Loving Dogs

Aofie Gates is a young, sweet 15 year old. All her life, she has always had an obsession with animals, and on her 15th birthday, she gets a huge surprise. An approval form giving her permission to go to the rescue center and do voluntary work. When she gets there, she makes a new friend....


3. Promise Me

"SURPRISE!" My family yelled as I entered the house, I knew it, so I pretended to be surprised. "Hello!" I replied, and we all burst out laughing. My family all rushed over to me and squashed me with hugs, and I looked over at Louis who was standing outside, with an mopey look on his face, and I laughed. "Come 'ere!" I told him and he ran over and joined the big circle of hugs. After a couple of seconds, my family surrendered and sat back down in their chairs. "This is my mum," I introduced my mum to Louis and he shook my mum's hand. "I'm Louis," he said and my mum smiled politely. As soon as Louis turned around to meet other members of my family, my mum looked at me and she winked at me, 'Couple of 2013!' she mouthed at me and I gave her a deathly glare. "This is my grandmother," I told Louis and he nodded at her, shaking her thin and fragile hand. She gave him a weakly smile, before speaking up, "Louis, I have heard all about you. I'm not sure if you still remember the beautiful Yorkshire Terrier you let me adopt, Diesel?" and Louis' eyes widened and his head nodded. "Well, Diesel passed away a couple of months ago. Anyway, once you came in, I knew I could ask you to do a promise for me. Can you keep a very important promise for me?" she asked. "Anything," he replied, and Grandmother closed her eyes and smiled again. "Promise me that you will look after my beautiful granddaughter Aofie forever and ever." she said, barely audible. Louis'  eyes widened and his lips broke into a smile, "I promise I will look after your beautiful granddaughter Aofie forever and ever," he told Grandmother and she grinned. "Excellent. Now, you kids go and mingle," she laughed and we both laughed.

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