayed. Could Camille make everything straight and start this over again?


29. At The House

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I snarled through clenched teeth.

"Get out, no one invited you," Liam growled. He stood up to shoo Taylor out but she pointed her gun straight towards Liam.

"Don't move," Taylor ordered firmly. Liam threw his hands up in defense, and slowly sat back on the couch. His gaze never left Taylor as he eyed her cautiously.

I stood up to see her reaction, about to attack her but she quickly pointed her gun towards me. 

"I said don't move!" she yelled. I glared at her but her gun was always pointing towards me.

"Bitch," I hissed. Leigh pulled my arms to make me sit down.

"Nobody's moving!" Taylor demanded. "Now tell me where is Harry."

"We don't know," Zayn said through clenched teeth as Taylor pointed her gun towards him.

"Harry's not here," Dan snapped, and Taylor instantly pointed her gun towards him. Dan lifted his chin, glared at her in challenging stare.

"If you don't tell me where is Harry," Taylor pointed her gun at our directions one by one. "I will kill all of you."

Her gun stopped at me. She stepped closer to me, her gun was still pointing at me. Taylor pressed her gun lightly against my neck. I stared back at her, anger filled my eyes. I clenched my teeth and lifted my chin, indicated that I wasn't afraid.

"You're the closest one of him," Taylor spoke and leaned closer. She pressed her gun a little bit harder against my throat. "Tell me where is Harry Styles," she hissed.

"Back off!" I yelled and grabbed her gun, repulsed it away. She tried to fight back and inadvertently her index finger hit the trigger. The gun fired to the ceiling above Leigh. Leigh screamed and put her hands on the side of her head, terrified. I wrapped my arms around her to protect her and calm her down as the materials from the ceiling crumbled down like the rain.

I was still hugging Leigh and through her shoulder I shared a look with Perrie. I mouthed 'call the police' and pointed at the telephone next to her. Perrie slowly reached her trembling hand towards the telephone. Josh who saw that tried to distract Taylor from Perrie.

"Oi, Taywhore," Josh yelled, then threw his shoe towards her. Josh's shoe hit Taylor's boobs. We all burst into laughter. Niall held his stomach as his face was red because of laughing. Taylor was embarrassed and mad, pointed her gun wildly around the room. Her orbs wandered the room madly, and then she spotted Perrie who was attempting to dial 999.

Taylor fired the gun and shot at the telephone, almost hit Perrie's fingers. Perrie pulled her hand and placed it in front of her chest as she screamed. Zayn pulled her into his arms and stroked her back. We all flinched at that whilst Leigh, Niall, and Danielle were screaming in terror. I pulled Leigh closer in my arms and stroked her hair.

"I said don't move!" Taylor shouted. I saw the phone was broken and shattered into pieces. I felt Leigh's heartbeat was fast against my chest.Her chest rose up and down along with her heartbeat. I rubbed her back gently whilst catching my breath. I lifted my head and looked around the room, everyone was terrified and frozen in place. My eyes met Josh's and he stared at me in a strange look.

"Now tell me where is Harry!" she snarled. She stood in front of me, his back was facing me. I looked at her shoulder that moved up and down as she breathed heavily. Her feet was quivering and I could tell she didn't have the courage to hurt us. I shared a look with Josh then glanced at Taylor then looked back at Josh. He nodded and I counted to three with my fingers. On the count of three I pulled from Leigh's embrace then jumped towards Taylor as Josh did the same.

I clutched Taylor's shoulder from behind and Josh attacked her from the front side. Josh grabbed Taylor's gun first and I held her arms tight to give her less latitude. She shrilled loudly and gripped her gun tight, then kicked Josh's stomach to get rid of him. I pulled her arms to her back and twisted them in a strange angle. She screamed in pain and pulled the trigger again to anywhere she could. She fired it three times. The first bullet shot the wall behind Leigh, the second one shot the floor near my feet and the last bullet hit Dan's left foot. Screams and gasps filled the room and the atmosphere of horror spilled to the air.

Dan screamed and winced in pain. Danielle rushed towards him and examined his foot.

"Guys, this is bad," she sighed. She ran to the kitchen and came back with a clean towel and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Josh and I were still fighting with Taylor. I twisted Taylor's arms harder and she shrilled, groaned in pain.

"Drop the gun," I whispered huskily. I could feel her shivered down her spine as she dropped the gun. I kicked the gun away and it landed under the couch.

"Now go away! Leave this house!" Josh yelled at her. Her whole body was shivering and she was paralyzed, terrified to move.

