One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


12. Dirty Liam for Anastasia

I was sat at home watching T.V, waiting for my boyfriend, Liam, to come home. He was currently at the recording studio preparing for their new up-coming album. I turned off the T.V and walked to the kitchen to start dinner.
I placed a pot of water on the heat and let it boil, I placed the pasta strands into the pot, and started cutting up the vegetables and chicken to put in the pasta. After the pasta had finished boiling I place the veg and meat into a frying pan full of oil, I waited for it to cook and drained the pasta into the sink. I then threw all the pasta into the pan and mixed it all together.
I texted Liam an asked what time he would be home
Me: Hey baby what time r u coming home ? xx
Huh no reply, weird Liam usually replies right away...Somethings wrong, I mean it's been almost a full hour now, I start to panic, I turn off the stove, and run out of the door with my car keys and drive to one of the places Liam usually goes to be alone.
I pull up in front of the Plaza dance club and run inside, I push past all the alchahol infested people and run to the front bar, and see Liam sitting there with a shot of some unknown liquid in his hand. 
"Liam, baby what are you doing here ?" I say and sit next to him, "Heeeeeyyy Anastasia" he slurred, "C'mon Liam you need to go home and sober up" I say and grab his arm, "Nooooo, I wanna have some fuuuuun" he giggled and pulled me through the crowd of sweaty people.
He pulls me to my car and opens the back door. He lays me down on the backs seats, and smashes his rough lips against mine, they taste like unknown alchahol substances. I quickly kiss back and this start to get heated pretty quick, "Mmmmh Anastasia I want you nooooooooow!" he moans and lifts up my shirt, and fondles with the back of my bra, he unclips it and throws it somewhere in my car. 
I run my hands up his toned chest as he starts to suck on my neck making a bruise. I take my hands away and take off his shirt, and travel my hands down to the waistband of his calvin klein boxers, that you can just see above his belt. "Mmmh Liam I want you in me, please" I beg and gently start to rub over his clothed erection, "Mmmh Anastasia, Sit up NOW!" he growled.
I sat up and he moved to my feet and started to lower my denim shorts an underwear,once he got my underwear and shorts to my feet, he moved forward slightly and started to stroke his index finger over my clit, and roughly pushed in his finger, and giving me no time to adjust he shoved another finger in, "AHHH god Liam give me some time woild ya" I scream as he starts scissoring me, "No babyyyyy, I want some fuuuuun" he said as  he reomoved his fingers. 
He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers, to reveal his 10inch slapping up and hitting his stomach. "Condom ?" he asked "No" i replied, "looks like we're gonna have a baby payne" he smiled an I nodded, he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed himself into me balls deep, "Aggh god Liam, move please" I moaned, he started thrusting in and out of me, "Oh go...d baby I'm so clo..ose.." he moaned, "Babe, me..e t ..oo" i said while running my hands up his chest. 
Just then he came into me, and waited for a while, he just stayed there, like he wanted this moment to last forever, he slowly pulled out and fell on top of me, he locked the car then threw the keys on the floor, and he just snuggled up to me, "Oh babe we have pasta at home" i said, "C'mon then best get going" he smiled, we got dressed and headed home, waiting for baby payne to come along.



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