One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


19. Niall for Lizi

Today i had work so i did my usual. Get out of bed, have a shower, get some foor and got to work. I really didnt want to go. There is this annoying lad there who keeps trying to talk to me and asking where i live or for my number. Stalker? Much. At long last my shift was over so i went home expecting Niall to be there but i got a text saying 
' Hey babe, sorry ii wont be home. just had to go to the recording studio. llove ya' xoxoxoxo' 
When i got home i found a note on the door. It read ' thought i might leave you a little hunt . Go to where i write my songs. ~Nialler. '
I knew where he ment. I went up to the spare room and looked at his guitar. No note. as i scaned the room i found it. BINGO. ' Good job there babe. Where is my faveorite room ? ~Nialler '  The kitchen. He loves it in there. 
When i went to the fridge i found another note
' Not here silly, my other ;) ~Nialler '  i knew what he ment. Our bedroom. As i walked in to our room i spotted a note on my closet. 
' Where something nice. Am picking you up at 7 so be ready. ~Nialler ' Where could he be taking me.  I picked out a little pink dress with a white cardigen and some white slip on shoes. My hair was up in a messy but and i curled the bit i left out. i put on light make up and when i finished putting my earrings i heard a car pull up out side. When i looked out i noticed it was Niall. I ran down the stair as i heard him knocking on the door. While running down i slipped on one of the stairs and fell. Luckly Niall ran in and managed my from stopping. 
' Hey, girl you look nice. do you want to go to the movies? ' he asked. How about we do . Watch a horror and get scard to yeh. I never anwered him. Only with a head nod. 
* Skip movies* 
' hey Niall can you stay at mine please, am really scared.' 
'Sure babe. Anything to stop the monsters sneeking up on you'


A/N Sorry if its not long

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