One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


9. Dirty Niall for Ines

Today was my birthday and Niall said he had planned something 'special' for tonight, I had an idea about what it was going to be because of his facial expression when he said it, it was the kind of expression you would expect to get from Harry not Niall.
I was waiting for Niall to pick me up, when I got a text on my phone from Niall saying 'Go to the fountain in the central park'. I headed to the park and when I got there i found a guy in a massive hat, I walked over to him and he passed me a note, 'Hello there princes, as you can see I am not there, but head over to the Flava hotel and you will see me' I headed over to the hotel and Waiting outside for me is a  man that leads me up to Niall's room, I knock on the door and wait for someone to open it, instead a note is slipped under the door saying 'Sorry Ines wrong room, try floor 9 room 69' I walk to the lift and go to floor 9, I walk dow all the corridors until I realize there was no room 69 on this floor.
As I was about to walk away disappointed, when a man with a trolley of food walks past me, and I swear it was Niall, so I carefully follow him and realize he is going into a room with no number on it? I tap on the door and it is opend by the man with the trolley "Yes ?" he questions "Ummm....I..was uhh just wondering who was in that room" I say whilst pointing behind him, "Sir Niall Horan is in there, may I ask why you want to know?" he say's trying to hold back a smile, hahaha Niall two can play at this game, "Well I just want you to pass on some information to him" I say stifling a laugh, "And what might that be young lady ?" "Tell him that I'm dumping him".
I was about to walk away when he grabbed me why the wrist and smashed his lips against mine, he removed the disguise and said "You're gonna pay for what you just said Ines" He groweld and dragged me into the hotel room, he threw me on the bed and discarded both of our clothing in a matter of seconds. We were both naked on the bed and he reached over to his jacket pocket and pulled out a condom, he open the packet and rolled it on his dick, he kissed me on the lips before pushing in slightly, giving me time to adjust, "Move Niall please" I moan, he slowly starts rocking his hips back and forth, whilst moaning. "Ines baby i'm close" he moaned as he thrusted one last time and came. 
He pulled out of me and threw the condom in the trash can  layed down next to me and said  "That's your birthday surprise Ines, I love you princess" he said and pulled me close to his chest, "I love you too Niall, but next time you do this sort of thing, don't make walk half way across town, okay ?" I say with a giggle, "Okay baby I wont" he said, as i snuggled my head into the crook of his neck. BEST.BIRTHDAY.EVER.


A/N surprised nobody has asked for a Louis yet ! 

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