Loving Dogs

Aofie Gates is a young, sweet 15 year old. All her life, she has always had an obsession with animals, and on her 15th birthday, she gets a huge surprise. An approval form giving her permission to go to the rescue center and do voluntary work. When she gets there, she makes a new friend....


4. BooBear

"Louis?" My mum called, and Louis turned to look at my mum. "Yeah?" he answered. "Can I have a word with you in private?" she asks and Louis looks at me, then back at my mum, nodding. He followed my mum into the kitchen, the only room that didn't have any family members in. "Honey?" I hear my auntie Lia call and I turn around to see her behind me, smiling. "Louis will be fine, trust me," she says reassuringly. "But why?" I question, frowning. "She will probably bombard him with questions about you basically, how he will treat you and his lifestyle. The way she called his name, he must be a possible contender to be your future boyfriend," she explained, smiling softly. "Date Louis?!" I exclaim, playfully shoving my 22 years old aunt. "Don't lie, I know you like him," she laughed, winking. Frowning, I ponder, was I really that obvious? After a couple of minutes waiting, sipping my Coca Cola, Louis finally came out, smirking at me. "What did she say?" I question suspiciously, raising one eyebrow. He smirked, and he tapped his nose, "Not telling you," he mumbled, laughing. "Come on BooBear, just tell me?" I beg, and his eyes widened. "Don't call me BooBear! I told you that earlier!" he exclaimed and I shrug. "I won't stop calling you BooBear until you tell me what my mum said, BooBear," I reply, crossing my arms. Frowning, he shrugs in reply, with a sarcastic look on his face. "Still not telling you," he said, laughing. "BooBear. What a nice name. Maybe I'll tweet that," I say, trying to get the truth out of Louis. It was his turn to cross his arms, nobody knew his nickname was 'BooBear' not even his younger sisters knew. "No! Nobody calls me BooBear and gets away with it!" he pouts and I chuckle. "Well, I'm going to say BooBear instead of Louis then, won't I BooBear?" I tease, winding him up. "Your mum made me promise not to tell. I don't break my promises ever," he answers, sitting down on the floor and looking up. "Promises are made to be broken," I add, smiling. "Not my promises," he mutters back and I sigh. Wow, getting the truth out of him is going to be very difficult.....

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