I Wish

When Alisha Edwards makes a wish on her birthday she thinks she has no chance of it ever coming true,but what will she do when it does?


1. Happy Birthday

Chapter 1;
It was my 16th birthday and all of my family were round. My grandma had made a cake as usual and we were all gathered around the small circular table in my kitchen. 

I'm Alisha,I live in a small town on the outskirts of Doncaster and I am the most unlucky person you will ever meet! But this year I was planning on changing that...

"happy birthday to you..."my family began singing as my mum brought out my birthday cake. I smiled when I saw it was chocolate,my favourite! 
"Happy birthday to alisha,happy birthday to you!" they ended
"Go on...make a wish!" My sister Izabella said wanting me to hurry up so she could have some of the cake.

I leaned forward brushing my light brown curly hair out of my face and closed my blue eyes as I blew out the candle.
"What did you wish for?" Izzy asked.
"I can't tell you or it won't come true!" I giggled slightly
I actually wished to meet one direction.

Yes,I know what your probably thinking;how immature? But those 5 boys mean a lot to me even if I don't know them personally! But hopefully my wish will come true and when I go to see their tour 3days from now I will meet them! Hey a girl can dream right?

An hour had passed and I was having a great birthday when suddenly a knock at the door startled me from my thoughts.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My best friend Hollie shouted as I opened the door. She pulled me into a bone crushing hug and then shoved a pretty sparkly purple box at me.
"You are going to love me even more for this!" She squealed as she jumped up and down.
I slowly teared back the paper and saw a pink gift box. I opened the box and almost dropped it when I saw what was inside.
"YOU GOT US MEET AND GREET ONE DIRECTION TICKETS?! I LOVE YOU!" I screamed dropping the box and diving on my best friend. 

Looks like wishes do come true after all!

(I know it's only short but this is just a small introduction)

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