One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


7. Dirty Niall for Millie

Niall had just asked me out on a date, Nandos obviously, that boy and his food i swear. I collected my clothes and went into the bathroom, I stripped off my dirty clothes and threw them into the wash basket, I turned on the water and let it run until it was hot. I stepped into onto the cool tiles of the shower and felt the water trickle down my body.
I was about to wash my hair when i heard the door of the bathroom open, I looked out of the shower door and saw Niall sitting on the toilet, he looked my way, "Hi" he said and continued eating his sandwich, "Uhh Niall what are you doing eating on the toilet" i questioned "Well i heard the shower running and i thought we could have some fun before our date ?"He replied with a mouthful of food. "Umm like what kind of fun ?" I asked and turned around so i was facing the wall, away from Niall. I felt the cool air from the bathroom enter the shower as the door slid open. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, and i turned my head to find Niall smiling like and idiot. "Niall what are you doing ?" I said ans he began to suck on my neck, "Having fun like I said" he replied with a smirk.
I turned around so our stomach's were touching, he placed his lips next to my ear, "C'mon Millie, you know you want to" he whispered, his hot breath making the hairs on my neck and arms stand up. "Maybe baby" I whisper and he looks down at me and kisses me roughly, i tangle my fingers in his dirty blonde hair and he places his hand at the back of my neck and pulls me closer. "Mmhmmh Millie" he moans into my mouth, "I want you so badly" he says and pulls away from the kiss, he gently hovers his hand over my pussy, and start's to gently rub his index finger over my clit.
"Mmmh, Niall please I want you in me!" i moan as he gently starts to slide a finger into me, "Mmh Millie your so tight" he moans as he slides another finger into me, "Millie, who made you this wet? huh" he asks with a smirk on his face, " you did Niall" I say inbetween moans, "You bet i did you horny little girl" he says as he removes his fingers from my pussy. "Niall why'd you stop" I ask, "Because Millie it would be no fun if little ol' Nialler did all the work now would it babe ?" he questions as he puts his hand on my head and pushes me onto the cold tiles.
"Now Millie, suck !" he orders, "And why would i do that ?" i question, "Because you love me and you will do as i say or no Nandos" he said sternly. I slowly start to move my head near his tip, and I lick up the shaft of his cock. I teasingly placed my hand on his balls and started massaging them. He moaned and pulled on my blonde hair, I stared up at him with my hazel eyes glowing.
I slowly licked the slit of his dick, and put the tip in my mouth, I swirled my tounge around it and stroked the rest of his dick with my hand, I pushed my head further down and started bobbing my head up and down, "Mmmm Baby i'm close" He moaned, I started moving faster and he came into my mouth followed by a loud moan. I swallowed it all and kissed him on the lips. "Thank's Millie, you always know how to make me happy" he smiled, "Okay now go I have to have a shower" i giggled, "Fine fine, hey i just remembered I still have my sandwich left, BYE" he said and ran to get his sandwich.


A/N Surprised no one has asked for Louis yet. Going to be busy tonight writing them all. Hope you like it Millie. My friend wrote this one again. ;)  

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