One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


13. Dirty Zayn for Eden

“Zayn im home!” you yell as you walk into you and your boyfriend’s house.“Up here babe!” he replies.You just smile hearing his voice, he just has the effect on you. You walk into the kitchen smelling food, why?

“Happy 1 year anniversary babe” Zayn says behind you, sending chills through out your body.Oh shit, today were you and Zayn’s anniversary!!“Happy anniversary to you too, handsome.” he chuckles and pulls out a seat for you to sit.“You didn’t remember did you?” he asked. How does he know..“No, i’m really sorry babe! Today was a long day at work and I didn’t really have to check the date!” you reply. 

“Well, someone is gonna have to get punished” you chocke slightly on your food as Zayn smirks looking at his food. You have never really done it before, you were still a virgin. There was nights where you guys will make out and it got pretty heated. He once well… went down on you. You didn’t know what was happening and it just well.. happened. And once you realized you sorta went down on him. But everything stopped, no further.
“Are you done baby?” Zayn asks interrupting you while remembering the memory.
“Y-yeah” you reply, you know whats gonna happen and your so afraid it’s gonna hurt.
“Well let’s get right to it” and he grabs your hand and takes you upstairs. He gently lays you down on the bed and begins to kiss your neck. A soft moan escapes your lips. He smirks on your neck, you feel it. He slowly begins to take his shirt off, and starts to take off yours.
“If you dont want to, we dont have to.” he tells you. You slightly smile, you loved Zayn so much. He loved you, well.. for you. He didnt really use you for sex.
“I’ll go gentle, I promise.” he snaps you out of your thoughts.
“O-okay” you say, it just came out. You were ready, what if Zayn got bored with you and left. You really loved Zayn and didn’t want that to happen. But Zayn loved you, would he leave?
Zayn brings out a condom and takes off his pants and then his boxers.. til you saw his erection. You never seen it before so you just stared at it in awe. It was quite big, hopefully it doesnt hurt.
Zayn places the condom on his gentiles and begin to slowly take off your pants.

Zayn’s hot breathe begins to tickle against your skin as he gives you goosebumps. Zayn begins to kiss you, this kiss was passionate. Maybe, the most passionate that y’all have had.
When he kisses you he begins to rub your inner thighs
“Your so beautiful Eden” he tells you. A flush of red appears on your cheeks, he sends back a cheeky smile.“Stop teasing Zayn” you tell him.He gives you a sneaky smirk and begins to kiss inside your clit. A soft moan comes from your lips again. His eyes on you the whole time. His tongue starts to flick inside and you felt the same knot in your stomach.

“Z-zayn i-im gonna cum” you manage to say.He pulls away and says “Nope, your not allowed to cum tonight baby.” Zayn says.What the fuck.He asks if you are ready and you nod.“This will only hurt for a little bit, it gets better.” he tells you, you were no afraid.“O-okay” you reply, noticing your stutter. He looks into your eyes and says he loves you.

He slowly enters you, and you whimper in pain. It felt like a boulder was being pushed inside, it hurt so much. A tear escapes from your eyes as you feel yourself bleed. Zayn kisses the tear and next thing you know it all went away quick and you felt pleasure go through out your body. Zayn begins thrusting in and out of you. You moan loudly as you hit the headboard.

“F-faster!” you tell him.

He begins to pick up speed as you open your eyes you see Zayn focusing on his moves, trying not to hurt you. You feel the knot again and you smirk not wanting to tell Zayn. And then you cum, Zayn feels it and pulls out.

“I told you not to cum” Zayn growls.“I-Im sorry Zayn” you reply.“Be ready for tomorrow, someone is gonna get some more punishment” he smirks. You smile cheekly back and he uncuffs you.“I love you Eden” he tells you“I love you too Zayn, goodnight babe.” You kiss him and fall asleep in his arms.



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