"Did you hear what he said?" I snapped. "Go away!" I yelled in her ears and let go off my grip. I pushed her towards the doorway and she ran away crying.



I sighed then approached Dan who was still screaming in pain as Danielle poured alcohol on his wound. Danielle wrapped the towel around his lower left foot where the wound was, to stop it from bleeding too much.

I looked at Leigh who was watching at the doorway where Taylor just left. She looked back at me and I gave her a pithy look. I glanced at Dan, then looked back at her with purposeful look. She understood and nodded.

"Let me handle it," Leigh offered. "I used to be volunteer in a hospital so I know how to pull out a bullet with just simple equipment, as long as it doesn't hurt the vital organ."



Leigh, that was her name. We met at Vienna's party and she was very sweet. Her blonde hair, her emerald green orbs playing inside my mind. I wanted to know her more so badly. Then I slapped my forehead. Shit, I didn't ask for her number. I was such an idiot.

"Hello? Earth to Josh?" I flinched as Vienna's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"W-what?" I stuttered. 

"What are you thinking? The match is over and you're still standing here, with your mind's going nowhere," Vienna said. I looked around. We were still in King Power Stadium, watched football match, Leicester City FC against Wigan Athletic. We won 2-0.

"Oh, right," I muttered, didn't want her to know that I was thinking about that green eyed blonde. "Let's get out of here," I said.

Vienna and I walked out of the stadium. We were halfway towards the exit way when we heard a gun shot. The next thing I knew Vienna was on her knees screaming in pain, holding her right arm. It was bleeding. She got shot on her right arm.

Within seconds there was a big riot in the stadium. Wigan's supporters started it. They were mad because their team lost against us. The situation there was very hectic. There were noises of screaming people, loud sounds of gun shot, and huge mess. My head was spinning as I lead Vienna to the safe place and called the paramedic. 

The paramedic arrived and started to examine Vienna's wound. They laid her on a bench then cleaned her wound.

"We have to pull the bullet out," one of the paramedic with black hair said. "Fortunately the wound isn't too bad and the bullet doesn't pink the flesh too deeply," he continued.

"I'll do it," another blonde paramedic said. I saw her face and my jaw dropped.

"Leigh?" I spoke. I couldn't believe that she was one of the paramedic.

"Josh? And... Vienna? What happened?" Leigh gasped, surprised to see us here.

"She got shot," I said while Leigh was pouring alcohol on Vienna's wound. Vienna screamed loudly as the tender feeling crept from her wounded arm.

"Don't worry Vienna, it's gonna be alright," Leigh said. "It's gonna be painful, I'm sorry."

"You're a doctor?" I asked. Vienna was groaning in pain.

"No, I volunteer from General Hospital," she answered while inserting the tweezers inside Vienna's wound. The metal thing found the bullet and clamped it as Vienna shrilled loudly at the moment. She pulled it out then put the bullet in a small box.

"Give it to the police," Leigh handed the small box to her friend. She wrapped a bandage on Vienna's right arm to stop the bleeding. I watched in awe as she took care of Vienna's wound. Damn, she was so skilled and awesome. I was blown away.



I knew Leigh could heal Dan's wound and pull the bullet out of his foot. I watched Danielle gave Leigh the way and she bent in front of Dan's foot. She examined the wound for a while then poured the alcohol. Dan screamed loudly in pain and winced. It must had been extremely painful.

I suddenly felt something in my stomach as I watched Leigh wiped the blood from Dan's foot. I didn't know what was it, but it was the same feeling when I watched Leigh healed Vienna's wound.

Could it be.. Did I fall in love with Leigh again?

No, you twat. There's no way you can fall in love with your dad's 'killer'.

My brain chuckled at my thoughts. It was so impossible for me to fall in love with Leigh again. She was a bitch whose father indirectly killed my dad. I wonder why Dan who got shot. Why didn't Leigh?



"I need tweezers," Leigh said. "And clean cotton too," she added. I rushed upstairs to grab the first aid box. "Oh, and also bandage," she said. I came back to the living room and handed Leigh the first aid box.

"Thanks," she said and I nodded. She cleaned the tweezers with the alcohol then placed it in front of Dan's open wound.

"You ready?" Leigh asked. Dan nodded in scared face. "The bullet isn't too deep, so I can pull it out easily. But it's gonna hurt," she said softly.

Leigh inserted the tweezers inside Dan's wound and it found a metal thing. Dan screamed his head off as the pain from his foot crawled under his skin. Niall cringed and looked scared, while Perrie buried her face into Zayn's chest. I watched Leigh pulled the bullet out from Dan's feet, followed by Dan's endless screams. Danielle leaned and wrapped her arms around Dan, stroking his back to calm him down. Leigh poured alcohol to the wound again and bandaged Dan's left foot.

