One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


6. Dirty Zayn for Jade

Me and my long time boyfriend Zayn were sitting at home playin on the x-box 360, after about 2 hours of gaming he turned off the console and and walked up to the bathroom "He Zayn wait for me" I said "Why so you can perv on me taking a piss ?" he questioned. 
"No so i can do this" I said whilst walking over to him and palmed him through his tight leather jeans. "Aha..umm i don't know i really have to take a piss" he said in-between moans, "Well go" I said and walked away back to the couch. "Whaaa, i thought we were...y'know gonna uhhh." he said whilst i tried to stiffle a laugh. "Well i thought you needed a piss" i said, "Well that can wait, i want you NOW!" he groweld and practically jumped on top of me. 
I was about to say something but he cut me off by smashing his lips to mine with so much force it nearly knocked the wind out of me. His rough lips angrily moved against my smooth ones. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me up from the couch, not breaking the kiss once, and hit my leg ordering me to jump up and wrap my legs around his waits, I did as i was told and he carried me up the stairs and kicked the door open to our room and threw me on the bed. 
"Mmmhh" i moaned as he began to make a fresh hickey on my neck. "C'mon Zayn pl...ea..please" i moaned whilst getting slightly wet, "What baby, what do you want" he said whilst wrapping his tan fingers in my blue/purple hair. "Please Zayn i want you" I cried. "What babe c'mon all you have to do is tell me" he smirked into my neck. "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME ZAYN!" i screamed " Temper temper babe" he said whilst moving off me and stripping himself only leaving him in his boxers, showing off his inked skin. 
He then walked over to me swaying his hips and showing off his tented boxers, making me wetter my the minute. He crawled on to the bed again and straddled my hips and startremoving my shirt and might i add VERY slowly "Damn Zayn just fuck me" i moaned in pain. "Paitence is recomended love, or i'll make you wait longer" he said with a smirk. " Now SUCK!" he demanded. 
I slowly moved my head down to his crotch, and un-buckled his belt and started to suck right above his under-wear line "Jade, i said SUCK !" he shouted. I slowly removed his pants and boxers. His cock slapped upwards and hit his toned stomach. I moved my head towards it and licked the up the slit of it and licked the pre-cum away. "Mmmhh Jade, fuck i need to be in you NOW!" he moaned. I stripped off my trousers and panties, and reached over to the drawers and pulled out a condom.
I tore open the condom wrapper with my teeth and gently rolled the condom on his hard cock. "Lie down baby, mmh your doing so good baby" he moaned whilst placing his tip at my entrance. He slowly pushed in my and gave me time to adjust to his length. "Zay...Zayn.. move please" i cried, he started to thrust into me. "Faster Zayn please" i moaned. "Mmmh Jade your so tight" he moaned back whilst thrusting into me faster and harder "Mmh babe i'm close" I say. "Me too babe" he moaned, "Babe 3.2.1," he counted down and we both came at the same time. "Mmh babe that was so good" he said while pulling out of me. He threw the condom in the bin and laid down next to me. "I love you Jade" he said while pulling me closer to his chest, "I love you too babe" i said and snuggled into his chest. And we both fell asleep in eachother's arms.


A/N All credit for my friend. She made it so she can have full credit. Hope you like it though

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