Loving Dogs

Aofie Gates is a young, sweet 15 year old. All her life, she has always had an obsession with animals, and on her 15th birthday, she gets a huge surprise. An approval form giving her permission to go to the rescue center and do voluntary work. When she gets there, she makes a new friend....


2. Happy Birthday!

"Hey Aofie?" Louis called, and I turned around,."Thank you, for helping me out with Bonny and Loki," he smiled shyly. "It's no trouble,". I reply, smiling. On the outside, I seemed confident and friendly, while on the inside, I was actually starting to fall for Louis and his dazzling smile and dashing looks. I turn around, about to leave until I heard Louis' voice fill my ear again, "Hey! Are you seriously leaving without saying goodbye?" he holds his arms out for a hug and I giggle shyly. I run to him and holds him in embrace, my arms around his waist, my head resting on his chest as he was too tall for me to rest my chin on his shoulder. Louis' chin rested on the top of my head and I could feel him smiling. Our arms fitted snuggly together like two pieces of jigsaw fitting together. After what seemed a decade, we both let go of each other. "Aofie?" Louis asks and I look up at him, "You forgot to tell me something," he smirked and I frowned in confusion. "Happy birthday!" he cheered, reminding me. "Oh yeah! How did you know?" I question, and he tapped his nose with his finger, signalling that he won't tell me. I roll my eyes in experastion and my BlackBerry Curve phone I got last year vibrated just as I was about to begin Louis how he knew. I kept my phone on vibrate so the ringtone of 'Live While We're Young' wouldn't scare the dogs. 'Come home, I have a surprise for you! Bring a friend if you want to. Mum x' I read mum's text and looked at Louis. "What?" he said suspiciously. "Wanna come to my house, for my birthday?" I ask and he nods. "Why not?" he laughed and he turned around, his back to me. I looked at him confusedly. "Piggy back ride?" he asks and I laugh, jumping on his back. His hands spread around my thighs to hold me sturdily. I know we have just met this morning but when we first talked, it felt like we knew each other forever. When we reached my house, he refused to put me down, and he poked his cheeks for a kiss. Laughing foolishly, I kissed his cheek and he let me go, my bum going THWACK on the pavement. "Damn, I'm sorry!" Louis apologized, helping me up. I rub my bum, "At least I have something to remember you by tonight!" I said sarcastically while he chuckled.

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