This is a Harry Styles Fan-fic! I just want to say I don't actually think Harry is violent or anything, I love him and the rest of the boys, so please no hate for how he seems in this. I'm really curious to see if you actually like it so please do comment and let me know what you think :))


1. Chapter 1-First Day Of School

*Mia’s POV*

The start of a new school year. Normally I didn’t mind going back to school but I had just moved to London with my family so obviously I had to start a new school with new people. I was never really any good at making friends; I was always the shy girl. I wasn’t really ugly but not pretty either. I had medium length long, wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale lips and pale skin. I blushed easily. My body wasn’t really terrible, I was quite tall but most guys were still taller than me, making me look innocent whenever I was next to them.

I walked down the school corridor quickly keeping my head down to avoid the stares of the people passing. I found my way to the office and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Mia. I’m new here; I got told to come here for my class schedule.”
“Hello Mia, yes here is your schedule if you’d like to wait there for a moment I’ll get somebody to show you around the school.” Replied the office lady whose name was Miss Bartley as I discovered from her name badge. “Mia, this is Harry, he has the exact same schedule as you so he is going to show you around and just well follow him today.” Informed Miss Bartley. I looked up shyly to see a tall muscular guy leaning over me. He was quite attractive, he had the same colour hair as me, his eyes were dark and he was dressed in black jeans, a hoodie and some converse shoes. “Come on then Mia.” He said holding out a hand to help me up. Miss Bartley smiled and left seeing that Harry was taking care of me. I stood up myself ignoring his hand and blushing. We began to make our way around the school. After Harry had shown me around all the school and we were on our way to the first class I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable near him. He was looking at me with a stare so intense it felt like he was burning a hole into my head. “Why are you looking at me like that Harry?” I asked timidly. Harry sighed. “You can tell you’re new. I’m Harry Styles; there is a reason that people don’t question me. If you pay attention to everyone you’ll soon see why, but don’t try and do anything stupid.” I shuddered at his comment not sure of what it meant. I followed silently the rest of the way to class. It was math. Great. “You’re sitting with me in every lesson.” Harry said simply before walking to a seat at the back of the classroom obviously wanting me to follow. I was kind of scared of him so I did follow him and obediently sat down next to him. The teacher came in and everyone settled down. “Hello class, I’m your math teacher for this year, I’m not sure how many of you had me last year but you will soon learn my rules. I want you to spend this lesson sorting out your math books and getting to know the person next to you, they will be the person that you work with this year for group work, any homework that is set and most importantly the person you turn to for help. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Mr Carter, now get on with what I asked you to do.” And with that the room started buzzing with conversation. “It looks like we’ll be spending some time together then.” Whispered Harry into my ear and gently biting my neck making sure no one saw.

I wasn’t going to be like everyone else. He obviously was used to people doing what he said, of people being scared of him. Okay so maybe I was a bit scared of him but I wasn’t going to be pushed around by him, he won’t hit a girl so it doesn’t matter. “Look Styles, I don’t know what you’re used to but you are not going to push me around, If I make friends at this school I’ll sit with them when and if I want to. You cannot and will not tell me what to do.” I tried to sound brave and surprisingly I did. Harry chuckled. “Mia, you are new here. You don’t understand yet what I have done and what I am capable of but I’m sure you’ll find out soon. I’m not doubting that you’ll make friends but they will know what I can do, so trust me when I say this, you will do exactly what I say, your friends will make sure of it because they’re scared of and they should be, as should you be Mia, and you will be.” My heart was racing in my chest. For the remainder of the lesson I sorted out my math books. All the while I could feel Harry’s stare piercing me. Finally the bell rang. I was about to run when I remembered I couldn’t, I didn’t know where to go, Harry had made me feel so scared on the tour that I hadn’t taken anything in, and I guess that was his plan. He knew I’d have to stay with him that way. He laughed at the expression on my face. “Told you baby, now come on its Science. Oh and just so you know, probably all week it will be like this in lessons, do books and talk. You will know the real me.” He whispered the last bit into my ear sending shivers down my spine before nudging me out of the classroom and into the hallway.

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