"Done," Leigh sighed. "But you still have to check it to the hospital," she told him.

"Thanks, Leigh," Dan muttered.

"No problem, Dan," Leigh smiled. Damn, she was fit.

I stood up and looked around the room. It was such in a huge mess. The ceiling was broken and cracked, there was a hole on the floor and the wall, pieces of the shattered telephone was spread everywhere. Everyone looked so desperate and shocked. There was a dead silence between us, we were too busy with out thoughts and didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, we heard noises from the front door, again. There was sound of the gate that was opened and a vehicle's engine entered the house. Then after the engine was shut down, there were footsteps towards the front door.

"Not again," Danielle gasped.

"Crap, who else this time?" I groaned.

We all watched the door was swung open and two figures entered the house.

"Vas Happening, everyone?" a loud deep voice spoke jovially with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

We all were frozen in place and watched Harry and Camille entered the living room with jaw dropped. My eyes bulged out of my eyes, and my mouth dropped low.

"What's going on?" Harry asked cheerfully, but then his smile dropped when he saw the mess in the room.

"Guys?" Camille spoke. She raised her eyebrows in confusion because all of us were frozen and paralyzed, too shock to even blink.

"HARRY!" Leigh's loud high pitched scream broke the silence. She burst into Harry and hugged him.



Everyone stared at me like I was a ghost. I looked at Camille who was as puzzled as me. Then Leigh broke the silence by screaming my name and ran into me. Gosh, I missed this girl too damn badly. I hugged her tightly, pulled her closer into my embrace and buried my face on her shoulder.

"I miss you, Leigh," I whispered then sniffed. A few tears escaped my eyes, but I wiped them quickly.

"I miss you too, Harry," Leigh whispered against my chest.

As we were hugging I heard Danielle and Perrie screamed Camille's name and ran towards her, followed by Niall. Then we pulled out, and stared at each other. Her emerald green eyes were like the water for the drought in my heart. My fingers ran to her face, grazed her cheek gently. I didn't care if everyone's gaze was on us. I cupped her face then leaned in, removed the gap between us and kissed her lips gently.



"And when I saw the house across the street, it was Camille's house," Harry explained and grinned at me. "That was how I escaped," he finished, didn't mention about us slept together.

"Gosh! What a coincidence!" Perrie exclaimed.

"I can't believe Taylor is the mastermind behind that fucking kidnapping shit," Liam said shaking his head.

"Sick bitch," Louis hissed.

"Have you called the police?" Josh asked. Harry shook his head.

"Damn, we should've called the police," I cooed, shaking my head.

"Call Paul first. He'll take of the rest, so we don't need to bother ourselves," Liam said then called Paul.

"Anyway, what happened with your foot, Dan?" I asked, noticed the bandage in Dan's left lower foot.

"And why is this place in a fucking mess?" Harry asked in his famous slow Chesire accent.

"Well, Taylor Swift paid us a litte visit," Leigh answered sarcastically. I saw Harry's face lightened up instantly. I sighed in relief. So Harry had found his happiness.

"What did she do?" Harry questioned.

"Apparently she was looking for you," Louis replied and leaned on the back of the couch. His gaze found mine and my heart beat faster than before. My eyes was locked in his and we made eye contact for a moment before I snapped my head down and looked at the ground, blushing.

"She ambushed us," Leigh uttered. "It was scary," she mumbled. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered something to her. I felt a strange feeling, maybe I was.. jealous? No, it couldn't be. I wasn't jealous. I was probably tired of this drama. I diverted my eyes to a random direction and my eyes spotted Louis. His gaze was on me and it made me nervous.

"I tried to call the police but she shot the telephone," Perrie said. "Then when Louis and Josh attacked her, she fired her gun wildly and hit Dan."

"Mad woman," Harry muttered.

I sighed, looked at my shoes I bought at the mall, on the day I met my dad. Then I Iifted and spoke, "I miss you, guys. Sorry for leaving."

"We all miss you too, Camille," Niall replied.

"You know we've been so fucked up since you left," Liam said.

"I'm really sorry," I mumbled.

"Don't be sorry," Liam smiled. "The important thing is we all here, together as a family," he cooed happily.

A few moments later the two workers from the management came to clean up the mess. Harry, Leigh, and I went to the police station to make a report and administer the kidnapping stuffs, meanwhile the rest of us went to the hospital to treat Dan's wound.

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