One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


8. Harry for Taylor

I was at work one day when my phone lit up. As i looked to see who it was my face lit you.
' Hey Taylor, I was wondering if you wanted to come to the park with me after you have finished work ?' It was Harry. He has been my friend since nursary and over the past few years I have started to get a slight crush on him.
' Sure, dont see why not. ' I started to smile untill i felt a pair of hands snake around my waist. As I turned round a saw some familier curls. It was Harry. Just then he crashed his lips against mine. When he pulled back he had a smirk on his face. 
" You dont know how long I have waited to do that for. " He said 
" Same here. " I crashed my lips against him soft lip. I swear down i felt sparks around us both. 
" Looks like your shift is over. " I looked at the clock and realised he was right. He pulled me out of work and into his car. I had no idea where he was going. Just then he told me to put this weird blind fold on. It was blue and had white cats on it. Just then the car stopped and i heard Harrys door open and close. Then his arms wrapped around my waist again and his voice was directing me where to go. All of a sudden he stopped and took the cat blind fold off of my eyes to reveal a park lit up with candles.
" Ohh Harry its the most sweetest thing a boy has ever done for me. "
" It wasnt for you. I just wanted to see if you liked it so i could bring my future girlfriend here." What ? It isnt for me ? Who is it for ?
" Harry who is your future girlfriend ? " I was so curious to know.
" Its you silly. Well thats if you want to be ? " I Just nodded my head and he crashed his lips against mine.
" I love you so much Taylor. " He said as he pulled away from me.
" I love you too Haz. "

Me and Harry walked to the centre of the park where he had a picnic set up for us, we sat down and ate and talked all night until it was 5 in the morning, "Babe I think we should go home now, don't you ?" he said as i nodded, he stood up and brushed up his jeans and held out his hand for me to take. I gladly took his hand as he lifted me up off the blanket and we walked home together. 


A/N Sorry its short and sorry it took lond. Hope u like it


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