This is a Harry Styles Fan-fic! I just want to say I don't actually think Harry is violent or anything, I love him and the rest of the boys, so please no hate for how he seems in this. I'm really curious to see if you actually like it so please do comment and let me know what you think :))


2. Chapter 2-Official

*Mia’s POV*

Harry hadn’t been lying. He made me sit next to him every lesson. He found out loads about me but whenever I asked him a question about himself he would answer some of them, but most of them when I was trying to find out why everyone was scared of him or what he had done that was so bad. Finally it was lunch time and Harry had let me go off myself to meet some of the girls.

“So I see you’ve been hanging round with Styles.” Said Anna a girl in the same class as me. “Erm yeah, I guess you could call it that.” I replied cautiously. Anna shuddered slightly. “He’s bad news you know.” Anna said looking around, probably making sure Harry or ‘Styles’ wasn’t around. “Yeah, he said something about that but he won’t tell me what it is. He said that if or when I made friends they would know, and they would tell me.” I replied, hoping that she would take the hint and tell me what was so bad about him. “Look, it’s nearly the end of lunch so he’ll be coming to get you soon. I don’t have time to explain it’ll take too long for you to completely understand. Come find me tomorrow if you can and we’ll arrange something with the girls.” Explained Anna in a hurry. “I don’t wa-“I was cut off by two strong arms wrapping around my waist. I groaned under my breath. “Hey beautiful.” Came Harry’s deep voice from behind me. “Oh my god, Harry leave me alone.” I begged. Well I didn’t know what was so bad about him, so for now there was no reason for me to be scared. “You been telling her stuff Anna?” Harry demanded un-wrapping his arms from around me. Anna froze to the spot, shaking her head desperately. “Harry leave her alone you idiot! God sake, I’m not bloody scared of you! I just got here and you think you own me, freaking leave me alone!” I shouted. People in the hallways turned to see what was going on, but quickly turned back to what they were doing when they realised it was Harry I was shouting at. I mouthed for Anna to go and she did so quickly. I smiled knowing that Harry wouldn’t be able to hurt her for a while. “You’re joking right babe? I will and can hurt you or anyone I choose to. You have made friends quickly, so if you don’t want them to get hurt then I suggest that you stick with me. You never know I might surprise you.” Said Harry violently locking my fingers with his. I tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong for me. I eventually gave up and let him lead me down the corridor. “It’s free period for the two lessons after lunch, me and you are going to ditch.” Harry said dragging me to the lockers. “In your dreams Styles. I am not ditching school, definitely not with you.” I said pulling my fingers away from his hand and going to my locker. I put my books quickly into my school bag. “Oh you are Mia, I want to get to know you and you’re going to get to know me and maybe a bit about why people are scared of me here.” Harry smirked grabbing my hand just as the bell went and pulling me out of the school and into the car park. He led me to a shining black motorbike and climbed on. “Get on then Mia, we don’t have all day unless you want expelled on the first day of school.” Harry huffed. I sighed and climbed onto the back. I squealed as Harry started the bike and it roared to life. He chuckled as I wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I possibly could. The motorbike speeded out of the car park and onto the road. “Harry where are we going?!” I yelled desperately over the sound of the engine. He didn’t answer; I couldn’t really be bothered to ask him again. I didn’t want to talk to him. If I wasn’t so scared I wouldn’t even be holding onto him. I let my eyes flutter shut and my head bury into his shoulder. My grip tightened around his waist.

After what seemed like forever the motorbike pulled up outside the destination. “Princess, it’s okay now we’re here.” Harry soothed from in front of me. Wow. He can be quite sweet. I was too busy being confused by his mood swing to notice that he had gotten off the bike and was waiting to help me. I shook myself out my daze and took a deep breath. I swung my legs over the side of the bike and took Harry’s hands, using him to guide me off the bike and onto the pavement. “Thank you.” I whispered timidly not sure how to act around him anymore. “You’re welcome gorgeous.” Harry replied smiling and kissing my cheek as a group of boys walked past, obviously making sure that they didn’t try anything with me. “So where are we going?” I asked again.

“We are going nowhere really; we are walking so we can get to know each other.” Harry said, again locking my fingers with his. “I’m not walking anywhere with you until you at least tell me part of the reason people are scared of you, if you’re a murderer or something I’d rather not be walking in the middle of nowhere with you.” I said looking him in the eye. It was hard for me not to get mesmerized by the beautiful shade of green that his eyes shone. The black outlining them so dark that-. I forced myself out of my daydream. “You are so stubborn. I like it.” Harry said brushing my hair gently out of the way of my face. I shrugged and smirked. “Okay we’ll sit here for a little bit, but then we are walking and I’ll get to know you, I’ll leave the main bit of the story for your friends to tell you, but you can find out the simplest bit from me, at least then I can’t be blamed for you being scared.” I grunted, both of us knowing fine well that he was the only reason that I was scared at this place.

