One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


17. Dirty Niall for Kailey

I was busy on my laptop wrighting a review for a new film. Boy I was bord just then i got a text. When i looked at the screen it said Niall, and a smirk came on my face. 
Niall- " Hey babe, I cant wait to get home so then i cand fuck you up your red wet fanny. Then when i have finished i can finger you faster untill you squirt in my mouth. "
Ohh Niall, why do you have to be so dirty ? It made me horney when he talked to me like that.  I had a plan, am going to tease him.
Me - " Who said i would let you ?" 
I instently got a text back. 
Niall- " If you dont then i will.... Just wait till i get home baby. "
Me " Cant wait. "
I started to make some dinner for us both. I wore a tank top and some shorts that showed my perfect arse. As i was finshing off Niall came in.
" Babe am home, bedroom now! "
" Not untill we have had dinner. " I felt him staring at me so I turned around to face him. As i looked down i noticed the eraction growing. It made me slightly chuckle. I sat down with my dinner and shouted Niall.
" I shall be a minuets babe. " Just then he came in what wanking himself and he started to go faster. He came over to my plate and said....
" Looks like you need some gravy on your mash. " I looked at him with a confussed look untill  I looked down at my plate. All of his cum was shooting out of his hard dick. As i looked up at him he had a look on his face. The look that said ' Told you i would get my own way !!!!' 
I pushed him onto the floor and stripped my self aswell as his top. Slowly i slid down on his dick and started bouncing. After minuets later our moans was filling the room. Just then I heard a voice behind me and I woundered who it was. It was Louis.
" God you guys you could atleast do that in the bedroom. " He said while covering his eyes with his arms and walked out. As he walked out he walked into the door.
" Nah when did Mr Door get there. I think he wants to shag me. Naaaahhhhh I wouldn't let you any day. Hazza bear save me from the door. " Harry came in and kissed his boo bear better and walked out.
" Why dont we finish this when they have gone ?"
" I think we should."


A/N - Sorry i havent been on for ages. I will try to upload every day. Hoped you liked it anyway. No offence to the Larry shippers either.

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