One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


10. Dirty Harry for Erin

Harry was ment to be home half hour ago. I mean where is he. Another hour past before he came home. He stumbled into the livin room and seemed drunk.
" Harry, where the hell you been?" 
"Why sould i tell you ?" He said while slurring his words.
" Am off to bed!" At this moment in time i really couldn't bother with him. Tonight was the night we was supposed to be going out for tea, but i had to cancle our reversations. After about 10 minuets Harry came in and flopped on our bed. He wrapped his arm around me but i moved away. 
" Babe why did you move away ?" He said a little bit sober now.
" Because Harry am mad with you. We was supposed to be going out for tea tonight but we couldn't because you never came home on time."
" Aww babe am sorry, maybe i could make it up to you ?"
" Oh and how can you ...... Ohhhh Harry. " He cut me off by playing my clit. 
" Like this. " Just then he got up and pulled the cover off me. In a matter of minuets I was compleatly naked. Harry smashed his lips against mine. He licked my bottom lip begging for acces to my mouth. I grante his wish and allowed me in. After what seemed like forever we was kissing, he started to kiss down my jaw bone, and onto my neck where he found my soft stop. A moan excaped from my mouth and i could feel harry smirking against my skin.  After about a minuet he moved down to my breast and marrarged them while kissing town to my panties. He tore them off with his teeth and blew my wet pussy. Just then he licked up my slit. I tried to hold in my moans but i was unable to.
" Just face it babe am giving you too much pleasure to hold in your moans. Now beg for more." He demanded.
" Harry get in me. "
" MOre "
" Thats better. " Just then he slid in me and started to thrust.
" Babe am close"
" Me too"  The room was filled with mine and Harrys moans. H flopped next to me and said 
" I love you so much Erin. Now do you forgive me?" 
" Yes babe and love you more."


A/N Going to be busy with all these Today

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