Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



2. two

We walk to the front desk where a smoking hot guy is.

“Hello ladies how are you all today?” he asks

“Good thanks.” We all reply

“Room 316” Geby tells the tells the guy

“good choice, it’s the best room in the hotel’ he replies

“Cool” Kristy replies

“Here you go” he says as he passes me the key

“Thanks” I smiled.

We started to walk up to the room as we were walking away the guy winks at me. I just smile back

As I face forward to where I was walking I catch Kristy looking at me giggling and winking at me. I gave her the finger.

“Wow he’s making a move already” Kristy giggles to everyone

I swipe the rooms card “here we are” I say

We all gasp as we enter the room we all run and claim our beds.


We unpack and change into our togs.

“Are we all ready?” Geby asks

We all agree and walk out of our hotel room in our bikinis with a summer dress over the top. You walk past the hot front desk guy

“Of to the beach ladies?” he asks

“Yeah.” Cassie replies

“I’ll see you there” he replies

“Um okay” Geby says

We walk out of the hotel and across the road to the beach

“Hey did anyone else see that?” Geby asks giggling

“What? How the guy couldn’t take his eyes off Rachel?” Kristy responds

“Me? Pfft no” you say.

You think to yourself why would he be staring at me?

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