Loving Dogs

Aofie Gates is a young, sweet 15 year old. All her life, she has always had an obsession with animals, and on her 15th birthday, she gets a huge surprise. An approval form giving her permission to go to the rescue center and do voluntary work. When she gets there, she makes a new friend....


1. The First Task

Hands shaking as I open the letter I received from my mother, and I start to read it out aloud, "Dear Miss Gates, firstly, I would like to say that your passion towards animals are inspirational, and I would love it if you come along to the Cadeby Rescue Center as a volunteer to help care for our dog department. We would be very grateful if you also worked in the cat department. Normally, we would give new volunteers a job in the smaller animals department but I have trust in you, and I hope you will come along to the rescue center. We are open from nine o'clock in the morning to seven o'clock in the evening. Please do pop in at any time you are free, and we are very grateful for your help. Yours sincerely, Luke Brooks." and I jumped up in delight. "This is the best present ever!" I squealed, clutching the letter to my chest. "The rescue center is just around the corner. How would you like to spend the day there? Helping the poor innocent dogs?" Mum asked, and I look up at her from my letter, and nods eagerly. "Get changed and I'll walk you there!" Mum laughed, and within that sentence, I bolted upstairs into my room and got changed out of my pyjamas. Slipping on my trusty black skinny jeans, and my favorite too-big blue Superman jumper. Wiggling my toes once I put my red converses on and I was all ready to go. "MUM! I'm going to go. I think I can manage to walk there myself. You stay here and enjoy a Aofie-free day!" I called and I could sense my mum smirking. "Okay dear!" she yelled back and I heard her feet daintly jumping up the stairs. I opened the front door excitedly and went outside. The cold air pinched my cheeks as I closed and locked the front door. My legs suddenly started to spur myself forwards, and my feet walked like they had a mind of their own. Reaching the rescue center five minutes later, I could hardly contain my excitement as I heard the sweet sound of dogs barking and the cats meowing loudly. It must be breakfast time for them, seeing that it was half past nine in the morning. "Hello!" I said, grinning ear to ear as I entered the entrance. "Hi! Are you Aofie Gates?" the receptionist asks, and I nod in reply. "Okay, I just need you to sign here and there and you're going to give the dog department some affection!" she said in a friendly tone, stabbing at the consent form. I signed where the receptionist told me and I smiled, hoping to show the receptionist I was as friendly as her. "Go through the door that says 'Dogs' on it and one of our most experinced volunteers will show you which dogs you will be working with," she smiled and pointed at the dogs door and I nod. I walk through the door and I looked up from the stony floor only to meet eyes with a gorgeous, tall, blue eyed boy with brown messy hair swept to one side. "Hi! I presume you're Aofie?" he asks, snapping me out of my trance. "Yeah and you are...?" I tried to guess his name but he interrupted my thoughts. "Louis! Call me anything you want but not BooBear!" he laughed, and I smirked evilly, "Don't say it!" his eyes widen and I laugh. "BooBear!" I teased, and he pretends to sulk. Oh, he was cute! "Are you going to introduce me to the beautiful dogs I'll be working with?" I ask, and he nods. "This is Bonny, and her pup is called Loki" he told me, looking lovingly at a sweet, elderly Siberian husky protecting a smaller, puppy husky. "She's cute. Am I working with her?" I question, and he replies with yet another nod. "You will be working with Bonny, Loki and three other dogs," he explains and I return the nod. He leads me to another enclosure with two Chihuahuas running about. "The black one with cream eyebrows is called Blake and the white one with a black patch around it's eye is called Patch." he introduced the dogs to me, and I smile. Blake, Patch, Loki and Bonny seemed like the most easiest to get adopted but these breeds aren't popular anymore, unfortunately. "The last dog you will be looking after is Sheepish Buddy, or Buds as we call him. He's called Sheepish Buddy because he has got a sheepish look when he has done something naughty." Louis laughs, and I cooed at the black and white border collie. "Well, what do you want me to do first?" I mumble after watching Louis watching Buds watching me watching Louis watching Buds watching me (sorry, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, the first task). "You need to help me to persuade Bonny to let Loki go. She's so protective of Loki and she always tries to bite if somebody tries to take away Loki. Loki is a sweet and caring puppy, and the only thing that is stopping him from getting rehomed is Bonny. So, come on!" Louis describes what I have missed out on, and I follow him into Bonny and Loki's enclosure. "Hello Bonny," I greeted Bonny and she runs at me and jumps on my chest. "Whoah girl! You're beautiful!" I laughed, ruffling Bonny's long, silky soft fur. Louis looked at me and I nodded at him, signalling for him to try and take Loki. Louis picked Loki up and Loki yapped excitedly. Bonny turned to look at Louis and she lurched at him, but luckily I grabbed her collar just before she could bite Louis. "Gee, thanks" Louis panted, his heart beating faster than normal because I could tell that he didn't like being bitten. Well, nobody does apart from my dad, who died ages ago. "It's alright Bonny, look. He is not going to hurt Loki," I soothed and Bonny's stiff body soon relaxed and she sat down by my side, and Louis let her sniff Loki and lick his hand. Louis giggled, "It tickles" he told me childishly and I giggle in reply. Bonny looked up at me, her tongue hanging out. She jumped on me and managed to tackle me to the ground. She licked my face, pinning me down by her huge paws. "Bonny! Bonny, get off!" I laughed, trying to push her face away from my now soaked face. She barked happily and Louis sat there, with Loki in his arms. "I have never seen her this happy before, thank you Aofie, for making her happy," he exclaimed and I blush a bit.

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