I sat down next to Harry on the bench. We waited for everyone to pass before Harry began to speak. “Okay, like I said I’m going to leave the main bit of the story to your friends, they can tell you that bit. But I’ll explain parts of it and it will have to be enough until your friends tell you, but I warn you that could take a while, everyone in the school are scared to talk about it. You’ll see why.”

“Harry just get to the story.” I nagged, like a 5 year old wanting to go to the park. He chuckled slightly before turning to face me and locking our fingers, obviously so I couldn’t run. He began to speak again. “Okay so as you have found out today from Anna, people in the school refer to me by my last name, Styles, they don’t do that because it sounds cool or because my gang do it, they do it because they are scared. They started to call me Styles behind my back; it was there way of talking about me without getting caught. They thought that if they got caught I would hurt them, that was true sometimes but not all the times, depends what they were talking about.”

“But if your gang called you Styles then wouldn’t it be obvious that they were talking about you?” I questioned. Harry began to explain my next question. “Well yes you’d think so wouldn’t you, but no one knew what happened in the gang, it’s like when girls have a sleepover, no one knows what they actually do they can only assume, except it was nothing like that, but you know what I mean. I dunno why they decided to start calling me Styles; they could have come up with a less obvious name I’m sure. But anyway I found out when a new girl came to the school. She was talking to the group that had made her welcome and she them about me.”

“How did you know that she was asking about you?” I interrupted.

Harry laughed, “You know we aren’t gonna get very far if you keep stopping me.” He chuckled once again before continuing to speak. “I knew that she was asking about me because the description fitted me, if you really want to know what she said, she said, and her exacts words were, ‘do you think I’ll have a chance with that tall guy with curly hair and green eyes?’ I just happened to be walking past when she said that and the response that the girl she was talking to gave her was something that included ‘don’t get involved with Styles.’ Well it didn’t take a genius to work out who they were talking about from that.” Harry finished his story and grinned. “Y-you didn’t hurt them did you?” I asked timidly shaking. “Course not babe, I just, how to put this, erm made them think about what they were doing, they still talk about me, but they have the sense to think about it first now.” Harry said smirking and pulling me onto his lap. “Who was it?” I asked wiggling, trying to get off his lap. He liked it and groaned lightly into my ear. “It was your Anna.” Harry whispered into my ear. Just at that moment a group of boys walked past, eyeing me like I was food. “Okay babe, I think it’s time I made my mark on you.” Harry said lifting me off his knee and sitting me down next to him. “What do you mean?” I asked shifting away from him. “You’ll see, now this will probably hurt a bit, but if you move or struggle it will get worse so just sit still okay?” Harry demanded pulling me close to him. I nodded reluctantly not sure what he meant but not wanting any more pain than Harry thought necessary. He moved my hair to the side off one of my shoulders, with one hand he pinned my arms behind my back, and with the other he held my head to prevent me from moving. Slowly he started to suck just at the bottom of my neck, next to my shoulder. I groaned from the pain but didn’t move. After about 5 minutes of sucking Harry began to use his teeth, grazing them over the now sensitive skin and nibbling slightly. “Harry please, stop it hurts.” I whimpered/begged. “Shh Mia, I’ll stop when I’m satisfied, just shut up and stay still.” Harry said, in a tone that made it clear that I was not to argue with him. Harry kissed the sore spot lightly and for a few seconds the pain was eased, but of course he wouldn’t let it stay that way for long. He began grazing his teeth over once more and then just before he pulled back, he bit down quite hard onto the spot. I yelped in pain and pushed him away; looking down at the mark I noticed that it was already starting to bruise. “What the hell Harry?” I demanded dabbing at the spot to get rid of the blood and wincing at the pain that came from me touching it. “Well your gorgeous baby girl, guys were staring at you and unless you want me to beat up every single one of them, this is the easiest way, they can see that you are taken.” Harry explained smiling and kissing my cheek. “So basically, you did this because you have control freak issues?” I said nodding as if it made perfect sense. “Stop acting like a bitch Mia. I was going to walk with you, and tell you the rest of the story myself but now you can wait for your friends to tell you, now get up; I’m taking you home so I can meet your parents.” Harry said, sounding quite pissed off about what I had just said.

“Why are you coming to my house? Can’t you just drop me off somewhere near the house and leave?” I said confused.

“No baby, I want to make a good impression on your parents, we can’t have them not liking me can we, oh and cover that mark.” Harry said before hoisting me onto the bike and pulling out onto the road, going to my parents’ house. Somehow he knew exactly where I lived, that didn’t make me feel any better about the fact that I now had a boyfriend, a boyfriend that I didn’t get a say in anything!

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